Finding Drug And Alcohol Rehab/Treatment In Your Area

There are many free and paid treatment services throughout the UK, but choosing the right level of service can be a daunting task. Simply choose your county from the list below to find a full list of NHS, private and support group services that suit your needs.

Can I Choose Treatment In A Different County?

Depending on the service type there are no issues with seeking treatment in a different county, the only exception would be NHS services which require a referral and GPs would refer you to the nearest service in your area. Private rehab, counselling services and support groups can all be taken up in a different area if you would prefer. When decided on a course of action you must consider:

  • Travelling distance and cost of travel – Especially for those with families or work commitments
  • Level of care – Some counties do not have private rehabs or counsellors who are trained in the field of addiction
  • Triggers – If staying at home or around your area brings about temptation, seeking treatment in a different area may discourage such triggers

UKAT provides a number of private rehab facilities throughout the UK so if private treatment is a consideration, feel free to get in touch with one of our team so that they can suitably place you.

What Should I Do Before Making A Decision On Treatment Options?

Always speak to your GP before making any decisions on treatment,as depending on your circumstances they may decide a drug or alcohol detox is appropriate before treatment commences. Our private rehabs offer a full medical detox and fully integrated programme, taking the edge off any concerns you may have regarding the safety of your recovery.

We always recommend that as part of any long-term recovery programme, attending regular AA (Alcoholic Anonymous) or NA (Narcotic Anonymous) meetings will help you abstain from relapse and help to build long-lasting, meaningful friendships. We have provided a list of these within your catchment area below.


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