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For anybody that is in the grips of alcohol addiction or drug addiction in Hartlepool, a comprehensive rehab programme is a solution that will give you the best chance at a full recovery. Read on to find out about the range of rehab facilities in and around the Hartlepool area and your different options.

Drug and alcohol abuse in Hartlepool

As a major seaport, Hartlepool has maintained a significant role in British industry for centuries. The decline of the shipbuilding industry put a huge strain on the area for much of the last century, which is still being felt today. As such, the life expectancy in the area is below the national average, and the number of deaths from alcohol abuse is considerably higher than the national average.

Choosing a drug or alcohol rehab centre in Hartlepool

It may seem like a daunting prospect to decide which rehab centre to choose when you are in Hartlepool and looking at your options. However, there are a few factors that you might want to consider to help you make your decision.

Care Quality Commission (CQC) results are helpful when you are looking at rehabilitation centres in and around Hartlepool. The CQC is the independent health and social care regulator tasked with auditing every care provider in the country. Each establishment is then given a rating based on the quality of its care.

The location is another important aspect. For some people, the idea of being close to their Hartlepool home is comforting. Many people, though, benefit from a clean break away from the triggers of their addiction.

Below are some of our inpatient treatment centres that are close to Hartlepool but will offer a fresh perspective to help you focus on recovery:

Nearest UKAT centres to Hartlepool

Oasis Recovery Bradford

Our Oasis Recovery centre in Bradford is less than a 2-hour drive from Hartlepool and provides the perfect setting for a break from your day-to-day life to get yourself back on track.

Liberty House

Liberty House takes 1 hour and 38 minutes from Hartlepool by car and is set in the heart of Barnsley in South Yorkshire. This centre offers comprehensive rehab and aftercare programme, which are not available through free Hartlepool addiction services.

Free addiction support in Hartlepool

Billingham Bridge to Recovery Monday

Low Grange Community Centre, Low Grange Ave, TS23 3PE
Time: 19.00
Duration 1hr

Bishop Auckland Tuesday

St Anne’s Centre, St Anne’s Church, Market Place, DL14 7NU
Time: 19.30
Duration: 1hr 30mins

Consett Wednesday

St Johns Ambulance Hall, John St, DH8 5AS
Time: 19.30
Duration: 1hr

Durham Friday

Antioch House, 66 Crossgate, DH1 4PR
Time: 19.30
Duration: 1hr

Hartlepool Big Book Study Friday

Hartlepool General Share Monday

Hartlepool Step & Traditions Sunday

Salvation Army Church Hall, Park Rd, TS26 9HT
Time: 19.15
Duration 1hr

How much does alcohol or drug rehab cost in Hartlepool?

Each centre in Hartlepool will differ, but as a rough guide, a 30-day stay in a residential rehab centre will cost around £5,000-£10,000. This will vary depending on your length of stay and the facilities on offer.

It is possible to get a free service via the NHS in Hartlepool, but places can take a long time to come up, and you won’t have a choice over which centre to attend.

What is offered at rehab in Hartlepool?

Making that crucial decision to seek help will then open up a whole world of options for your treatment in the Hartlepool area. The first one is to decide between inpatient rehab and outpatient rehab. Let’s look at the differences between the two:

Outpatient rehab

If you have many commitments in your life that you are not able to put to one side for the duration of your recovery, then outpatient rehab in Hartlepool may be the best choice for you. This is where you visit a treatment centre for each individual session before returning home so that you can continue with your life. This means you are able to juggle childcare or a job while you complete your treatment.

This does not give you a complete break from addiction and usually does not give you the choice of which Hartlepool clinic to attend, as it is usually run by the NHS.

Inpatient rehab

Inpatient rehab (sometimes known as residential rehab) is where you stay at a rehab centre in Hartlepool for the duration of your treatment. Everything is provided for you onsite, so you can fully focus on overcoming your addiction and laying the foundations for your new life.

Most people find that this clean break from their day-to-day life provides them with the perfect setting to begin their recovery.

Once you have decided between inpatient and outpatient rehab in Hartlepool, you can start looking for the best venue to begin your treatment. While these may differ from place to place, most inpatient treatment programmes will feature the following stages:

  • Detox – A detox is usually the first stage in rehab – alcohol and drug dependency needs to be broken, and a detox rids your body of harmful toxins.
  • Rehab – Every treatment centre in Hartlepool will have a different course of treatment, but they will usually include a form of group therapy to build connections with others in a similar situation. UKAT centres also offer meditation, fitness and art as part of your therapy, which will help to improve your overall wellbeing.
  • Aftercare – private treatment in and around the Hartlepool area will offer aftercare support, whereas free addiction treatment will not.
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