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drug and alcohol rehab centres near Brierley-Hill

People who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction often do so alone. These addictions can isolate people who fail to seek timely care and support. With a rising number of people indulging in alcohol and drugs in West Midlands, the importance of rehab facilities in Brierley-Hill and towns around it has only increased.
Surrounded by lush green spaces, finding the perfect private rehab facility in Brierley-Hill may be just what people experiencing drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms need. To help people in their recovery journey, rehab centres in Brierley-Hill have become more critical than ever.

Comfortable rehab centres for alcohol and drug de-addiction

With a growing number of people struggling with alcohol and drug addiction, most town and city councils have to set up residential rehab facilities. If you wish to embark on your recovery journey, here are a few things to look out for in a private residential rehab centre:

  • Well-trained and qualified staff
  • Private or shared bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms
  • Spacious communal areas
  • 24×7 medical support
  • Affordable facilities that offer plenty of amenities
  • On-site gym

Private alcohol and drug residential rehab facilities near Brierley-Hill

If you are struggling with alcohol or drug addiction and are willing to give recovery a chance, finding comfortable, convenient and relaxing residential rehab facilities in Brierley-Hill is the first step towards de-addiction. Tranquil and serene surroundings are ideal for recovering from drug addiction and alcohol abuse. West Midlands is home to some excellent rehab centres in Brierley-Hill and the region around it. Here are the closest UKAT centres:

Banbury Lodge

Banbury Lodge, located just 54.2 miles (a one-hour drive), is an excellent luxurious private rehab centre near Brierley-Hill.

With a skilled and highly-committed team of professionals, you are in safe hands during your recovery journey. It is natural to feel chaotic while dealing with drug or alcohol addiction. Still, your search for the perfect rehab facilities in Brierley-Hill ends at Banbury Lodge. This facility has 22 bedrooms, an on-site gym and space for group activities.

Banbury Lodge

Oasis Runcorn is one of UKAT’s most spacious residential rehab facilities near Brierley-Hill. Specifically, itis located 84.4 miles or under two hours from Brierley-Hill.

This luxurious private residential rehab facility offers the convenience of staying close to the city yet enjoying the calming coastline. Oasis Runcorn is the best choice for you if you wish to connect with nature during your recovery journey.

Equipped with twenty-two bedrooms and several luxurious amenities, this CQC-rated rehab facility near Brierley-Hill comes at affordable rates.

Liberty House

Located 101 miles (a 2 hour 15 minute drive) from Brierley-Hill, Liberty House rehab centre is surrounded by extensive grounds.

This stately residence is beautiful and ideal for those looking for a luxurious private residential rehab near Brierley-Hill.

At Liberty House, every individual is treated based on their story. This alcohol and drug rehab centre offers a safe medical detox from substance abuse and alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Equipped with private bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, comfortable sitting rooms for movie and quiz nights, an on-site gym and spacious gardens for walking, Liberty House is an excellent rehab facility near Brierley-Hill.

Liberty House

If you wish to have a friendly, dedicated team of professionals help you during your recovery journey, Linwood House, located 113 miles or a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Brierley-Hill, is a good choice.

With comfortable and spacious private rooms, qualified chefs trained to accommodate various dietary requirements and fully-trained staff, undergoing complete recovery and detoxification is a relaxing journey at this residential rehab facility near Brierley-Hill.

Free de-addiction support groups in and near Brierley-Hill

Here are some AA, NA, and CA sessions available around Brierley-Hill:

Brierley Hill

Address: St Mary’s RC Church, 26 High Street
Day: Sunday
Time: 20.00 – duration 1hr 30mins
Postcode: DY5 3AE

Dudley Open

Address: Dove House, Bushey Fields Hospital, Russell’s Hall
Day: Saturday
Time: 18.30 – duration 1hr 30mins
Postcode: DY1 2LZ


Address: Quaker Meeting House, Scotts Rd
Day: Tuesday
Time: 19.30 – duration 1hr 30mins
Postcode: DY8 1UR


Address: Atlantic Recovery Center Dudley Road Lye
Time: Saturday 10.30
Postcode: DY9 8BQ


Address: Childrens Room Quaker Meeting House , Scott’s Road Stourbridge
Time: Friday 19.00
Postcode: DY8 1UR


Address: Switch 1 Castle Street Dudley
Time: Sunday 9.30
Postcode: DY1 1LA


Address: Life Central Church Little Cornbow Road Halesowen
Time: Tuesday 19.30
Postcode: B63 3AJ

Address: 566 Stratford Rd, Shirley, Solihull, B90 4AY
Time: Sunday 18.30

Address: Christ Church, 741 Warwick Rd, Solihull, B91 3DG
Time: Wednesday 20.00

Freedom on the Frontline

Address: 1 Botteville Rd, Birmingham B27 7YE
Time: Monday 19.30

Drug and alcohol addiction statistics in and around Brierley-Hill

Based on police reports, at least one person dies from drug poisoning every three days in the West Midlands. Around 50% of all burglary, theft, shoplifting and robbery in the West Midlands are committed by people who regularly consume crack, heroin or cocaine. A 2017 report stated that most organised crime groups in the West Midlands are involved in drug trade.

Why choose an alcohol and drug rehab centre in Brierley-Hill?

Originally called Staffordshire, Brierley-Hill is a well-developed industrialised town in the West Midlands. Despite the industrialisation, there are some excellent rehab facilities in Brierley-Hill and the towns around it. If staying close to the city and large open spaces is on your list for a rehab centre, choosing one around Brierley-Hill is a given.

Take the first steps of your de-addiction and recovery journey today!

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