Drug and alcohol rehab in Broadstairs

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Residential rehab centres near Broadstairs

An ideal rehab centre offers a calming atmosphere and a luxurious stay. Located in the Isle of Thanet in the Kent district, rehab facilities in Broadstairs provide you with the perfect setting for de-addiction and recovery. To curb the growing menace of alcohol and substance abuse, there are several types of rehab centres in Broadstairs. It is common to find people struggling with alcohol and drug addiction not seeking timely treatment and care. However, with private residential rehabs near Broadstairs, they may be just what people in the town and the community need.

Alcohol and drug de-addiction residential rehab facilities near Broadstairs

Alcohol and substance abuse are prevalent worldwide and affect an individual’s mental, physical and emotional well-being, making it difficult to think about their present and future. Drug and alcohol addiction can also impact your behaviour and alter your personality. While your recovery depends on your willingness to change, choosing a suitable drug rehab centre in Broadstairs goes a long way in your alcohol and drug de-addiction journey.

If you are looking for a private rehab clinic in Broadstairs, check for the following facilities and amenities:

  • Comfortable and spacious rooms with en-suite bathrooms
  • Open spaces that keep you close to nature
  • Amenities like gym, yoga and meditation rooms that ensure physical fitness during your recovery
  • 24⨉7 medical support

UKAT’s residential rehab near Broadstairs

People struggling with alcohol and substance abuse often find themselves socially isolated. The deeper they sink into the darkness of addiction, the more difficult it is for them to pull themselves back up. This is why rehab and de-addiction centres are essential for a community. Finding a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere helps you recover better and enables you to reclaim your everyday life faster.

Broadstairs, the quaint coastal town on the Isle of Thanet offers one of the best settings for alcohol and drug abuse recovery. This town is also close to a few UKAT centres that provide private residential rehab centres.

Primrose Lodge

Situated in Guildford in the heart of Surrey, Primrose Lodge is 102 miles from Broadstairs. This UKAT centre is just a two-hour drive from Broadstairs and offers 19 spacious rooms with en-suite bathrooms, an on-site gym.

The area is a spacious settings for walking and has comfortable living areas for socialising.

Sanctuary Lodge

Sanctuary Lodge rehab facility is located 113 miles from Broadstairs in Halstead, Essex is just a two-hour drive away. Surrounded by tranquil nature, this rehab facility offers a serene environment for a peaceful recovery.

Equipped with 19 en-suite bedrooms and five refurbished rooms, Sanctuary Lodge provides luxurious amenities and spacious areas for a complete and healthy recovery.

Recovery Lighthouse

If finding a peaceful and serene setting for your recovery journey is on the top of your requirement list, Recovery Lighthouse is for you. It is located in the coastal town of Worthing, East Sussex, which is 117 miles from Broadstairs.

After a little over a two-hour drive, you will reach this residential rehab near Broadstairs that offers 13 comfortable rooms, yoga and meditation spaces, customised fitness guidance and the opportunity for serene beach walks ideal for the de-addiction journey.

Liberty House

With 21 beds on-site, spacious and comfortable common areas and well-trained staff who provide round-the-clock support, the Liberty House rehab facility near Broadstairs is situated just outside London on a beautiful street in Luton.

This UKAT facility is 120 miles from Broadstairs, a little under a three-hour drive from the town.

Free addiction support groups in Broadstairs

Here are some AA, NA and CA meetings offered around Broadstairs:

Holy Trinity Church Hall

Address: Church Rd, off Nelson Place
Time: 19.00 (Sunday) – duration 1hr 30mins
Distance: 0 miles
Postcode: CT10 1HQ

Ramsgate Lunchtime

Address: St Ethelbert’s Church, Hereson Rd
Time: 12.30 (Monday) – duration 1hr
Distance: 1 mile
Postcode: CT11 7DS

Ramsgate Speaker and Discussion

Address: 20 Guildford Lawn
Time: 19.30 (Wednesday) – duration 1hr 15mins
Distance: 2 miles
Postcode: CT11 9AY

Address: Holy Trinity Church Hall Church Road Broadstairs
Time: 19:45 (Thursday)
Postcode: CT10 1HQ

Address: St George’s Hall Broad Street Ramsgate
Time: 11:00 (Saturday)
Postcode: CT11 8QY

Address: Upstairs, Cecil Square Baptist Church 4 Cecil Square Margate
Time: 19:30 (Tuesday)
Postcode: CT9 1BD

Address: Mill House Mill Lane Margate
Time: 11:00 (Friday)
Postcode: CT9 1LB

Margate Tuesday CA – There is a Solution

Address: Victoria Rd, Margate, CT9 1LN
Time: 19:30 (Tuesday)

Canterbury Big Book Study

Address: St George’s Pl, Canterbury, CT1 1UT
Time: 19:30 (Wednesday)

Folkestone Big Book Study

Address: 48 Dover Rd, Folkestone, CT20 1LD
Time: 19:30 (Thursday)

Alcohol and drug addiction statistics in and around Broadstairs

According to data published by Public Health England, Kent has the country’s highest number of alcohol-dependent adults. A report published a few years ago estimated that around 14,587 adults were dependent on alcohol and required specialist treatment. This makes drug and alcohol rehab centres essential in Broadstairs and surrounding areas around.

Why choose Broadstairs for Your alcohol and drug rehab Journey?

Located conveniently between Margate and Ramsgate, Broadstairs is known as the ‘Jewel in Thanet’s crown’. This quaint coastal town is known for its serene beaches and relaxing resorts; there couldn’t be an ideal setting for your recovery journey. This town provides unmatched tranquillity for your de-addiction journey with harbours and cliffs on either side and golden sand along the coast. If you love beaches and the coastline instils a sense of comfort, begin your de-addiction journey at one of the many rehab centres in Broadstairs and the areas around it. So without any delay, get help now!

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