Amphetamine rehab

When looking to seek support for amphetamine addiction, there are many considerations to be made, and finding the perfect treatment programme to suit your needs can truly make all the difference in achieving long-term recovery.

While amphetamine detox is a crucial first step in addressing the physical side of your condition, amphetamine rehab deals with both the physical and psychological aspects of your dependence, approaching them collectively to ensure all-around wellness. With so many different options available, it pays to learn more about amphetamine treatment, and if you would like more information about what rehab for amphetamines looks like, you are in the right place.

How does amphetamine rehab work?

How amphetamine rehab works will be specific to the facility, with aspects such as length of stay and individual circumstances important factors. However, most rehabilitation centres will typically include these elements in their programmes:

Physical recovery Mental recovery Structure Aftercare
Your body needs time to adjust once you have stopped taking amphetamines. With appropriate medical supervision, the withdrawal process will be made far more comfortable and safer for clients. Taking part in therapy sessions can help the client to explore the root causes of their dependence, working to develop healthy coping strategies, dealing with the cravings and triggers that can make continued sobriety so difficult. Each facility will have its own structured schedule of day-to-day activities. This will help clients achieve a sense of self-discipline, putting healthy living in to practice as they make the transition from dependence to sobriety. Some facilities offer aftercare, a vital service which allows those in recovery to return to their home environment whilst still receiving continued support and guidance.

Do I need amphetamine rehab?

Acknowledging that you may require treatment for amphetamine use is a difficult reality to accept, and the fact that you have made it this far is admirable. However, if you are beginning to feel as though your amphetamine use is starting to get out of your own control or that it is costing you your relationships, it is probably time to start rethinking your amphetamine use. Some other statements that might suggest you need rehab:

  • You cannot take your mind off amphetamines, even when engaged in other activities.
  • Obligations such as work or school are becoming far more difficult, and your performance is declining.
  • You have started to isolate yourself from those around you, and your relationships are suffering as a result.
  • It seems that you are putting more and more time into taking and acquiring amphetamine.

Do I need amphetamine rehab?

It can be difficult to decide which rehab is best to overcome your amphetamine dependence, but at one of our eight treatment facilities, you are bound to find a centre that aligns with your requirements. At UKAT, we have taken the time to curate our own distinctive approach to amphetamine treatment. With our team placing the individual at the heart of everything we do, you are guaranteed the best quality of care on your journey to recovery. Some benefits of getting well with UKAT include:

Unique approach

We firmly believe that experience is an incredibly valuable tool in giving others the strength to overcome their amphetamine dependence. In fact, a great deal of our team at UKAT has seen addiction first-hand, using their knowledge and understanding to support and inspire others. By incorporating techniques that have proven beneficial to them, you can rest assured that all our staff can really empathise with your situation.

Continued support

At UKAT, free aftercare support is offered to all clients who have completed amphetamine rehab programmes with us. You will also have access to our alumni community, which ensures that the care you receive extends well beyond your time at one of our facilities. We have found that this support is vital in easing the transition back to everyday life, with a network of individuals who know exactly how it feels to overcome amphetamines being there to support you every step of the way.

Peaceful accommodation

Whatever your requirements might be, all our centres are well equipped and designed to help you overcome your amphetamine dependence in tranquil surroundings. Above all else, our goal is to offer you a home away from home, ensuring you feel safe and comfortable as you begin your amphetamine treatment journey. With 24/7 medical supervision, you can trust that you will be in the best of care during your stay.

Treatment for amphetamines at UKAT

Before entering one of our facilities, our staff will work together to curate your very own personalised care plan, specifically tailored to meet your needs. In your amphetamine treatment programme, you will find your days bursting with activities, which will help to ensure that you remain fully engaged whilst you are in our care. Some of these activities can include:

Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) – Amphetamines can alter thought patterns and emotions due to the way they impact brain function. This can lead those struggling to separate themselves from their amphetamine dependence, unable to see things as clearly as they once did. DBT works by cultivating a collaborative environment with a therapist, working to establish healthier thought patterns, which can prove incredibly useful as you move forward in your recovery from amphetamines.

Yoga – This practice is proven to be excellent for your nervous system whilst simultaneously calming for both the mind and body. After a long day of therapy at amphetamine rehab, yoga can allow respite and relaxation, which is highly beneficial as you move towards recovery.

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At UKAT, we offer comprehensive programmes for amphetamine addiction, helping those suffering from dependency seek the support they need to achieve long-term recovery. If you would like to find out more about all the options you have for starting your journey to sobriety, get in touch with our admissions team today for all the information you need.

Myths about amphetamine treatment

It is likely that you will be experiencing a variety of emotions as you consider entering a treatment programme. Sometimes, separating fact from fiction can make all the difference in easing your fears before making this crucial step to recovery:

  • If I go to rehab, I will become isolated from everyone around me…

At UKAT, we wholeheartedly believe that the opposite of addiction is connection, and it is through becoming a part of something bigger than ourselves that we can truly begin to heal. Amphetamine rehab offers a wonderful community of support and understanding, and it gives us an opportunity to gain an entirely new perspective, free from the weight of amphetamine dependence.

  • I have commitments to worry about at home that are more important than amphetamine rehab…

If you believe this statement applies to you, you must remind yourself that nothing is more important than your health, well-being, and happiness. While it can sometimes feel impossible to set aside time to focus entirely on your recovery, amphetamine rehab can be a transformative experience, one which frees you from your dependency and gives you the tools you need to see the other side of amphetamine abuse.

  • Everybody experiments with amphetamines at one time or another…

Many individuals who have struggled with amphetamine dependence admit that they waited longer than they should have to seek out help for their condition. It is important to remember that no level of amphetamine consumption is manageable or safe, as abuse of the substance can lead to dangerous consequences if left unaddressed. Therefore, if you feel that your amphetamine use is beginning to have a negative impact on your daily life, it is essential you seek treatment to free yourself from this substance.

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Frequently asked questions

I have already tried amphetamine rehab once. Is it worth trying again?
Just because amphetamine rehab didn’t work for you the first time, this does not mean that it will not work a second time. What we know of addiction is that it is a disease which lasts for life and requires a great deal of strength to maintain. When we relapse, this can often lead to uncontrollable feelings of shame and guilt, which can snowball if left unchecked. For this reason, we at UKAT would urge you to reach out to us for support for your amphetamine dependence today.
How much does amphetamine rehab cost?
The cost of amphetamine rehab will depend on a variety of factors, such as which facility you choose and the length of your treatment. Healthcare providers like the NHS, for example, offer outpatient rehab services for free, but the waiting lists tend to be very long, with less choice over available treatment. Get in touch with us to know more about rehab costs and treatments.
How long does amphetamine rehab last?
At UKAT, we offer seven, fourteen, or twenty-eight-day amphetamine treatment programmes. However, we recommend that our clients opt for a twenty-eight-day programme, as this gives them ample time to adjust to their surroundings and engage with their care plan.