Our editorial process

Our writing process

Here at UKAT, we work diligently to ensure that all the information included on our site is written by individuals well-versed in the rehab process and integrated treatment we have to offer. Most of our writers are in recovery themselves, reflecting our belief that those with the best authority to discuss rehab treatment are those who have a personal relationship with addiction.

Our information delves into a broad range of topics relating to recovery from substance abuse, and we aim to advise and educate our readers from a place of authority and understanding. We do this by utilising an array of research from up-to-date and trustworthy sources, including medical updates and government guidelines from the Office of National Statistics, GOV.UK and NHS. Additionally, we regularly engage with resources like Google Scholar to keep up with the latest research associated with addiction treatment methodologies.



When referencing any outside content, we only make use of credible information and do not insert any references published by unreliable third parties. Some resources we frequently employ on our pages include studies from academic researchers, government organisations and medical agencies such as the National Library of Biotechnology Information (NCBI).

To ensure the rehabilitation experience can be more accurately represented, we sometimes incorporate insight from former UKAT clients who have recovered in any of our eight registered centres. Any use of this is quoted directly from the original party to add a human touch to our pages.


Review process

Before submitting our pages, we collaborate with UKAT’s in-house Editor, who checks the page for clarity and accuracy, ensuring that the information is concise and fluent before it is released to the general public. In addition, our Editor is regularly in touch with Centre Managers and Therapists who can enlighten them if any centre information has changed.

Following this, the work is reviewed a second time by an authoritative source for medical sign-off. This source could be one of UKAT’s Doctors or Therapists or a member of Senior Admissions who will review the work for final approval. The Reviewer will always be assigned to the page with their credentials available to view.

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