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Why are alcohol and drug addiction rehab centres essential in Wokingham, Berkshire?

Though alcohol is a legal substance, its overuse can lead to addiction and life-threatening complications. People who struggle with alcohol and drug addiction often do so alone and find it hard to cope with their symptoms. With many people in Wokingham resorting to alcohol and substance abuse during the pandemic to cope with anxiety and stress levels, there has been a sharp rise in alcohol and drug-related hospital admissions.

The government and other NGOs have been trying to provide safe and complete medical detox to help people struggling with substance abuse find light at the end of the tunnel and reclaim their lives.

Top residential rehab near Wokingham, Berkshire, to choose from

Recovery from addiction can be complicated and isolating for most people, but choosing a suitable rehab centre in Wokingham can be life-changing. If you are struggling with drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms, here are some amenities to look for in a rehab facility:

  • Spacious, ensuite bedrooms with private bathrooms
  • Outdoor spaces to take a walk or enjoy the tranquillity of nature
  • Physical fitness amenities like an on-site gym or yoga and a meditation facility
  • Professionally trained staff available at hand
  • Delicious and nutritious meals prepared by qualified chefs

Alcohol and drug recovery residential rehab near Wokingham

Having drug and alcohol de-addiction rehab centres in Wokingham is crucial to help people struggling with withdrawal symptoms cope and recover. You can choose from the several outpatients and private residential rehab in Wokingham for your recovery journey. From offering personalised treatment for a wide range of addiction problems to professionally trained staff, rehab centres in Wokingham have a lot to offer.

A few highly-rated UKAT private residential rehab near Wokingham, Berkshire, that you can consider for your journey to sobriety include:

Primrose Lodge

Primrose Lodge is situated in Guildford in the heart of Surrey, very close to London. This UKAT facility is just 16.6 miles from Wokingham. This residential rehab facility is perfect for people who wish to recover from addiction close to the city but in a tranquil and relaxing environment.

This rehab centre has nineteen bedrooms with private bathrooms, an on-site gym for physical fitness, experienced in-house chefs who prepare nutritious meals, spacious common areas and plenty of outdoor space to connect with nature. For people looking for a private residential rehab in Wokingham, Primrose Lodge is a short 30-minute drive away!

Recovery Lighthouse

This UKAT rehab centre is located in the beautiful coastal town of Worthing, West Sussex. It offers a unique seaside experience that allows you to breathe, unwind and focus on your recovery journey.

Just 55.1 miles from Wokingham and a short two-hour drive away, Recovery Lighthouse offers thirteen bedrooms, yoga and meditation spaces, bespoke fitness guidance, spacious gardens with a tranquil setting, and the chance to have beach walks, all of which help quicken your de-addiction journey.

Banbury Lodge

Equipped with twenty-two private bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, an on-site gymnasium, social spaces for group activities and the chance to enjoy a relaxing environment, Banbury Lodge is located in the peaceful countryside of Oxfordshire.

It offers extensive outdoor spaces and grounds to help with your alcohol and drug addiction recovery. Banbury Lodge is 69.6 miles or just an hour’s drive from this town for those looking for rehab facilities in Wokingham.

Free de-addiction support groups near Wokingham, Berkshire

Here are some AA, NA and CA sessions available near Wokingham, Berkshire:

Wokingham Chair

Salvation Army Centre, Sturges Rd
RG40 2HD
Friday, Start time: 20.00 – duration 1hr 15mins

Wokingham Step 11 Prayer and Meditation

The Cornerstone, Norreys Ave (next to All Saints Church)
RG40 1UE
Tuesday, Start time: 20.15 – duration 1hr 15mins

Bracknell Three Legacies

St Michael’s Parish Hall, Crowthorne Rd
RG12 7ER
Wednesday, Start time: 20.00 – duration 1hr 15mins


Baptist Church Milton Road Wokingham
Time: Tuesday 8:00 pm
Postcode: RG40 1DE


Room 5 Coopers Hill Centre Bagshot Road Bracknell
Time: Friday 8:00 pm
Postcode: RG12 7QS


Wycliffe Baptist Church 223 Kings Road Reading
Time: Sunday 6:45 pm Third and Forth Sunday of the Month Nepalese Language Group
Postcode: RG1 4LS

Faith on Friday

Wokingham Baptist Church
Milton Rd
Wokingham RG40 1DE
Friday, 20:00

Bracknell Three Legacies

Easthampstead Baptist Church
S Hill Rd
Bracknell RG12 7NS
Monday, 19:30

Reading Thus We Grow

Wesley Church
84 Queen’s Rd
Reading RG1 4BW
Tuesday, 20:00

Alcohol and drug addiction numbers in and around Wokingham

According to a May 2021 report, over 40 drug and alcohol-related deaths were recorded in Berkshire in 2020. This was a significant increase in the numbers compared to the previous years.

According to a January 2022 article published in Wokingham Today, there has been an increase in alcohol-related hospital admissions in Wokingham during the pandemic. Additionally, there has been a significant increase in the number of alcohol-related admissions as well.

Why choose an alcohol and drug rehab centre in Wokingham, Berkshire?

While living in the beautiful town of Wokingham is a total pleasure, opting for your recovery journey in this picturesque place can make your trip quicker and more successful. This town offers the perfect mix of landscapes and the opportunity to enjoy city life simultaneously. In addition, the several parks and outdoor spaces give plenty of options to people who want outdoor activities.

Deciding to start your de-addiction journey is a big decision; kudos on that. Next, begin your recovery journey with the best rehab centres in Wokingham. Get Help Now!

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