Alcohol and drug addiction rehab facilities near Perth, Scotland

The need for rehab in Perth

If you are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, you must know that you are not alone. Every year millions of people suffer from drug addictions and behavioural disorders that go untreated due to a lack of awareness.

The best possible means to overcome addiction is rehab. If you are looking for a suitable rehab facility in Perth, know that there are several treatment options available that offer rehab facilities for drug and alcohol addiction. One of the premier rehab centres in the UK is the UKAT rehab facilities which are equipped with modern treatments and provide a home away from home for your recovery journey. At UKAT, our therapists and medical professionals are empathetic and understand that recovery is a difficult journey. So, all treatment plans are with individual focus and attention.

Read on to find rehabilitation and drug addiction treatment options near Perth!

Different rehab options to consider while selecting a rehab in Perth

Out-patient/ In-patient treatment. Which one to choose?

In the case of Outpatient treatment plans, the client has to pre-book appointments and travel regularly to get the treatment. This becomes difficult as Recovery patients need consistent and comfortable plans. On the other hand, in In-patient treatment plans, the patient gets constant attention and treatment. UKAT only offers In-patient treatment plans, as we believe that it is only with constant guidance and professional care that you can recover back to normal life.
Private or NHS treatment?

NHS treatment refers to the free Drug treatment resources and facilities that can be availed by all UK citizens, free of cost. The NHS Rehab centres available in Perth are the Murray Royal Hospital, Scone Day hospital, and the Perth Royal Infirmary.

Private Rehab centres provide paid rehabilitation treatment facilities. UKAT provides premium rehab treatment in its eight premier centres where one hundred and ninety beds are dedicated completely to treatment for drug and alcohol abuse.

Close or Far?

Although, Rehab centres close to home are indeed easy to travel to and adjust in. It has been observed in many types of research that if the rehab facility is at some distance from home, it helps in a fresh change of air and helps with the recovery process.

How do UKAT facilities make a difference in Perth

Selecting a rehab facility in Perth can be confusing due to the availability of so many options. There are several NHS facilities and addiction support meetings in Perth. There are also UKAT facilities available near Perth that provide quality treatment and care. Benefits of staying at a UKAT facility:

  • Smooth Admission
  • Caring and comforting environment
  • 24*7 medical support
  • Personalized Rehab facilities
  • Relapse prevention plans
  • Qualified Medical team
  • Individual and group counselling
  • Detox treatment plans

Listed below are the closest UKAT centres to Perth:

Oasis Runcorn

The Oasis Runcorn rehab centre is located in Runcorn. The town is by the sea and provides an ideal change of air. If you are someone who loves the ocean, Oasis Runcorn will be a home away from home in your Recovery journey.

This facility is at a distance of two hundred seventy-one miles from Perth and can be reached in four hours and 25 minutes. At Oasis Recovery Runcorn, you can expect the following services:

  • Private and shared rooms
  • 22 bedrooms
  • Two treatment plans to choose from – Strengths Model and 12-Step

Oasis Bradford

Located in Yorkshire, the Oasis Bradford UKAT facility has received a high rating in the UKAT CQC report. This facility has several addiction treatment facilities including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Medication, Yoga, and Detox treatments.

Oasis Bradford centre is at a distance of two hundred fifty-one miles from Perth and can be reached within Four hours and forty minutes. Facilities one can expect at Oasis Bradford:

  • 24 nursing staff always present
  • 19 en-suite bedrooms
  • Private Spa bath for relaxation
  • Professional Chefs
  • Group Walks

Linwood House

A newly refurbished UKAT facility, The Linwood House is situated in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. The facility is beautiful, spacious, and amidst nature.

This facility is located at a distance of two hundred eighty-seven miles from Perth and can be reached in four hours and fifty minutes. Treatment plans available at the Linwood House are:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Family Recovery
  • Group and Individual therapy sessions.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

List of free addiction support groups near Perth

If you are looking for AA, NA, and CA meetings near Perth, here is a list to help you find a group that will best suit your needs:

Address: Caladh centre, 6 Milne Street, Perth
Timing: Wednesday, 8 pm
Distance: 0.4 miles from Perth

Address: St John’s Chapel, 20 Melville Street, (rear Hall) PH1 5PY, Perth
Timing: Sunday, 7:30 pm
Distance: 0.5 miles from Perth

Address: Corsie Room, Muirhall Road, Perth
Timing: Friday, 8 pm
Distance: 1.6 miles from Perth

Address: Salvation Army, 77 South Street, Perth, Scotland PH2 8PD
Timing: Wednesday, 12:30 pm
Distance: 0.6 miles from Perth

Address: Menzieshill Community Centre, Orleans Place, Dundee, Scotland DD2 4BH
Timing: Thursday, 7:30 pm
Distance: 20 miles from Perth

Address: Church of Scotland, Dura Street & Eliza Street, Dundee, Scotland DD3 7HN
Timing: Sunday, 8 pm
Distance: 21 miles from Perth

Address: Salvation Army (Dundee) Strathmore Lodge, Ward Rd, Dundee
Timing: Thursday, 6 pm
Distance: Twenty-one miles from Perth

Address: Salvation Army (Dundee) Strathmore Lodge, Ward Rd, Dundee
Timing: Thursday, 6 pm
Distance: Twenty-one miles from Perth

Address: DAPL Building (Kirkcaldy) 13 Wemyssfield, Kirkcaldy, Fife
Timing: Thursday, 5:30 pm
Distance: Thirty-eight miles from Perth

Drug-related deaths in and around Perth

The beautiful town of Perth is situated in Central Scotland. Recent trends have shown a steep upward rise in Drug abuse in Scotland, and Perth is no exception. With Drugs being easily available through illegal means, many children, teenagers, and young adults fall prey to this racket. According to the statistical information reported by the govt of Scotland, there has been a 17.1% hike in deaths related to Drug Abuse in Perth and Kinross in the year 2020. A new report has also revealed that Perth and Kinross have witnessed the decade’s highest number of deaths due to Drug Abuse, with the deadly heroin being the most commonly used Drug.

These statistics reveal how crucial Rehab facilities in the area are to combat and overcome Drug and Alcohol abuse. UKAT Rehab centres have several Detox facilities to suit clients’ individual needs.

A little about Perth

Known as Scotland’s ‘Fair city’, Perth is a beautiful and bustling city situated in central Scotland on the banks of the river Tay. It is accessible from all over the UK and is surrounded by ancient monuments, museums, and picturesque locations. Perth is therefore like a breath of fresh air, making it an ideal place for recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.

At UKAT, your comfort is our top priority. We understand how difficult recovery is and our team of trained medical specialists will always be by your side to help you through the process of recovery to a more fulfilling life. Contact your nearest UKAT facility, and start your recovery treatment today!

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