About UK Addiction Treatment Centres

Our purpose is to provide excellent care and treatment to enable all those suffering from addictive disorders to achieve a goal of life-long recovery. Our treatment centres provide comfortable and well-maintained accommodation and we have successfully treated hundreds of people affected by the negative impact of addiction. We treat addiction as an illness not a life choice and ensure that all our practitioners are highly trained and motivated to enable individuals to embark on a life changing process.

All of our centres are equipped with medical professionals ranging from psychiatrists to addiction psychotherapists who are there to facilitate your stay and make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Our addiction therapy programme is focused on empowering people to make choices and to make the changes in their lives which they want to make. Through group therapy and other activities the process of change can begin, supported and assisted by highly trained staff.

The abstinence based therapies include cognitive behavioural therapy, trauma therapy, person centred and motivational groups, life skills workshops and one to one therapies all underpinned by the 12- step philosophy to provide an eclectic and dynamic programme.

Enabling self-discovery through disclosure in a safe environment can identify issues of a problematic nature which may be causing undue stress and discomfort. Our aim is to assist the individual to work through these issues and find stability with some resolution.

We believe that attendance at self-help groups and at our Aftercare Programme provide a continuing support network which can facilitates long term abstinence and recovery.

Alcoholism affects not only the individual but can have serious, ongoing effects on families and close friends. The emotional pain suffered by families can be severe; therefore, we offer support and help through our facilitated Family Groups. These groups enable those close to the sufferer an opportunity to talk about the impact that alcoholism has had on their lives and to look at how they can improve their emotional well-being.

If alcohol, drugs or other addictive behaviours have been costing you and/or your loved ones more than money, our admissions staff can help you by offering a flexible residential programme at the centre which is most suitable for your needs. If your goal is to improve your life we can help you to achieve this.

You will have the opportunity to examine behaviour patterns that have become problematic and which may be affecting your quality of life. You can learn new, positive coping strategies to help you make the changes necessary for ongoing recovery.

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