Stimulant addiction treatment

Stimulants, from prescribed medications like Adderall and Ritalin to illicit drugs like cocaine, meth, and ecstasy, can all have a devastating impact when abused. As the most common type of drug used in the UK, sadly many lives are ruined as a result. If you have found yourself caught in the grasp of stimulant abuse, help is available – stimulant rehab can help you to overcome stimulant addiction and set you on the right path once more. Read on for the benefits of stimulant rehab, what to expect from the experience and our advice on how to have successful stimulant rehab.

Do I need stimulant rehab?

Regardless of the type of stimulant you consume, stimulant rehab is an essential tool that can help you to overcome drug abuse. But when is the right time to get help? Take our quick quiz to find out if you would benefit from rehab:

  • Have friends or family expressed concerns about your stimulant use, or suggested stimulant rehab to you?
  • Have you ever thought that stimulant rehab might help you?
  • Do you find yourself obsessing over stimulants?
  • Did you start using over-the-counter stimulants as a way to focus, but now find yourself needing them more frequently?
  • Do you feel as though you can’t function normally without stimulants?
  • Have you ever tried to stop taking stimulants but couldn’t?
  • Have you experienced withdrawal symptoms whenever you tried to stop taking stimulants?
  • Do you find yourself needing higher doses of stimulants to get the same effects?
  • Does procuring and taking stimulants take priority over other commitments?
  • Have you ever borrowed money or stolen something in order to obtain stimulants?
  • Have you experienced any health concerns as a result of your stimulant use, for example, high blood pressure, insomnia, impotence, irregular heartbeat, or others?
  • Do you continue taking stimulants despite being aware of the negative consequences they are having?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, stimulant rehab can help you. UKAT takes pride in offering quality care to our patients, no matter their circumstances. Don’t wait for stimulants to ruin your life – contact us today.

Do I need rehab for stimulants prescribed by a doctor?

Prescription stimulants are legal medications typically used to treat certain conditions, such as ADHD, narcolepsy, and depression. These medications are frequently misused by people without these conditions as a way to enhance performance, increase focus and concentration, or provide mental clarity. While these medications are legal, it is easy to become both physically and psychologically reliant on them, and so stimulant rehab is vital if you want to get clean and maintain your sobriety.

Just like any other mind-altering drug, stimulants, when authorised by a doctor can still be highly addictive and dangerous when misused. You may have started taking these substances, not because you wanted to get high, but because you wanted to achieve a better performance. Nevertheless, this can still lead to a downward spiral – if you are unable to cut down or stop taking these stimulants, it is important to seek professional help quickly.

It is often hard to admit you have a problem when it comes to over-the-counter stimulants – users often try to outweigh the negatives with the potential benefits, be it higher grades, the ability to work for longer hours, or even just to clean the house. The damaging side-effects to your health, however, are simply not worth it. Don’t let this affliction take over your life – talk to our team by calling or using our live-chat service.

Over-the-counter stimulant rehab myth-busters

  • Prescription stimulants are legal and safe – I don’t need rehab!

Although stimulants, when authorised by a doctor, are legal, they still present serious, and even life-threatening dangers if misused. Side effects may include increased blood pressure and heart rate, high temperature, heart palpitations, heart failure, seizures, and overdose. Physical and psychological dependence can quickly materialise with regular use, making it extremely difficult to stop taking these substances without professional help. Stimulant rehab is the safest and most effective treatment, and you should not wait for your health to suffer before you get the help you deserve.

  • I can quit over-the-counter stimulants on my own.

Despite common misconceptions, prescription stimulants are addictive. The need to consume these drugs can take hold of the user quickly, leaving them subject to withdrawal symptoms if they try to stop taking the drug. Proper treatment is important to tackle not only these physical symptoms of withdrawal, but also the psychological aspects that may have initially led to stimulant abuse. Stimulant rehab in a rehab facility is beneficial for a well-rounded and complete recovery – trying to quit on your own may prove difficult, and you may be more likely to relapse. .

  • Rehab is only for illegal drugs and alcohol.

Rehab is an effective course of treatment for all substance abuse, from alcohol and illicit drugs to over-the-counter stimulants and medication, and even co-occurring mental health and behavioural issues. Private, inpatient rehab facilities offer expert care designed to treat every aspect of addiction, no matter what substance is being abused.

The stages of stimulant rehab

Although the term ‘stimulant’ refers to a wide range of substances, each one is treated in the same way throughout the rehab process. You will first undergo an initial medical assessment and detox whereby your body will expel any toxins. Here you will have 24/7 access to support from our medical team.

The next stage of stimulant rehab will focus on your psychological recovery – you will take part in a number of different cognitive and behavioural therapies designed to enlighten you on the root cause of your stimulant abuse and provide you with relapse prevention techniques to carry forward into everyday life.

Once you have completed stimulant rehab, it is recommended that you take part in aftercare programmes and find local support groups near you. The importance of aftercare is significant in preventing relapse and ensuring you do not feel alone once you step foot outside of rehab.

What to expect from stimulant rehab

Every one of our nationwide UKAT facilities offers an idyllic stay in a calm and therapeutic environment, designed to aid your recovery process. You will be provided with a high level of care at all times, with 24/7 support from our highly experienced staff. On top of this, you will be surrounded by others in similar circumstances, and it is with them that you will be able to build a network of support.

Richard, a Recovery Lighthouse patient, remembers his time in rehab, and shares his experience:

“I think the one thing that surprised me very quickly is how much laughter there is in rehab. As painful as a lot of it is, there are still times in which I miss being there. Every single person in there gets you.”

Throughout your stay in stimulant rehab, your days will be organised and structured. Getting back to a routine will give you purpose and keep you busy. You will be able to take part in additional activities such as yoga, meditation, exercise, nutritional advice, massage, acupuncture, and others. Our holistic and comprehensive approach to treatment gives you the best opportunity to form a lasting recovery, rebuild your life, and get healthy again.

Tips for a successful stimulant rehab

Commit to the process

Rehab does not do the work for you. It only offers you the tools you need to recover. It requires dedication and ongoing commitment from you if you want to succeed. Once you have decided to get help, commit to the process.

Get involved

Take part in therapy, speak up in group work, and try all the activities that rehab has to offer – make the most of your time and keep your days busy. You may find enjoyment or learn something new that will help you to continue your recovery on the outside.

Stay the course

Typically, a twenty-eight-day programme is advised and it is extremely important that you take advantage of the entire course and its lessons. Immersing yourself in the programme will ensure you reap all of the benefits offered and will allow you the time needed to form new, healthy habits.

Stay positive

Every day may have ups and downs, but it is important to look forwards and focus on all the good things coming your way. Don’t punish yourself for the bad days – it is all part of recovery.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does rehab cost?
The cost of stimulant rehab varies depending on the length of your treatment and the facility chosen. Costs can range from £4,000 to £13,500. Call us directly to receive your own personalised quote.
How quickly can you recover from stimulant addiction?
Unfortunately, addiction is often a long-term battle, and while rehab is an effective course of treatment, it requires ongoing hard work and dedication from the individual to stay clean.
Does rehab treat prescription stimulant withdrawal?
Yes, you will undergo an assisted detox period and any withdrawal symptoms will be monitored and treated if required. Your safety and comfort are a priority during this stage.