Alcohol and drug rehab in Aldershot, Hampshire

The need for rehab in Aldershot, Hampshire

Is substance abuse taking a toll on your loved one? Then, the rehab facilities in Aldershot, Hampshire, can provide personalised treatment options and give a recovery plan to help you monitor their progress regularly. Regarded as the epitome of addiction treatment, UKAT offers tailored treatment plans based on the individual’s requirements to ensure long-term recovery. UKAT’s treatment options will benefit individuals looking forward to recovering from alcohol addiction, drug addiction and substance abuse. Along with providing high-level care all the time, we empower people to change their lives for healthy living. So, here’s everything you need to know.

What are the options for rehab centres in Aldershot, Hampshire?

When looking for rehab facilities in Aldershot, remember that there are private and accessible facilities in the area. You can choose anyone based on the needs of the patient.
The private rehab facilities in Aldershot boast premium features like ensuite rooms, gyms and on-site medical nursing units. Keeping in mind that people from all walks of life need access to world-class addiction treatment, we have set up free clinics too.
You can pick from inpatient or outpatient treatment and private and NHS treatment. All our rehabs have the facility of on-site specialist addiction professionals that are available 24/7. Addiction or substance abuse is an empathetic aspect, requiring utmost care regarding rehabilitation. The crucial part of this cleansing journey is choosing a suitable rehab facility in Aldershot.

UKAT Centres in and near Aldershot, Hampshire

Primrose Lodge

Spatially located in the heart of Surrey in Guildford and just eight miles from the town, the Primrose Lodge is just a 20-minute car ride from Aldershot. The best aspect about this facility is that it is situated away from the hustle and bustle of city life, which also means that you will be at arm’s length from triggers. There are en-suite bathrooms, on-site gyms and experienced in-house chefs who prepare delicious meals. In addition to detoxification, this residential rehab near Aldershot has facilities like a 12-step programme with cognitive behavioural therapy, Edart and creative workshops, one-to-one counselling and many more.

Liberty House

Addiction treatment requires supreme quality of care for your dear ones. For this, the Liberty House, located just outside London and about 60 miles from Aldershot, can be another good option. To reach this facility, you must get ready for a 1- and 20-minute car ride from your place. This facility radiates a welcoming environment that goes beyond to ensure that your loved one gets expansive and holistic care. Treatments offered here include individual therapy, sound therapy, gong therapy, art therapy and meditation.

Banbury Lodge

Situated a bit further, the Banbury Lodge stands nearly 90 miles away from Aldershot. This means you have to take a 1- and 45-minute car ride. Interestingly, this private rehab clinic in Aldershot will give you luxurious and tranquil grounds to get the best out of the recovery journey. The facility accepts private insurance and provides personalised care plans with high service values in practice. Some treatment plans include individual therapy, group therapy and talking therapies.

How do UKAT Rehab Facilities Make a Difference in Aldershot, Hampshire?

So far, eight rehabilitation facilities are working across the country. These alcohol and drug rehab centres have 190 detoxification and rehabilitation beds. You will get medication for alcoholism, drug addiction, substance abuse and eating disorders.
When choosing the best treatment programme, we recommend opting for our in-patient programme. This has multiple advantages, some of which have been listed below.

  • Less time is required for admission.
  • Specialised therapists who hold much expertise in the field.
  • Round-the-clock medical aid.
  • Premium aftercare package.

Free Support Groups in and near Aldershot, Hampshire

There are many options in and near Aldershot, Hampshire, if you’re looking for AA, NA or CA meetings. Here are a few:

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in Aldershot

St. Michael’s & the Ascension (Saturday)

120 Church Lane East (GU113SS)
Time: 20:00 onwards
Contact: 01252521133

Farnham Our Primary Purpose (Tuesday)

Farnham Methodist Church, South St (GU97RN)
Time: 19:00 onwards
Contact: 01252521133

Hook Just for Today (Sunday)

All Saints Parish Church, 1 The Bury, Odiham (RG291ND)
Time: 14:00 onwards
Contact: 02380223198

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) in Aldershot

Aldershot Tuesday Meeting

Step by Step, 36 Crimea Road (GU111UD)
Time: 20:00 – 21:00

UK Nepalese Speaking Meeting

Step by Step, 36 Crimea Road (GU111UD)
Time: 18:45 – 20:00 (Sunday)

Speaker Meeting

Quaker Meeting House, The Mint, Godalming, Surrey (GU71HB)
Time: 20:00 – 21:30 (Monday)

Cocaine Anonymous (CA) in Aldershot

A Design for Living

Kings Church, Somers Rd, Portsmouth (PO54QA)
Time: 19:00 – 20:00 (Friday)

Andover Newcomers

52 Bridge St, Andover (SP101BG)
Time: 19:30 – 20:45 (Friday)

Newcomers’ Meeting

Friends’ Meeting House, 1A Ordnance Rd Southampton (SO152AZ)
Time: From 19:30 (Friday)

Substance Abuse cases in Aldershot, Hampshire

Although the town happens to be a comforting place, it is not far away from cases of drugs and intoxicants. Out of the total deaths in the country, five cases of drug-related deaths were reported in East Hampshire. Cases like these still find their way to the news, but lately, the police have been active in arresting drug dealers. A report published by the Department of Health and Human Sciences mentioned that drug overdose cases have reduced by 11% since 2018. A possible reason behind this achievement is that the best rehab facilities in Aldershot have efficiently worked to lead the right way in addiction treatment.

Why Choose Rehab Centres in Aldershot, Hampshire

Spaces like Brickfields Country ParkGlobally, Aldershot has been known as the home of the British Army. Just like the town’s history, the place has a rich serenity that will captivate everyone. There are many parks and open spaces like the Brickfields Country Park, Princes Gardens, etc., where you can spend your leisure time. Some famous religious and community centres like the Wesleyan Church and Aldershot Buddhist Centre are there where people meet their spiritual interests.
If you’re still having second thoughts, don’t worry. Our UKAT rehab centres in Aldershot not only have highly-skilled staff but are also accredited to give the proper addiction treatment. We will ensure that your loved ones get a continuum of care. Get help now!

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