Alcohol and drug rehab in Loughborough, Leicestershire

Affordable Rehab Clinics Near Loughborough

Do you want your pre-addiction life and health back? Seeking rehabilitation services is a good idea for people dealing with substance abuse and its overwhelming outcomes. If you live in Loughborough, you are close to many good rehab clinics nearby. The best thing about these clinics is their location, surrounded by greenery, safety, and all things positive.
If you are looking for a rehab centre near Loughborough, UKAT will help you find the best and nearest options. Read on!

What are the Options for Rehab Centres in Loughborough?

Loughborough is close to several free and paid (private residential) rehab clinics. If you do not know which one would be the right choice for you, it would be wise to learn about their pros and cons.
The pros of free de-addiction clinics are:

  • Free of cost services
  • Confidentiality
  • Located in the local communities close to home
  • The cons of free clinics include:

  • Long admission procedure
  • Limited access to personal therapists
  • Lack of personalised attention
  • The pros of private rehab clinics include:

  • Immediate admission
  • Confidentiality
  • Dedicated services
  • Access to personal therapists
  • The cons of private rehab centres are:

  • Expensive services
  • Private UKAT Rehabs Near Loughborough

    Banbury Lodge

    Banbury Lodge and Loughborough are around 61 miles (one hour and 17 minutes) apart. This Oxfordshire rehab clinic offers a calm, comfortable, and encouraging ambience, helping residents break the cycle of substance addiction. With a dedicated, skilled, and compassionate team, the clinic offers exceptionally high standards of treatment and care. You can avail of facilities and services such as 22 private rooms with en-suite bathrooms, two shared rooms, various therapy rooms and wholesome meals.

    Linwood House

    Founded in the beautiful and peaceful town of Barnsley, South Yorkshire, Linwood House is around 71 miles (over an hour) from Loughborough. The centre provides comprehensive and clinically proven services to the residents with a team of the industry’s best addiction therapists and counsellors. The facility features CQC accreditation, en-suite rooms, holistic therapies and one-to-one counselling

    Liberty House

    Founded in Luton’s picturesque and tranquil suburb, Liberty House is around 82 miles (1 hour and 30 minutes drive) from Loughborough. The rehab presents a recovery-oriented environment to the residents. In addition, its closeness to the local park and sports facilities will allow you to incorporate physical activities. The highlights of Liberty House include 20 beds, large grounds, access to recreational facilities and fully trained staff.

    Why Choose a UKAT Rehab Facility in Loughborough?

    Private residential rehab clinics in Loughborough, Charnwood, offer various treatment plans and therapies to accommodate your unique de-addiction and detoxification needs.
    Moreover, you will also get one year of complimentary aftercare support with UKAT rehab clinics near Loughborough. It ensures that you are in touch with your therapist and can seek assistance (as and when needed).
    Let us take you through the benefits of selecting a UKAT rehab centre near Loughborough:

  • Customised treatment plans
  • Safe distances from possible triggers
  • Exceptionally high standards for treatment
  • Clinically proven and evidence-based practices
  • Feel-at-home atmosphere and services
  • 24/7 fully operational facilities
  • Family-oriented services
  • At UKAT rehab facilities near Loughborough, we deal with the following addictions:

  • Drug addictions: cocaine and crack cocaine, ecstasy (MDMA), prescription drugs, cannabis, and heroin, to name a few.
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Legal high dependence: Spice, Benzo Fury, Mephedrone, Etizolam, Clockwork Orange, etc.
  • Behavioural addictions: gaming, porn, food, eating disorders, sex, gambling, among others.
  • Free Support Groups Near Loughborough

    Listed below are a range of free addiction support groups offered by AA, NA and CA in and around Loughborough.

    Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings in/around Loughborough

    Loughborough Living Sober

    John Storer House, Bedford Square,
    Ward’s End
    LE11 3HA
    Time: Wednesday, 19.30
    Helpline: 01159417100

    Loughborough Reflections

    The Salvation Army Church and Community Centre,
    Burleigh Rd
    LE11 3BA
    Time: Friday, 19.30


    Syston Methodist Church Centre (upstairs),
    High Street
    LE7 1GP
    Time: Wednesday, 19.30
    Helpline: 01159417100

    Narcotics Anonymous (AA) Meetings in/around Loughborough


    Blue Room Methodist Church
    106 Knightthorpe Road
    Time: Tuesday, 19:30
    Postcode: LE11 5JU


    Fearon Hall Rectory Rd
    Time: Thursday, 19:00
    Postcode: LE11 1PL


    Bishop Street Methodist Church
    10a Bishop Street Leicester
    Time: Sunday, 16:00
    Postcode: LE1 6AF

    Cocaine Anonymous (CA) Meetings in/around Loughborough

    Cocaine Anonymous

    Bishop Street Methodist Church
    10a Bishop St
    Leicester LE1 6AF
    UK Midlands
    Time: Sunday, 18:30

    Cocaine Anonymous

    Our Lady Of The Wayside Church
    566 Stratford Rd
    Solihull B90 4AY
    UK Midlands
    Time: Sunday, 18:30

    Freedom on the Frontline

    Methodist Church
    1 Botteville Rd
    Birmingham B27 7YE
    UK Midlands
    Time: Monday, 19:30

    Drug and Alcohol Abuse Statistics in Loughborough, Leicestershire

    According to the latest data, drug-related deaths have hit a record high in Leicestershire, with the numbers quadrupling in Charnwood. Between 2016 and 2018, the number of deaths due to drug poisoning was 88. It was the highest since 2006 (when the records first started).
    In Charnwood, the numbers had increased to 29 between 2016 and 2018, around four times more than between 2013 and 2015.
    According to the BBC, UK, about 63 people have been arrested in a crackdown in Leicestershire between March 7, 2022, and March 13, 2022. And over £30,000 (cash) was confiscated, along with drugs and firearms.
    Alcohol-specific deaths in Leicestershire during the pandemic reached a record high in 15 years. In 2020, 131 people died due to alcohol, says the latest data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS). In 2019, it was 104.

    Why is Loughborough the Best Place for a Rehab Facility?

    Loughborough is a small town in the East Midlands known for its warm and peaceful charm. If you are looking for a rehab clinic for an addiction-free life, Loughborough is the best place to be. The blend of UKAT’s excellence and the healing aura of this city will make you feel better.
    Do you believe it is time to seek rehabilitation services for your drug or alcohol dependence? Call us today to get help now!

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