Who Treats Drug Addiction and What is Involved?

29 November 2017

If you or a loved one is struggling with a physical dependence on illegal or prescription drugs, you may have often ...

How Gambling Addiction Affects the Family and Why It Must Be Treated

12 November 2017

Most people think of mood-altering substances when they hear the term ‘addiction’. They assume that every addict mus...

The Aftercare Options for Alcohol Detox and Rehabilitation

02 November 2017

The hardest part of recovering from an alcohol addiction is often said to be admitting the problem exists in the first p...

Inpatient Alcohol Treatment – a Cause for Solution

19 October 2017

Overcoming an alcohol addiction is never going to be easy, particularly for those who have been abusing alcohol for a lo...

Where to Go for Food Addiction Help

21 September 2017

The assumption that the term ‘addiction’ refers only to those who abuse mood-altering chemicals such as alcohol or d...

What Is Cannabis Addiction and What Are Its Implications?

20 September 2017

The question of what is cannabis addiction and does it even exist often crop up when this drug is discussed. There are s...

How Alcohol Addiction Happens

07 September 2017

The problem of alcohol addiction does not occur for everyone who drinks this substance. In fact, alcohol is widely used ...

Discussion: What Is Drug Addiction Treatment and Why Is It Needed?

31 August 2017

There are countless individuals around the world affected by drug addiction. It is difficult to pinpoint the exact numbe...

The Lowdown on What Heroin Addiction

17 August 2017

To those with no experience of addiction, the idea of continuing to use a drug that is causing negative consequences is ...

What You Need to Know About Cocaine Addiction?

14 July 2017

Many people would never dream of taking an illegal drug such as cocaine, but there are some who regularly take this ...

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