How Covid-19 safety measures will impact addiction in students

19 October 2020

We have all been adjusting to change amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Following lockdown, social restrictions h...

Is suddenly quitting alcohol more dangerous than drinking?

05 October 2020

The latest campaign from MacMillan Cancer Support, “Go Sober for October” encourages people to quit ...

How to safely prepare for Go Sober For October

21 September 2020

'Go Sober for October' is a fundraising event that sees participants simultaneously looking after their liver...

A guide to remaining in recovery after cocaine rehab

07 September 2020

Stepping out after rehab can be an exhilarating yet uncertain time. Armed with a new perspective and a clear h...

Addiction in the workplace: how to talk to your employer about rehab

30 July 2020

Whether you love your job or count down the minutes until lunch, mastering how to behave at work isn’t easy. Bet...

Are apps designed to be addictive?

14 July 2020

It’s no secret that we are glued to technology. Whether we’re catching up on messages or scrolling through soc...

Coping with OCD during the Coronavirus (managing intrusive thoughts)

23 June 2020

Since Coronavirus appeared, it hasn’t just infected every country in the world, it’s impacted our behaviour. M...

Can lockdown drinking lead to alcohol addiction?

27 May 2020

The British are no strangers to heavy drinking. Be it office cocktails, a beer festival, or bottomless brunches, a...

Mental health awareness week: adjusting back to life after lockdown

20 May 2020

In 100 years, when students look back on 2020 in their history textbooks, this will probably be remembered as a di...

How to healthily relieve anxiety during lockdown

08 May 2020

If you’ve ever had to give a presentation at work or someone you know has been in trouble, you may have suffered fro...

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