Alcohol and drug addiction rehab facilities near Arbroath, Scotland

The need for rehab in Arbroath

Drug and alcohol addictions can destroy someone’s life and must be overcome with proper treatment plans and facilities. However, you must know that many people suffer from drug addiction, and with proper treatment, they can recover to live fuller lives. So, if you or a loved one is going through a difficult phase with addiction or behavioural problems like eating disorders, you must know that you have several options and treatments to help you recover and get on track with life.

Rehab is the best course of action to combat Addictions and behavioural disorders. One of the best rehab facilities in the UK is the UKAT Drug Rehab Facility. The facility is branched across the UK and has 8 centers that provide a safe and protected environment to recover from addictions.

The facility is renowned for its top-notch facilities and commendable medical staff. At UKAT, we understand how difficult it must be for you and try to make your recovery process as smooth as possible. The nearest UKAT facility near Arbroath is the Oasis Bradford Rehab facility. As one of the most highly rated UKAT facilities, you can only expect the best treatment facilities for your recovery process.

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Rehab options to consider

Out-Patient and In-Patient treatment?

One has to get prior bookings for Out-Patient rehab treatment, which requires constant travel and chances of relapse. In-patient treatment plans are more convenient and comfortable for clients and their families. UKAT has only in-patient treatment facilities as we want the best for you and believe that the path to recovery is with constant medical support and monitoring. Benefits one can expect at a UKAT facility:

  • Smooth Admission of patients
  • Therapists are Trained Addiction Specialists
  • Medical support at all hours
  • Group sessions for healthy recovery and socialising
  • Best After-care packages

Private or NHS treatment?

NHS treatment facilities are free of cost for all UK citizens. Arbroath House in Arbroath provides medical counselling for Drug and Alcohol related addictions. The centre is open on all days.

Address: Seaside Lane South, Easington Colliery, Peterlee, County Durham, SR8 3PE

Private Rehab centres might be expensive for some, but when it comes to your health, private rehabs provide the best. UKAT has 8 facilities throughout the UK, with a hundred and ninety beds for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment and behavioural disorders. Premium facilities at UKAT include:

  • Budgeted Luxurious centres with fully equipped gyms and en-suite rooms
  • World-class Chefs
  • 24*7 Medical units
  • Programs to support the family of clients.
  • Close or Far?

While Rehab facilities close to home offer the comfort of familiarity and are easy to adjust in, Rehabs that are at some distance provide a space for a new beginning. One of the most crucial requirements for recovery is a place to make a fresh start and a change of air.

UKAT facilities near Arbroath

The following are the closest UKAT centres to Arbroath:

Oasis Bradford

Oasis Bradford is one of the most highly-rated UKAT rehab, which has set a record in the UKAT CQC report for its high standard and maintenance.

The centre has several treatment plans and facilities for Drug addiction, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Group Therapy, Relapse Prevention, Yoga, Meditation, Creative Workshops, Stress reduction techniques, and individual counselling sessions. The centre is roughly a 5-and-a-half-hour drive from Arbroath.

Oasis Runcorn

Oasis Runcorn is located in the little seaside town of Runcorn. Situated amid nature, the centre has all modern amenities, making it an ideal and comfortable place to start the process of your recovery.

The Rehab facility is 310 miles from Arbroath and can be reached within five and a half hours.

Linwood House

Linwood House is located in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. It is a newly refurbished, spacious UKAT centre surrounded by nature.

Starting your recovery process can be stressful, and Linwood House provides you with the peace you need. Most treatment plans have been designed to suit individual needs, such as CBT, Yoga, Meditation, Relapse Prevention, Group Therapy, Family Recovery Program, and Individual counselling sessions. You can reach the centre in roughly 6 hours from Kirkintilloch.

Free support groups near Arbroath

Listed below are some AA, NA and CA meetings available in and around Arbroath:

Address: Abbey Church Hall, E Abbey Street, Arbroath.
Timing: Monday, 8 pm
Distance: 1 mile from Arbroath city centre

Address: St. Andrews Hall, Barngreen Arbroath
Timing: Friday, 8 pm
Distance: 0.7 miles from Arbroath

Address: St. Anne’s Church, Thomas Street., Carnoustie
Timing: Sunday, 7:30 pm
Distance: 8.8 miles from Arbroath

Address: St. Andrew’s Church, 21 Hamilton Green, Arbroath,
Scotland DD11 1JG
Timing: Monday, 7:30 pm
Distance: 0.7 miles from Arbroath city centre

Address: Mark Henderson Centre, Ann Street, Dundee, SCO
Timing: Sunday, 8 pm
Distance: 16 miles from Arbroath

Address: Church of Scotland, Dura Street & Eliza Street, Dundee,
Scotland DD3 7HN
Timing: Sunday, 8 pm
Distance: 18 miles from Arbroath city centre

Address: BCDC Recreation Hall, 15 Quarrywood Ave, Glasgow
Timing: Sunday: 11:30 am to 1 pm
Distance: 94 miles from Arbroath

Address: Helenslea Community Hall, 48 Methven Street, Glasgow
Timing: Saturday, 10 am to 11 am
Distance: Ninety-seven miles from Arbroath

Address: Shawlands Kirk, 5 Moss-side Road, Shawlands, Glasgow
Timing: Friday, 7 pm to 8 pm
Distance: Hundred miles from Arbroath

Drug abuse statistics around Arbroath

Arbroath is the largest town in the Angus council area. As per the UK Government records, a 15.3% death rate was due to drug abuse in Angus from 2016-2020. This alarming rate points toward the significance of rehab facilities and their importance in overcoming Drug and Alcohol abuse. UKAT has several rehab centres with the best Drug treatment facilities near Arbroath.

A little about Arbroath

As the largest town of Angus, Arbroath is a fairly populated city in Scotland, UK. The beautiful town has several tourist attractions, the prime attractions being the Arbroath Signal Tower Museum, and the Bell Rock Lighthouse, the oldest off-shore lighthouse in Britain.

The Seaside town has picturesque views of the ocean and offers a fresh change of air for recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

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