Alcohol and drug rehab in Warrington, Cheshire

The need for rehab in Warrington

Anyone can succumb to addiction. Dependencies can isolate you from the rest of the world. However, all it takes to recover is the right bit of help and support. If you’re dealing with drug or alcohol addiction near Warrington, help if not far. There are quite a few rehab facilities in Warrington and nearby that can help you find your way back to your best self. These rehab centres in Warrington can help you find a strategy for a recovery journey that best suits you.

At Primrose Lodge with its team of professionals, you can find the right, customised guidance, such as counselling, individual or group, as you start your recovery. We aim to provide you with a sound rehabilitation treatment programme starting with a study of your drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms and an analysis of your current state. Then, by providing doctors’ supervision and understanding your behaviour with experts’ observation 24*7 we help you achieve long-term sobriety.

Rehab options near Warrington

Recovery from alcohol or drug dependence can be hard. However, it can be easier when you have professional help nearby that provides you with the correct guidance and support to get you through this toughest phase in your life or that of your loved ones. That is why choosing the correct rehab centres near Warrington is important.
You can avail of two types of rehab facilities in Warrington, Cheshire. They are NHS treatment centres, and private rehab clinics:

NHS treatment centres are free rehab centres in Warrington that you can avail of if you are lawfully a resident of the UK. They have a robust network and can provide you with mental support and rehabilitation, medication, and therapy sessions. Some of the NHS treatment centres near the maritime city of Warrington, are Warrington Primary Care NHS Trust, Warrington Hospital etc. However, registering for these is tedious and you may feel the absence of customised care.

Private rehab clinics in Warrington are meant to provide you with personalised services that can maximise your recovery and help you achieve the most extended periods of sobriety. Unlike government centres, private hubs help your speedy and holistic recovery with added personal care. Some of the private residential rehabs in Warrington, on the bank of the Thames, that effectively cure alcohol and drug addiction are Primrose Lodge, Oasis Runcorn, etc.

UKAT rehab centres near Warrington

Listed below are the closest UKAT centres to the Warrington area:

Oasis Runcorn

  • Situated at Bridge Street in Runcorn, Cheshire, only about 9 miles away from Warrington
  • Oasis Runcorn offers a stunning view of the coastline
  • This tranquil rehab centre provides holistic treatment with a tailored, residential treatment programme
  • Provides 22 bedrooms which can be private or shared
  • Offers two treatment plans – Strengths Model and 12-Step

Sanctuary Lodge

  • Sanctuary Lodge is located at Halstead, Essex, about 40 miles away from Warrington and takes around 1 hour to reach
  • Provides the utmost calmness with a scenic garden view,19 en-suite bedrooms, five beautifully refurbished shared rooms, an in-house gym, and special food
  • The round-the-clock care and vigilance helps you be free of triggers as you find your way back

Oasis Bradford

  • Oasis Bradford is located in Yorkshire, around 52.8 miles away from Warrington, it takes around 1 hour and 16 minutes to reach there
  • Its 17-bedded detox unit is one of its kind in providing accommodation to people with limited mobility
  • Medically managed detoxification complemented by guided relaxation and exercise

Why choose a UKAT centre for rehab near Warrington, Cheshire?

While rehab facilities near Warrington are plenty, all of them, have varying pros and cons. That is why it is pertinent to find a centre that can provide a programme that is personalised to you, which is what experts at UKAT rehab centres understand very well. Some of the facilities that have been well-received include:

  • 24×7 observation
  • Expert advice
  • Personalised rehab
  • Medical detox services
  • Coping-skills classes
  • Individual and group counselling
  • Relapse prevention education

Join addiction support groups near you

If you wish to explore a few addiction support groups near Warrington, here are some of the options from AA, NA and CA:

Making Space 46 Allen Street Warrington

Time: Sunday 6:00 pm
Postcode: WA2 7JB

Fairfield and Howley Neighbourhood Project Fairfield Street Warrington

Time: Monday 7:15 pm
Postcode: WA1 3AJ

Marking Space 44 Allen Street Warrington

Time: Wednesday 7:30 pm
Postcode: WA2 7 JB

Wycliffe Church, Bewsey St

Monday, Time: 20.00 – duration 1hr 30mins
Distance: 0 miles
Postcode: WA2 7JE
Helpline: 01517092900 (8.00-24.00)

Pathways (CGL), 14 Bold St

Friday, Time: 15.00 – duration 1hr 30mins
Distance: 0 miles
Postcode: WA1 1DE

St James Church, Wilderspool Causeway

Friday, Time: 19.30 – duration 1hr 30mins
Distance: 1 mile
Postcode: WA4 6QA
Helpline: 01517092900 (8.00-24.00)

Cocaine Anonymous

Hove Methodist Church – 07.30
Portland Rd
Hove BN3 5DR

Open Topic Newcomer – 07.30

Hove Methodist Church
Portland Rd
Hove BN3 5DR

Never Too Early Step 11 Meditation – 08.00

The Methodist Church
In-person and Online
100 Ordnance Rd
Enfield EN3 6BW

What the statistics say about Warrington and substance abuse concerns

An analysis conducted by the ONS reported a rate of 5.2 deaths due to drug abuse per 100,000 people in Warrington between 2013 and 2015. This rate was higher than the national average – 3.9 deaths per 100,000.

Warrington, situated in the North West Boroughs of England, is also more prone to a higher prevalence rate of opiate and crack use but a lower prevalence of alcohol dependence.

More recent data show 16 deaths in Warrington out of 3060 deaths recorded nationally in 2021 attributable to drug poisoning. These data suggest that drug misuse is becoming more prominent and needs immediate attention to prevent life-threatening consequences.

Why are rehabs in Warrington ideal?

Warrington is the largest town in the county of Cheshire, situated on the banks of the River Mersey between Liverpool and Manchester. Despite its industrial significance, Warrington has not lost its natural charm that perfectly counterbalances the hustle and bustle of the town. This soothing and charming atmosphere allows you to imbibe the beauty of nature and helps you to avoid triggers and focus on yourself as you find your way back.

Our goal at UKAT rehab centres is to give you aid in your struggle with substance abuse, for a lasting relapse-free state. This is why we provide customised support and one-year aftercare. Take a step towards a better, substance abuse-free tomorrow!
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