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Most of us know Brandon as a small town in Suffolk, but it has much more to offer. Brandon is located close to some of the best-known rehab centres for substance abuse. Our CQC-registered UKAT centres are set among serene surroundings and away from the daily bustle of the city, helping you overcome addiction in a more natural setting and with our best-in-class rehab therapies.

Rehab centres near Brandon may be located far away from your home but provide the most optimal atmosphere to help abstain from addiction-related triggers. Our UKAT treatment centres also specialise in managing eating disorders, behavioural addictions, co-existing mental illnesses, and dual diagnosis.

What is offered at rehab in Brandon?

Substance abuse such as alcohol addiction and drug addiction require a holistic approach during an individual’s rehabilitation. At our UKAT centres, we offer considerable benefits in all aspects of addiction treatment under one roof. We manage your dependency on a drug, substance, or alcohol with excellent detox solutions under the expertise of medical professionals/specialists in the field of addiction treatment.

Our rehab team includes:

  • Round-the-clock specialist for all your daily and emergency needs.
  • A licensed resident psychiatrist conducts a thorough assessment before a formal rehabilitation program resumes.
  • Addiction psychotherapists are not just counsellors but are actively involved in treating individuals with various addictions.
    Emergency medical professionals.

UKAT centres near Brandon offer:

  • Wheelchair-accessible locations and facilities.
  • Inpatient care from 15 to 90 days.
  • 24-hour medical aid facilities.
  • A specialised team of medical and non-medical professionals.
  • Well maintained accommodation.
  • Quick admission process.
  • A 12-step program for an intensive wholesome solution for you to overcome your addiction.
  • Group therapy encourages participation and interaction with fellow inmates through fun activities.
  • Abstinence-based therapies include specialised trauma therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy.
  • Individual one-to-one therapy for special cases.
  • Support groups to help cope with the social stigma of addiction.
  • Life skills workshop which helps an individual get back into their community.
  • A high-quality after-care package that takes care of your needs after your discharge from our facility.

The nearest UKAT centres to Brandon

Several UKAT centres are located across the nation. Our rehabilitation programme includes family support and free after-care services to help you stay on track. We list here a few of our centres in the vicinity of Brandon, Suffolk:

Sanctuary lodge

Tranquil surroundings and situated amidst nature, the Sanctuary Lodge in Halstead, Essex, is approximately 41 miles from Brandon. It offers en suite bedrooms, shared rooms, extensive gardens, and an in-house gym.

It also caters to gambling addictions, sex and love addiction, co-dependency, and several eating disorders. The centre provides a sublime atmosphere to help overcome addictions suitably tailored for each individual.

Liberty House

Situated in Old Bedford near London, Liberty House is approximately 70 miles from Brandon. It offers individuals with addictions several therapies like gong therapy, meditation centre, art therapy, group therapy and sound therapy.

Most importantly it offers on-on-one therapy for a more personalised approach towards recovery. We also encourage family therapy, where we host your loved ones once a month to strengthen your bond with them.

Banbury Lodge

Located in the Oxfordshire countryside at a distance of about 117 miles from Brandon, Banbury Lodge offers a one-of-a-kind rehab facility for all types of alcohol and substance abuse.

It encourages talk therapy where inmates are involved in talking to uplift their mood and health. This facility aims to manage addictions in the younger population aged 16 to 18 to help an early change in their lifestyle and lead a blissful life.

Primrose Lodge

Primrose Lodge is present in the heart of Surrey in Guildford, about 130 miles from Brandon. The state-of-the-art facility is set amidst nature to help you overcome addictions.

This includes drug addictions, behavioural disorders, prescription drug dependency, and co-existing disorders.It promotes family recovery programs, yoga, meditation, art, creative therapy, and group therapy among its inmates for a hassle-free recovery.

Free addiction support groups in Brandon

As well as our UKAT centres located closest to the area, there are various Alcoholic Anonymous and Narcotic Anonymous options in Brandon:

Alcoholics Anonymous

Address: Studio 3, Church Rd, IP27 0JB Brandon, Suffolk England
Contact No: 0800 9177 650

Alcoholics Anonymous

Address: Raf Lakenheath, Base Chapel, IP27 9PS Raf Lakenheath , Suffolk England
Contact No: 0800 9177 650

Narcotics Anonymous

Address: All Hallows Hall, All Hallows Church, Landseer Rd, Ipswich IP3 0EN, United Kingdom
Contact No: +44 1473 717084

Addiction statistics in England and Brandon

There is an alarming increase in the number of alcohol and drug addiction-related deaths and suicides in and around Britain, particularly in Brandon and surrounding areas. The numbers were seen to be comparable with that of England. The vulnerability is particularly more among the youth of the country. This shows the need for rehabilitation centres in and around Brandon, which will help prevent abuse-related deaths and cater to its residents for all behavioural disorders.

Why choose rehab centres near Brandon?

Brandon is a small town located in Suffolk County and close to Norfolk. Present amidst huge forests, Brandon is nature’s delight. Brandon is correctly labelled as a rural town in a small agricultural setting with a population of merely 9,500 residents. The High Lodge, Brandon Country Park, and Brandon Heritage Centre are some of the must-visit places. Several sporting facilities include the Brandon town bowling club and football club. Cinemas, shopping centres, restaurants, and cafes provide ample leisure activities to the visitors. Abundant transport facilities are offered by the railway and bus operators.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, get in touch with us to start now the admission process at one of the UKAT centres.

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