Alcohol and drug rehab in Ashford, Kent

The need for rehab in Ashford

Alcohol and substance abuse addictions may make you feel defeated. Do not feel let down; rehabilitation can help you get your life back on track. Rehab facilities in Ashford, Kent, offer various rehabilitation services to assist you on your detoxification journey.
UKAT firmly believes that with a structured regimen of advice, guidance, and therapy, you will be equipped with the tools to live a life free from substances and behavioural harm. Read on to learn about rehab centres in Ashford and how they can be of assistance to you.

What are the Options for Rehab Centres in Ashford, Kent?

Rehab centres in Ashford offer free and private facilities. Though free support groups are widely available, they lack tailor-made services to suit your specific detoxification needs. Lengthy admission processes may also make it a cumbersome experience.
On the contrary, private rehabs in Ashford, Kent, offer benefits that make them a better choice. Advantages like a less laborious admission process, personalised and tailor-made care, and 24*7 support will provide you with an all-inclusive treatment plan.

UKAT drug and alcohol addiction facilities in and around Ashford/h2>

Rehabilitation from alcohol and substance abuse is the stepping stone to your recovery. Private residential rehabs in Ashford help your rehabilitation journey by providing 24*7 support and seamless care. UKAT centres closest to Ashford are as follows:

Primrose Lodge

Located around 75.3 miles from Ashford, Primrose Lodge, situated at Guildford, Surrey, will take approximately one hour and 26 minutes to reach. Boasting 19 en-suite bedrooms, spacious gardens, full in-house catering, and a variety of treatment rooms, this UKAT centre is centrally located. Primrose Lodge’s unique family recovery programme considers you and your family’s needs, helping you rebuild your relationships with your loved ones.

Recovery Lighthouse

Situated at a distance of 91.9 miles from Ashford, Recovery Lighthouse takes around one hour and 47 minutes to reach. Recovery Lighthouse, located in Worthing, West Sussex, has 13 bedrooms that exude comfort and homeliness. The ample garden space provided at this UKAT centre makes it a scenic and refreshing getaway for one’s rehabilitation needs. The beautiful scenery and wide-ranging treatment programmes make this UKAT centre your answer to your detoxification and rehabilitation needs.

Liberty House

Liberty House, situated at Luton, is a 20-bedded facility located 99.1 miles from Ashford. It will take approximately one hour and 58 minutes to reach this UKAT centre by road. Situated in Luton’s serene and charming location, the Liberty House UKAT centre is perfect for your rehabilitation journey. Liberty House specialises in various services like one-to-one and group counselling. This UKAT centre tailors treatment to suit your rehab and detoxification needs.

What do UKAT Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Facilities in and around Ashford, Kent, Offer you?

With the variety of rehab facilities in Ashford available to you, certain factors help you in choosing the most suitable. Factors like the travel time taken from your home to the centre, the variety of treatments available, and the quality of services are a few points that may help you make your decision. In addition, outpatient free rehab services may lack a personal touch that residential rehab near Ashford, Kent, may offer.

Private residential rehabs near Ashford, like those provided by UKAT, offer several benefits, as listed below.

  • An easy and efficient admission processes
  • Specialised counsellors and de-addiction experts
  • Availability of 24-hour medical services
  • UKAT’s brand promises an efficient after-care package that includes 30-day complementary care if you relapse after 30 days of undergoing treatment after completing the 90-day inpatient treatment plan.

Free drug and alcohol rehabilitation support groups in and around Ashford

Listed below are some free AA, NA and CA support groups you can join in and around the Ashford area.


Friends Meeting House (Quaker Hall),
Albert Road,
Postcode: TN24 8NY
Sunday at 19.00 – duration 1 hour and 30 minutes
Helpline: 01227455557 (24 hours)

Ashford Daily Reflections

Salvation Army Hall, 115 Cudworth Road,
Postcode: TN24 0BE
Tuesday at 12.00 – duration 1 hour and 30 minutes
Helpline: 01227455557 (24 hours)

Ashford Carry the Message, Big Book Study

Godington Village Hall,
Loudon Way,
Postcode: TN23 3JJ
Saturday at 09.00 – duration 1 hour and 30 minutes
Helpline: 01227455557 (24 hours)


St. Henry and St. Elizabeth Church,
53, Broadway
Postcode: ME12 1TS
Friday at 18:30


Upstairs, First Church of Christ,
Scientist Vinters Road,
Postcode: ME14 5DX
Saturday at 11:00


Bottom Room St. Augustine’s Centre
39-71 Dover Road
Postcode: CT20 1JZ
Sunday at 19:30

Chislehurst Methodist Church

Courtlands & Prince Imperial Road
Chislehurst BR7 5LX
Sunday at 17:45

A Common Solution

Christchurch United Reform Church
High St
Tonbridge TN9 1SG
Monday at 19:30

What Do the Statistics of Drug- and Alcohol-related Deaths in and around Ashford Signify?

According to KentOnline, alcohol-related admissions in Kent have increased by a third over the years. In 2018-19, 35,130 people received treatment, which led to a 27.5% increase in cases over the last few years. According to the Kent Public Health Observatory, the increased cases are due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which highlights the importance of rehabilitation.

What Makes Ashford Exclusive as a Centre for Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation?

The borough of Ashford is located in Kent. It has several beaches, providing it with a beautiful and calming view. Away from the hustle-bustle of city life, Ashford will help you find the peace and tranquillity that you seek when searching for a rehabilitation centre for alcohol and substance abuse. With its “Garden of England”, The Lashenden Air Warfare Museum, and Belmont House, Ashford is a beautiful place to choose as your rehabilitation hub spot. The exceptional views and soothing nature will make you fall in love with it. Ashford, Kent, makes an excellent place to unwind, relax, and detoxify.
No need to look any further when you need help for your rehab needs from alcohol and substance abuse. Contact one of our UKAT centres today! Get the essential service to help you get back on your feet!