Alcohol and drug rehab in and around Strood, Kent

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How can rehabilitation centres help people in and around Strood?

Alcohol and drug overuse leads to addiction which is a stressful and traumatic experience for anyone. Most of the time, people who struggle with addiction find themselves isolated and depressed. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities provide the much-needed help and care, allowing people with addictions to recover and live healthier, more meaningful lives.

Strood, a town in Medway, Kent, South East England, has all the scenic beauty of a prosperous riverside town. The business and economy are booming here, but unfortunately, there has been a rise in drug-related offences. Rehabilitation centres in Strood can provide a lot of help, support, and medical aid to people struggling with alcohol or drug abuse. There are government and private-run rehabilitation facilities around Strood, but that alone is not enough. Establishing well-equipped rehabilitation centres would help the community in and around Strood, Medway.

The best rehabilitation centres around Strood

Deciding the right rehab centre for you or a loved one is essential. There are several options for a residential rehab facility near Strood. Before you decide, you need to ensure the following amenities in an ideal rehab facility:

  • Comfortable private/shared rooms
  • Free aftercare
  • 24×7 medical support
  • Recreational activities and facilities like gym or spa
  • Open spaces to relax
  • Support group therapy

Private rehabilitation centres near Strood

Enrolling in a proper rehabilitation centre is a significant step towards complete healing. UKAT provides private and luxury rehabilitation centres all around the UK. All UKAT centres are open and approachable to everyone and have a swift admission process. The UKAT facilities are specifically designed keeping in mind the comfort and healing environment needed for rediscovering health and life. Strood in Medway is close to the following UKAT centres, making them easily accessible to people residing in or around here:

Sanctuary Lodge

Located about 60 miles away from Strood, it takes approximately an hour and a half to reach the Sanctuary Lodge from Strood. Sanctuary Lodge rehab offers:

  • Breath-taking hill views
  • Chef prepared meals
  • Luxurious residences
  • Family support programmes
  • Good aftercare plans
  • Holistic therapy options

Liberty House

It is only about 70 miles away from Strood, Medway. You will need to drive for 1 hour and 20 minutes to reach Liberty House Clinic in Luton. It is a 34-acre luxurious private rehabilitation centre that works with most insurance plans.

In addition, the clinic offers a free consultation with an addiction expert. It also provides the following services:

  • An evidence-based treatment plan to eliminate the root cause of addiction
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Body brain balance therapy
  • Garden therapy
  • Yoga
  • Interactive daily schedule designed for each patient
  • Fitness training, healthy eating

Recovery Lighthouse

Recovery Lighthouse is just 79 miles away from Strood. It takes 1 hour and 35 mins to get there by car. It is a beautiful seaside private property with an expert panel of practitioners treating addiction. Primrose Recovery Lighthouse offers:

  • Detox and cravings treatments
  • Free lifetime aftercare
  • En-suite rooms
  • Treatments for all kinds of addictions
  • Group therapy

Private rehabilitation centres near Strood

In case you want to attend any of the free group meetings organised by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Cocaine Anonymous (CA), or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) while living in Strood, the following list will help you:

Strood There is a Solution

St Nicholas Church, 126 High St
Time: 20.00 – Thursday
Postcode: ME2 4UB

Rochester Saturday

Friends Meeting House, 3 Northgate
Time: 10.15 – Saturday
Postcode: ME1 1LS

Rochester Lunchtime Big Book Study Hybrid

Quakers Meeting House, Northgate
Time: 12.00 – Wednesday
Postcode: ME1 1LS

Rochester Beginners

Quaker Meeting House, 3 Northgate
Time: 20.00 – Monday
Postcode: ME1 1LS

There Is Another Way

Sunday, 18:30 ~ 19:45
Postcode ME7 1XA

Monday Maidstone Group

Monday, 19:30 ~ 21:00
Postcode ME14 5DX

Just For Today Reading

Wednesday, 19:30 ~ 20:30
Postcode DA12 1BB

Strood Big Book Study

Sunday, 19:30
St Nicholas Church, 126 High St
Rochester ME2 4TH

Chatham CA

Monday, 19:30
Open Road, 95-97 High St
Chatham ME4 4DL

A New Life

Wednesday, 19:30
St Augustine’s Church
St Augustines Vicarage, 192 Rock Ave
Gillingham ME7 5PW

What are the drug and alcohol statistics in and around Strood?

Medway in the Kent county of the UK has seen an upswing in drug-related crime cases in the last four to five years. In a recent update, the police made more than 56 arrests related to drug offences, including possession of cocaine and heroin. Young boys aged 18-22 years were predominantly the focus of these incidents. In March 2022, 37 people appeared in the Magistrate’s court on charges of drunk driving across Medway. As per a Kent County council report, in the three years prior to July 2020, 676 crashes were registered due to drunk driving, where more than 1,000 people were injured. Twenty-one of these injuries were fatal. These recent figures show that the population in and around Strood is at very high risk of alcohol and drug addiction.

Why should you opt for alcohol and drug rehabilitation centres near Strood in Medway?

Strood forms a unitary part of Medway along with Chatham, Rochester, Gillingham, and Rainham. It is known for its shopping areas with many high-end brands and family-owned businesses. This friendly town has high-quality and customer value-based services. It has a picturesque landscape due to the river Medway and the numerous windmills. The historic Strood fair, which started in the 12th century, is still ongoing today. It is now celebrated as market days on Tuesday/Saturday, with local fairs on Sunday.

There are many beautiful places to see around Strood like the St Nicholas church, Temple Manor, Broomhill Park, Leeds Castle, and Rochester Castle. Strood is a picturesque English town waiting to be explored. It could be ideal for helping you recover and rejuvenate. So do not miss this chance to change your life, and get help now!

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