Alcohol and drug addiction rehab facilities near Middlesex

The need for rehab in Middlesex

Battling substance abuse is never easy. Apart from the effects on physical and mental health, you feel isolated from your family and friends. Over time drug or alcohol abuse affects your work too. Accepting that you have a substance abuse problem is complex. However, taking that crucial step is vital to turning your life around.

There are several rehab centres in and around Middlesex, Southeast England, for people fighting substance abuse. However, finding the right one can get confusing. At UKAT, the team understands the importance of that first step toward rehabilitation. To help you make an informed choice, we have all the information you need about rehab facilities in Middlesex. But first, let’s look at statistics about drug and alcohol abuse in Middlesex.

What are the rehab facilities on offer in Middlesex?

This historic county has several free and private drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities. The accessible facilities are adequate and do the needful. However, the huge demand has led to waiting lists, which can delay your treatment. Moreover, the free rehab centres have many clients to deal with, and personalised attention is impossible.

On the other hand, admission to private facilities is prompt; the staff is experienced and well-trained. Personalised attention and tailored treatment plans speed up the recovery process.

The innumerable NA and AA support groups in the Middlesex area give much-needed support to people struggling with substance abuse and those on the path to recovery.

UKAT rehab centres in Middlesex, South East England

Drug and alcohol abuse treatment is much more than a detox procedure and therapy. The underlying issues need to be addressed for long-term recovery. That is why choosing the right treatment centre is vital. UKAT Rehab Centres have trained staff and doctors to guide your journey. Let’s take a look at some UKAT Rehab centres in and around Middlesex:

Liberty House

The Liberty House rehab service centre offers addiction treatment for drug and alcohol abuse. The staff is fully qualified and well-versed in dealing with all substance abuse issues.

The environment is safe and secure, making the centre ideal for treatment. The centre has treatment plans tailormade for every need. The centre is 7.3 miles away and will take you 34 mins to get there.

Distance away: 34 min (7.3 mi) via A41

Key features:

  • Prompt admission process
  • Low-cost treatment plans
  • Detox available for all drugs
  • Family recovery programme
  • Free aftercare

Primrose Lodge

At Primrose, the patient comes first. This premium treatment facility is an attractive and comfortable place to make their clients feel at home.

They maintain exceptional standards of accommodation and treatment plans at affordable rates. The lodge is 43.5 miles away, and it takes around 1 hour and 14 minutes to get there.

Key features:

  • BUPA and AXA recognised facility
  • CQC registration
  • Free aftercare service
  • Extended care service

Sanctuary Lodge

Sanctuary Lodge; This cutting-edge treatment centre has some of the most experienced addiction treatment counsellors and therapists in the UK.

This centre ticks all the boxes for tackling behavioural problems and cognitive therapy. This rehab centre is easily accessed and recognised by BUPA. The lodge is 64.3 miles away and will take 1 hour and 28 mins to get there.

  • Key Features
  • CQC-registered to ensure quality care
  • Free aftercare for 12 months after the end of the treatment
  • Extended care option for life in recovery

The UKAT Rehab Centres in Middlesex and how they help

Finding a rehab facility to suit your needs is difficult because many rehab centres exist in Middlesex and South East England. As comfortable residential facilities and trained personnel make all the difference, it’s advisable to do thorough research before enrolling in your detox programme. So, what makes the UKAT Middlesex centre stand out? Let’s look at the perks on offer:

  • Prompt admission process
  • Tailored treatment plan
  • Personlised rehab programme
  • Medical detox services promise round-the-clock monitoring by doctors and trained staff
  • Getting to the root causes of addiction
  • A safe and comfortable environment
  • Techniques to curb chances of relapse
  • The UKAT brand promise*

*You have completed your 90-day inpatient treatment plan at a UKAT facility. But you get a relapse within 30 days of undergoing the treatment. In such cases, UKAT will provide you with 30-days of complementary (free-of-cost) care.

Substance abuse support groups in Middlesex

Listed below are some AA and NA meetings available in and around the Middlesex area:

Hayes End Methodist Church

Uxbridge Rd
Hayes End
Time 20.00 Sundays

Hounslow Newcomers

Holy Trinity Church
6 High St
Time 19.45 Fridays


The Village Hall
The Broadway
Time 19.15 Sundays

West Drayton

St. Martin’s Church,
Church Road
Time 20.00 on Thursday

Basic Text Study Group Meeting

St Nicholas Church, Church Street, Brighton, Sussex, BN1 3LJ
Time: Monday at 7.30 pm
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Telephone: 01273 205360
Learn more


Soho Centre for Health and care
1 Frith Street Soho London
6.00 pm on Saturdays

UK Rehab

Narcotics Anonymous
For a centre near you, call 02038 115 619


410 Lewisham High Street
6.00 Saturdays

Drug and alcohol abuse statistics in Middlesex, Southern England

A March 2022 report says there is a high prevalence of drugs such as Cannabis [2,064] in South East England. While the increase in drug dependence is worrying, death due to drug poisoning is alarming. Till now, 16 deaths out of 46 cases of poisoning have been reported in areas such as the South East and other regions of England.

PHE is looking at preventing further deaths by working with National Police Chief’s Council and National Crime Agency. All drugs are harmful. However, heroin use can lead to poisoning and death, and people who use these substances should be aware of the consequence of taking large quantities.

What makes Middlesex an excellent place for detox?

Middlesex is a county in South East England with a historical flavour. It has three rivers: the Thames, the Lea, and the Colne. The county is scenic with its hills and rivers, making it the ideal setting for recovery from substance abuse.

The team at UKAT recognise the need for sensitivity when dealing with patients struggling with substance abuse, an essential feature in any treatment programme.

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