Alcohol and drug rehab near Peterborough

Rehab facilities near Peterborough

Peterborough is a flourishing town in Cambridgeshire. Unfortunately, many people in the town struggle with alcohol and drug addiction. If you or your loved ones are battling addiction, you can seek help at several free and private rehab centres in and around the town.

UKAT, one of the premium rehab facilities in the UK, offers holistic therapies to help you overcome addiction. The safe environment at our centres helps achieve life-long recovery. Read on to know more about our facilities and varied treatment programmes.

What are the different options for rehab centres in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire?

Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, has several free and private rehab centres. However, selecting one that suits your requirements can seem confusing. We suggest you consult your family physician and explore your options for an informed decision.

The free addiction support centres in Peterborough offer good services. However, obtaining enrollment at free rehab centres may be challenging due to the unavailability of immediate admission.

Private rehab centres at Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, offer personalised care and support. Although they may seem slightly expensive, they provide immediate enrollment as an inpatient and a holistic treatment programme.

UKAT rehab centres near Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

At UKAT, we create therapies based on the underlying conditions related to addiction. We provide bespoke treatment to help you overcome addiction and educate you about alcohol withdrawal symptoms and strategies to overcome a relapse. Here’s a list of the rehab centres closest to Peterborough. Contact us at the earliest for a discussion with our counsellors.

Liberty House

The Liberty House alcohol and drug rehab centre is set on a peaceful suburban street in the heart of Luton, Bedfordshire.

It is approximately 59 miles from Peterborough and an hour’s drive from the city. This UKAT rehab centre provides a medically monitored drug and alcohol detox programme for a life in recovery. We offer you:

  • A streamlined admission process
  • Low-cost treatment
  • A quality-assured environment for complete recovery
  • 21 beds, recreational facilities and 24X7 support staff
  • Spacious gardens, sports facilities, counselling rooms and catering services
  • Family recovery programme
  • 1-year-free aftercare programme

Banbury Lodge

The Banbury Lodge is a private UKAT detox centre in Banbury, Oxfordshire. It is about 73 miles from Peterborough and takes around an hour and 20 minutes by private vehicle.

We offer treatment programmes for alcohol and drug addiction and eating disorders. Our clinic is regulated by the Care Quality Commission and we provide the following facilities:

  • Extended care using a structured programme
  • Beds for teenagers with eating disorders
  • Ensuite rooms and gyms
  • One-to-one counselling
  • Family support programme
  • BUPA and AXA-recognised services

Sanctuary Lodge

The Sanctuary Lodge is an advanced rehab facility set in Halstead, in the heart of Essex, 90 miles from Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

It takes an hour and a half to reach this rehab by private vehicle. We offer quick admissions to help you begin your addiction recovery programme. Our facilities include:

  • 19 high-standard ensuite bedrooms and five shared rooms
  • Well-equipped gymnasium and kitchen
  • Beautiful gardens and outdoor spaces to help refresh you in the mind and body
  • One-to-one counselling
  • Family support
  • 1-year-free aftercare
  • BUPA-recognised rehab services

How do UKAT rehab centres make a difference in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire?

UKAT is a private residential rehab facility with eight centres across the UK. A highly-skilled team of medical practitioners, including psychiatrists and addiction psychotherapists, manage every centre to motivate you on your life-changing journey.

At every UKAT centre, you benefit from the following facilities:

  • Immediate enrollment
  • 24X7 support staff
  • Inpatient/Outpatient treatment programme
  • Personalised treatment
  • Family support programmes
  • A free lifetime aftercare programme

UKAT offers detoxification and cleansing therapies for:

Free addiction support groups in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

To help you begin your recovery journey, we bring you a list of free addiction support groups from AA, NA and CA in and near Peterborough.

Peterborough Daily Reflections

Aspire House, Bridge Street (1st Floor, Kitchen Room. Aspire House is opposite Peterborough Magistrates Court)
Time: 14:00 (Friday – Duration 1 hr)

Peterborough Lunchtime Step & Tradition

Friends Meeting House, 21 Thorpe Rd, Cresent Bridge
Time: noon (Wednesday – Duration 1 hr 30 mins)

Peterborough Mustard Seed Open Beginners

Church Hall, Fitzwilliam St
Time: 10:15 (Saturday – Duration 1 hr 15 mins)

Peterborough Eastfield

East Community Centre, Padholme Rd
Time: 19:15 (Tuesday – Duration 1 hr 45 mins)


Aspire/CGL Building, 102-104, Bridge Street, Peterborough
Time: 15:00 (Sunday)


Huntingdon community, Church Centre, 83A, High Street, Huntingdon
PE29 3DP
Time: 19:30 (Tuesday)

St Neots

St. Mary’s Church Rooms, Church Walk, St Neots
PE19 2BP
Time: 17:00 (Saturday)

Peterborough Share Meeting

Aspire Treatment Services
102 -104 Bridge Street, Peterborough
Time: 19:30 – 21:00 (Tuesday)

Cocaine Anonymous

Hampton Children’s Centre
Hargate Way, Hampton Hargate, Peterborough
Time: 17:00 – 18:00 (Saturday)

Stamford Primary Purpose Group

11 Barn Hill, Stamford
Time: 19:30 – 21:00 (Monday)

Cocaine Anonymous Central UK Area

Helpline: 0800 689 4732

Statistics for alcohol and drug abuse in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

Alcohol consumption caused more than 20 deaths during the pandemic in Peterborough. There was also a rise in drug-related deaths in Peterborough last year. According to the Office of National Statistics, there were 18 drug-related deaths in the city in 2020.

This increased dependence on illegal and prescription drugs is a cause for concern. The number of alcohol and drug-related deaths in Peterborough shows why educating people about addiction and rehab centres is the need of the hour.

Why choose rehab centres in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire?

Peterborough is a Cathedral city located in the heart of East England. Considered the environmental capital of the UK, the city is known for promoting healthier and sustainable living. With such an inspiring atmosphere and several addiction support groups in its neighbourhood, Peterborough is an ideal place for those seeking recovery from addiction.

At UKAT, too, we provide you with a safe atmosphere, medical treatment and the emotional support essential for your recovery. If you or your loved ones are battling addiction, contact us at the earliest and Get Help Now!

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