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Episode 14: Action in Recovery with Tom B

UKAT Banbury Lodge Alumnus, Tom has been speaking with me about his journey from the lows of cocaine addiction into a life of action, recovery and hope. We discuss the need for action and willingness, and the many blessings that come with recovery, one day at a time.

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Episode 13: Christmas episode with Steve Wood

UKAT Alumnus, Steve Wood has been speaking with me about his recovery journey, taking control of his behaviours in SMART recovery, and helping others as a peer support worker.

Wishing you all a very merry festive period and a happy new year!

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Christmas Mental Health Useful Contacts – MIND
The Stages of Change – SMART Recovery
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Episode 12: Being the child of an Alcoholic – With Alumni: Christina

Last month saw Nacoa’s National COA week, which highlights the plight of over 2.5 million children who have a parent or caregiver who drinks too much. Sadly, those who are affected by their parent’s drinking are impacted all year round.

This episode features our wonderful Alumni, Christina, who has been kind enough to share with us her experience of growing up with an alcoholic mother, and how this shaped her life and eventual recovery. We will be covering topics including suicide, suicide childhood trauma in this episode.

Episode 11: Personal story with ‘J’ – Codependency and Loving someone in addiction

This episode features ‘J’, a UKAT team member, who has been kind enough to share with us her experience of co-dependently loving someone in addiction, and how this impacted on her and her family. We also discuss life after trauma and how hope for the future is always possible if we can find acceptance.

Episode 10: Alumni Recovery Story ft Dave Waites

This episode features our very own Oasis Runcorn Alumni, Dave Waites, who has been kind enough to share with us his inspirational story of recovery from alcohol addiction. We will be covering topics including suicide and domestic violence in this episode.

Episode 9: Neurodiversity, Early Recovery & Loneliness ft Tracey Beynon

This episode features Celeste in discussion with Tracey Beynon, the lead therapist at the Sanctuary Lodge Rehab centre. They discuss a number of topics including ADHD, Autism, common issues for people in early recovery and loneliness in aid of mental health health awareness week.

Episode 8: Mental Health & Recovery (World Bi-Polar Day) Ft David McCormack

A former resident of Oasis Runcorn, David McCormack shares his experiences with us about his mental health and addiction. He shares frankly about being diagnosed bipolar amongst other mental health experiences. In his time since completing treatment he has set up his own social inclusion football league, started university work in a rehab and almost qualified as a pt instructor.

Episode 7 (Bonus Episode 1 ft Tom Woodman)

In this bonus interview episode, we talk to Tom Woodman who is an alumnus of UKAT’s Liberty House Clinic. Since completing treatment almost 5 years ago, Tom has implemented a successful recovery programme, is working full time and is surrounded by his loving family & friends. In this special episode, Tom shares his recovery experiences with us.

Episode 6

A special season two part holiday episode, Lee is joined by our newest addition to the UKAT team, Alumni Coordinator, Celeste. In the episode they compare early/ long term recovery, forming relationships in recovery, triggers to relapse, new year’s resolutions in recovery, self compassion in recovery, support and help available over the holiday season and much more.

Episode 5

Episode 5 of Screaming on the inside welcomes a UKAT Alumni member Mark Rathbone. Mark attended our Banbury Lodge center back in 2019. He joins us today having recently overcome cancer to discuss his experiences and share his story in recovery.

Episode 4

The topic is Anxiety and Addiction. In this episode, we have Nuno Alburquerque who is the group treatment lead for UKAT. Nuno has a BSc in Substance Misuse Management, Trauma and Healing qualification, Trauma, Attachment, Affect Dysregulation and Shame, as well as being a Certified Relapse Prevention Specialist.

Episode 3

We are honoured to have Jenna Veerapen manager of Sanctuary Lodge as this month’s guest, with 15 years of experience working in the field of Psychology Jenna brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the conversation, tune in now for a great episode on Bridging the gap, an honest chat about life after rehab.

Episode 2

We are honoured to have Ella Hayes member of UKAT Alumni and talented singer/songwriter as our second guest of the year! Ella’s journey in recovery began in a UKAT facility and now she is inspiring people across the country with her passion for recovery and music.

Episode 1

UKAT’s Lee Spinks speaks to Matt Ingram – a member of UKAT Alumni and creator of the hit recovery blog Endless Possibilities as the first guest of the year. Matt’s journey in recovery began over 18 months ago, inspiring people across the country with his story of transformation and a true example of the gifts good recovery can bring.