Alcohol and drug rehab centres near Bordon, Hampshire

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Alcohol and drug rehab in Bordon, Hampshire

Bordon is a small town in the district of Hampshire. Despite being developed as a military area, it has much to offer those seeking drug and alcohol rehab services. There are several free and private residential rehab centres near Bordon, Hampshire, can prove to be helpful to those battling addiction.

However, not many people seek admissions due to a lack of determination. It is, indeed, a struggle for them and their families, but a battle that can be won with help and support. If you or your loved ones need help to overcome any kind of substance abuse or addiction, please read on to know how the rehab centres near Bordon can guide you on your journey to recovery.

What UK Addiction Treatment Centres (UKAT) offer

The UKAT de-addiction rehabilitation centres have a total of 190 beds at eight private residential rehab centres across the UK. We specialise in treating alcoholism, drug abuse, eating disorders, and mental health disorders arising from addictions.

At UKAT, we offer various therapies, coping techniques, help for alcohol withdrawal symptoms, and relapse prevention strategies. We also offer a free after-care plan for clients who have completed their treatment. Most of our centres also have family counselling sessions. If you are looking for support and guidance in recovery from your addictions, please reach out to us for enrollment at these rehab centres.

UK Addiction Treatment Centre (UKAT) in Bordon, Hampshire

Listed below are the closest UKAT rehab centres to Bordon:

Primrose Lodge

Primrose Lodge is a UKAT residential rehab located about 29 miles from Bordon. It is a little over a half-hour drive and a one-and-a-half-hour journey by train.

Situated far from the busy city, Bordon provides the peace required for detoxification and cleansing. This rehab centre offers holistic treatment to heal the body, mind, and spirit, including a 12-step programme, yoga, and cognitive behavioural therapy. We also offer one-to-one counselling and a family recovery programme.

Banbury Lodge

The Banbury Lodge is located in Oxfordshire and is at a distance of about 100 miles from Bordon. It takes about two hours by car or three and a half hours by train.

Situated in a tranquil space allows you to slow down during your recovery journey. Besides a personalised treatment plan, we offer group therapies, individual therapies, and talking therapies. We accept insurance at the Banbury Lodge.

Sanctuary Lodge

Located at Essex, Sanctuary Lodge is about 120 miles from Bordon and takes around 2 hours to reach. Here, we provide therapy, care, and medication through a structured programme.

We help with conditions such as gambling addictions, sex addictions, eating disorders, and codependency. Our wide array of facilities ensures your comfort and care.

De-addiction rehab centres near Bordon, Hampshire

Hampshire has many private and free rehabilitation centres. Therefore, we suggest you consult your doctor before selecting the ideal residential rehab near Bordon. Please look for the following facilities:

    Personalised rehabilitation plan
    24X7 care and support
    Inpatient/Outpatient facilities
    Private and NHS treatment
    Experienced team of doctors
    Root cause elimination treatment
    Location of the facility
    Family-oriented services
    A wide range of therapies
    Extensive aftercare plan

Free addiction treatment services available near Bordon, Hampshire

Here are some Alcohol Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), and Cocaine Anonymous (CA) sessions one can attend near Borden:

Winchester Step

Address: Friends Meeting House, 16 Colebrook Street,
Time: Sunday 8 pm

Eastleigh A Fresh Start

Address: Holy Cross Church, 53 Leigh Road
Time: Tuesday 8 pm

Chandler’s Ford Young Persons

Address: St.Edwards Church, 191 193 Winchester Road
Time: Sunday 8 pm

The Parish Office

Address: 135 St. Mary Street, Southampton.
Time: Thursday 7.30 pm

St. Swithun Church Hall

Address: Waverley Road Southsea, Portsmouth.
Time: Friday 7.30 am

Friends Meeting House

Address: 16 Colebrook Street, Winchester.
Time: Saturday 6.00 pm

Thus We Grow

Address: Trinity Methodist Church, Sarum Hill, Basingstoke, RG21 8SR
Thursday: 8.00 pm

Into Action

Address: Buckland Community Centre, Malins Rd, , Prtsmouth,, PO2 7BT
Time: Monday 7.30 pm

Newcomers’ Meeting

Address: Quaker Meeting House, Friends Meeting House, 1A Ordnance Rd., Southampton, SO15 2AZ
Time: Friday 7.30 pm

Addiction statistics in Bordon, Hampshire

As per statistics, almost 150 deaths were caused by alcohol consumption during the first year of lockdown in Hampshire. The drug-crime rate in Hampshire, too, was high compared to the national crime rate.

However, there has been a slight increase of about 40% in those seeking treatment for alcohol addiction, which is heartening news, considering alcohol abuse is the most significant cause of death here. The drug crime rate has also reduced by 17.1% from June 2021 to May 2022.

Why get drug and alcohol treatment near Bordon?

Bordon is very close to Hampshire, making it convenient for those seeking rehabilitation services for drug and alcohol addiction. It lies in the interior of the royal Woolmer forest and offers a peaceful space for clients for complete detoxification and recovery.

If you or your loved ones are struggling with substance abuse, Get Help Now and turn a new leaf!

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