Alcohol and drug rehab in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire

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How are rehab centres in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire helping people?

In Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire, hundreds of thousands of individuals lose their lives to heroin and cocaine addiction. It breaks the hearts of parents, kids, and those who know substance abusers. Additionally, substance abuse is a significant contributor to crime in this nation.

Rehab centres in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire, stand out as a beacon of hope because of their deep awareness of the needs of people dealing with mental health and drug abuse. A top-notch institution with qualified personnel in this field, UKAT clinics offer all-encompassing treatment, including recovery and social and emotional therapies.

What do we offer at our UKAT rehabs in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire?

Quality of care for our loved ones is what we believe in. UKAT Private Rehab Clinics are dedicated to giving you the kind of care and treatment we want for our family members. We provide a wide range of therapies to assist you in finding the right combination that best maintains your health and sobriety.

By combining psychology, relaxation, and counselling services with professional advice on health, fitness, a healthy diet, and yoga in a secluded setting, UKAT centres aim to solve the issue. Family support programmes aid in teaching coping mechanisms and practises and promote loved ones’ active involvement, all of which are essential for a long-lasting healing process.

Some of the most excellent treatments may be found at on-site private facilities for a solitary, all-inclusive fee. Personalised sessions with a committed health expert focus on your needs and the future. A general practitioner or specialist psychiatrist will conduct a medical admissions assessment if required. Self-awareness is increased via targeted, closely supervised mindfulness-based cognitive therapy focusing on recovery.

UKAT’s rehabilitation centre provides the top resources to aid your recovery:

  • CQC-registered clinics provide high-quality treatment
  • 24-hour support
  • Beautiful gardens
  • Large communal areas
  • Long-term assistance
  • No cost follow-up
  • Supported by reliable health insurance
  • The choice to select between lavish private rooms and affordable shared rooms
  • Recreational pursuits

UKAT rehab facilities near Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire

Listed below are the closest UKAT centres to the Sawbridgeworth area:

Sanctuary Lodge

Sanctuary Lodge is the most sophisticated and state-of-the-art recovery facility, located around 35 miles and 47 minutes by car from Sawbridgeworth.

Some of the nation’s most skilled and well-known addiction treatment therapists and clinicians contributed their knowledge to its development. It is undoubtedly the best venue for kicking substance dependencies and other cognitive-behavioural issues.

At Sanctuary Lodge, an alcohol and drug rehab facility licenced by the CQC, standardised recovery care is available for the individuals. Drawing on their expertise, the clinic’s staff members have a firsthand understanding of addiction and can help you become clean and keep it off.

Liberty House

Liberty House can be reached by car in less than an hour (about 36 miles from Sawbridgeworth). This alcohol and drug detox and rehab centre is situated in the heart of Luton.

The building is hidden within a lovely and tranquil private neighbourhood. The facility, which includes 20 beds, extensive grounds, recreational amenities, and employees who have undergone considerable training, is far from London. At Liberty House, we provide a wide range of therapies to help you on your journey to health and sobriety. Our goal is to assist you in reclaiming yourself and leading a healthy and happy life after treatment.

Liberty House

Sawbridgeworth is about 100 miles from Banbury Lodge, and the travelling time is approximately two hours. Here, you will undergo a rehab program that focuses on and magnifies self-awareness with a focused monitored practising mindfulness cognitive behaviour therapy.

At Banbury Lodge, we work hard to eliminate the stigma associated with addiction. The facility’s sober living programme is distinctive since every client gets a customised treatment plan. Additionally, customised programmes for detoxification and rehabilitation are provided. With years of combined experience treating addiction, the highly skilled team only employs the most cutting-edge and efficient techniques.

Free addiction support groups in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire

Here are some AA, NA, and CA sessions available around Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire:

Sawbridgeworth Daily Reflections

Address: Parish Hall (back of small car park), Vantorts Rd
Postcode: CM21 9AH
Time: Saturday 17.00
Free Phone: 0800 9177 650

Harlow Daily Reflections

Address: St Andrew’s Methodist Church, The Stow
Postcode: CM20 3AF
Time: Wednesday 13.00 – duration 1hr 30mins
Phone: 01923211122 (24 hours)

Harlow Big Book

Address: Baptist Church Hall, Fore St, off Market St, Old Harlow
Postcode: CM17 0AB
Start time: Monday 20.00 – duration 1hr 30mins
Free Phone: 0800 9177 650


Address: Church Room St Paul’s Methodist Church Turpins Rise Stevenage
Postcode: SG2 8QR
Time: Monday 7:30 pm
Freephone: 0800 470 0382
Text HELP To 83222

Hemel Hempstead

Address: Apsley Community Centre London Road Apsley Hemel Hempstead
Potstcode: HP3 9SB
Time: Tuesday 8:00 pm
Freephone: 0800 470 0382
Text HELP To 83222


Address: St. Paul’s Church Room 179 Pixmore Way Letchworth
Postcode: SG6 1QT
Time: Wednesday 8:00 pm
Freephone: 0800 470 0382
Text HELP To 83222

Hampson Park Community Centre

Address: Hampson Park, Stevenage SG1
Time: Monday 19:00
Phone: 0800 612 0225

St Paul’s Church

Address: Pauls Ln, Hoddesdon EN11 8TR
Time: Monday 20:00
Phone: 0800 612 0225

The Friends Meeting House

Address: Cutty’s Ln, Stevenage SG1 1UP
Time: Tuesday 06:00
Phone: 0800 612 0225

What are the drug and alcohol abuse numbers in and around Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire?

In May 2020, 25 kg of cocaine were imported and supplied by an organised criminal gang (OCG) in and around Hertfordshire. In Watford, Borehamwood, Essex, and Luton, the criminals were involved in a drug distribution network.

In another drug bust in September 2020, cocaine and heroin worth £58m had been smuggled in 39 separate shipments from Holland to a business unit located on a farm in Hertfordshire.

At least 50 people (39 men and 11 women) were reported to have succumbed to causes related to drug or alcohol abuse.

Why should you choose an alcohol and drug rehab centre near Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire?

Sawbridgeworth is a beautiful town surrounded by many churches, castles & halls, gardens, historical sites and more. Sawbridgeworth is conveniently located near significant counties, including Essex and Hertford, and has excellent transportation links to the rest of the country.

UKAT centres’ mission is to assist individuals to find relief and treatment options for overcoming their dependencies. In the safe and serene atmosphere offered at Sawbridgeworth, you won’t only be able to get better—you’ll feel better, too.

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