Aftercare is a support programme that we have in place for our residents and their families to remain guided and cared for after rehab. We would like to do our best to keep you from falling into harm’s way, so we welcome you back to remain connected with us and our recovery network.

After rehabilitation, you will have been through an immense affair. After withdrawal, detoxing, and copious amounts of therapy, you will hopefully have rid yourself of the plague that is addiction and dependency. We hope you would have made the most of your time with our rehabilitation team and wish for you to continue rising further, as we are sure your potential lies much higher than you believe. This is where aftercare comes in.



Life after rehab

Rehab is a sheltered environment that is unlikely to reflect the reality of life after you leave treatment. After all the progress you’ve made, we don’t intend to leave you to fend for yourself. We have put together some advice on what life after rehab will be like and some guidance on successful recovery.



Alumni programme

In addition to working through rehab aftercare and the 12-step programme, it’s important to make time for fun with like-minded people that share your values on recovery. Our Alumni community will be in regular contact to ensure you have support.


Family support

Rehab aftercare in the form of weekly group support is also offered to the family or loved ones of those who have been residents in our rehab centres. These groups meet weekly while loved ones are in rehab to create connections with the family or friends.

For all residents at any of our rehab centres, regardless of the duration of your stay, we provide ongoing free aftercare support for a year following completion of your treatment.

Our rehab aftercare programme incorporates a free weekly group therapy session that you can join in to renew your routine, ensure your coping mechanisms are still healthy and, if you are on a 12-step programme, work your way through the remaining steps with guidance and support from others.