Cost of rehab

Addiction treatment at a professional rehab centre has long been acknowledged to be the most effective way to overcome addiction. However, one thing which sometimes holds people back from going to rehab is that they think it is too expensive. But is that true? And what exactly do you get for your money? Here, we examine the cost of rehab so you have all the information to make the right decision for your treatment.

How much does rehab cost?

There is no definitive answer to this question because different rehab centres charge different amounts. The costs will usually depend on a number of factors including the treatments offered, the length of stay, the levels of comfort and facilities and the experience levels of the medical professionals and other staff.

Why is rehab expensive?

The cost of rehab is reflective of the high levels of professional care and treatment you receive as well as the excellent accommodation and facilities you can expect from a top-class recovery centre. Some rehab centres are more basic and charge lower fees while others charge for .

At UKAT, we choose to invest in the best medical and addiction professionals in the UK, rather than 5-star accommodation, as this is the most important factor for encouraging long-term recovery. However, our rehab centres have excellent facilities including gyms, private chefs and en-suite rooms. All of this is intended to make your stay in rehab as comfortable as possible so that you can focus on getting well.

What is included in the cost of rehab with UKAT?

UKAT is dedicated to ensuring that you get the best value for money and so our rehab costs cover all your treatment as well as the best rehab facilities anywhere in the UK. In terms of treatment, we provide a full medical detox programme for those that require it. This is when your physical dependence is so severe that you need detox medication and 24/7 medical support to undergo detox safely. We also provide a comprehensive range of therapies and addiction counselling and ongoing rehab aftercare services once you have left rehab.

In terms of facilities, depending on which UKAT rehab centre you choose, we have private en-suite bedrooms, gyms, private chefs, comfortable relaxation areas, gardens and much more. Your loved ones will also receive family support therapy which is included in the cost of drug rehab or alcohol addiction treatment with UKAT.

Is rehab worth the money?

Rehab is an investment in yourself and your future. One way to look at it is that you are not paying for a four or twelve-week programme, you are paying that money for a lifetime of sobriety, good health and happiness. Some people are put off by the cost of rehab for alcohol or drugs and so they try to detox on their own. Not only can this be dangerous, but it is also usually ineffective as, without professional support, relapse is highly likely. Investing in yourself now with a stay in a professional rehab centre will help you overcome your addiction once and for all so you can get your life back on track.

Cost per type of rehab

Different types of rehab have different costs with some options free of charge. For example, you don’t have to pay for outpatient rehab through the NHS but these programmes are always over-subscribed and under-resourced. There is also private outpatient rehab available which is cheaper than private inpatient treatment, but this tends to be ineffective because you will still have access to drugs and alcohol while you live at home.

Private inpatient treatment is the most expensive option but for a good reason: it is the most effective. Inpatient rehab provides an immersive recovery environment and 24/7 professional support staff to give you everything you need to overcome your addiction but these come at a cost. However, this cost will be repaid many times over as it will help you become a healthier and more productive person for the rest of your life.

Cost of rehab programmes by length

The cost of alcohol rehab or drug addiction treatment will also depend on how long your treatment programme is. Most rehab centres offer a number of different programmes such as a short-stay 4-week programme or a more comprehensive 12-week programme. Generally speaking, the longer you stay in rehab the better because you will have more time to understand the underlying causes of your addiction and develop new coping mechanisms. However, this may not be personally or financially viable for you in which case a shorter stay in rehab is far better than no rehab at all.

Naturally, longer stays are more expensive than shorter stays but while money is of course a big consideration, choosing the length of rehab programme that will offer you the best chance of recovery should always be your priority. UKAT offers a range of different length programmes so get in touch with us today and we can help you find the right one for your budget and recovery needs.

How can I pay for rehab?

Private rehab is paid for by the client but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to pay all of the costs yourself. Some private insurance policies include coverage for some or even all the cost of rehab for alcohol, drug or behavioural addictions. Some UKAT rehab centres for example are partially or fully covered by AXA and Bupa health insurance.

There are also charitable organisations that can help you with your rehab costs if you need financial support. One such organisation is Turning Point which supports over 100,000 people across the UK receiving rehab services.

Is aftercare included in the cost of rehab?

This varies among rehab centres and also among the different programmes they provide. Some rehab centres offer free year-long aftercare to all clients regardless of how long they stay while others offer no aftercare programme at all. At UKAT, all of our clients receive a year’s free aftercare and are strongly encouraged to participate as aftercare is a very important part of alcohol rehab and drug treatment. It helps prevent relapse and provides ongoing support during particularly difficult times after you leave the sanctuary of rehab.

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Frequently asked questions

Is the cost of rehab different in other countries?
Yes, the cost of rehab is different in other countries but there are many things to consider before deciding to go abroad for treatment. In the UK, all rehab centres are assessed by the Care Quality Commission which rates their facilities, staff and various other attributes. There are also a number of UK laws governing rehab centres to ensure that clients are kept safe and that all medical and addiction professionals have the relevant qualifications and training.
Does the cost of rehab change for alcohol, drug or other addictions?
At UKAT, there is no difference in cost between treatments for different addictions. We see all addictions as equal and provide comprehensive support for the same cost no matter what addiction you are suffering from.
Does the NHS cover the cost of rehab?
Yes, outpatient rehab through the NHS is 100% free. However, it can be a long wait to get a place on an NHS rehab programme because the services are massively over-subscribed. Furthermore, years of government funding have left these services understaffed and under-resourced so even if you manage to get a place, it can be difficult to get appointment times that fit your schedule.