Drug and alcohol rehab in Chester

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Chester is emerging to be one of the top cities with a recorded increase in the number of people turning to alcohol and drugs. If you read further, you will be surprised to know how the residents in Chester have fallen prey to alcohol and drugs. One of the things to note is that the UK recorded a significant increase in the number of deaths due to alcohol and drugs in 2020 compared to 2001. There are many rehab centres—private, government, inpatient, outpatient—in the area. Luckily, there are also quite a few UKAT centres in and around Chester (discussed below) you can benefit from.

UKAT’s rehabilitation care centres in and around Chester were started to make the path to recovery easier for individuals undergoing treatment. We also provide aftercare for at least 12 months once you complete the treatment to help you remain on the right track. If you or your loved ones in Chester are struggling with substance addiction, behavioural addiction, or an eating disorder, rehabilitation centres in your area are ready to assist you throughout your journey.

What is offered at rehab in Luton?

The rehabilitation therapy centres in Chester (discussed below) offer world-class therapies for complete detoxification. At UKAT, we provide free aftercare for 12 months to ensure you are fully healed and ready to take on life anew. In Chester, we offer different types of inpatient and outpatient programmes for your convenience:

  • One-on-one counselling
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy, either inpatient or outpatient
  • Treatment with medication
  • Group sessions

You can seek these therapies privately or through the NHS. The services in our centres at Chester are curated by multidisciplinary specialists, including psychiatrists, neurosurgeons, and psychiatric nurses. You may opt for rehabilitation programmes near your residence in Chester to feel more at home rehabilitating. You can also visit any of the eight UKAT rehab centres spread across England to keep a distance from your triggers.

Our team at UKAT, Chester, understands that it can be difficult to decide which rehab centre is best for you or your loved one. We advise you to contact your doctor for guidance on which type of rehab suits your needs. If you are suffering and are seeking immediate help, please reach out to our admission desk today.

The nearest UKAT centres to Chester

Linwood House

Located in Barnsley, our serene Linwood House clinic is set in a metropolitan county, just an hour and a half drive from Chester.

You’ll enjoy views of the rolling green meadows. We offer outstanding amenities like a fully outfitted gym, TV and leisure room, Wi-Fi, holistic treatment room, chef-prepared meals, and a staff of committed specialists available for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Oasis Recovery Runcorn

Our Oasis Recovery Centre at Runcorn is just a 30-minute drive from Chester.

The multidisciplinary specialists and the building’s ambience are committed to make you feel comfortable and keep you inspired throughout your journey.

Oasis Recovery Bradford

Our Oasis Recovery centre in Bradford, close to Chester, is an excellent place to opt for your rehabilitation if you would like a complete change in environment for your recovery.

The centre is almost a two-hour drive away from Chester but a great option to take you far from your triggers.

Free addiction support groups in Chester

There are many free support groups near you in Chester that can help you tune in with your new ways of life. Here are some of the alcohol, narcotics and cocaine addiction support groups you can participate in within Chester:

Chester Lunch

The Mission House, Corner of Church St and Cornwall St, CH1 3JD
Contact Number: 015 1709 2900
Time: Friday 12:00 pm

Chester Big Book Study

Franciscan Friary, 1st Floor Parish Hall, Coppin St, CH1 2BN
Contact number: 020 3916 0097
Time: Saturday 19:30 pm

Chester St Marks

St Mark’s Church, St Mark’s Rd, Saltney, CH4 8DE
Contact number: 015 1709 2900
Time: Wednesday 19:30 pm

Chester Newton

St Michael’s Church, Devon Rd, Newton, CH2 2PX
Contact number: 015 1709 2900
Time: Saturday 19:30 pm

Christchurch Cornwall Street

Christchurch Cornwall Street Newtown Chester, CH1 3JF
Contact number: 03301 596 494
Time: Tuesday 7:30 pm

Christchurch Mission House Church Street

Christchurch Mission House Church Street Chester, CH1 3JD
Contact number: 03301 596 494
Time: Friday 7:00 pm

Salford Boxing and Gymnastics Centre

Salford Boxing and Gymnastics Centre, Camp St Salford, M7 1ZT
Time: Monday 19:30 pm

St. Mary’s Church

St. Mary’s Church Meadow Ln Haughton Green Denton Manchester, M34 7GD
Time: Monday 19:30 pm

School House

School House 335 Hale Rd Hale Barns Altrincham, WA15 8SS
Time: Tuesday 19:30 pm

Drug and alcohol abuse statistics in and around Chester

Alcohol poisoning, cardiovascular illness, alcoholic hepatic disease, and breast cancer are among the reasons for hospitalisation due to alcohol. The numbers have been on the rise in Chester in recent years, with the city recording more people consuming alcohol and drugs. The point estimate of the number of people completely dependent on alcohol for their survival increased to at least two in 2019, as opposed to one in 2018. The year 2020 was an incredibly difficult year. It saw the number of deaths due to alcohol rise to 1210 in the North West of England, including Chester, as per the Office for National Statistics.

Why get drug and alcohol treatment near Chester?

The first and foremost step you can take towards your journey of rehabilitation is getting started. The centres in Chester allow you to stay connected to society and experience some of everyday life’s day-to-day sights and sounds. You are not limited to the usual ‘bubble’, which usually results in a ‘culture shock’ when you finish your treatment and head home.

The environment around you plays an active role in determining the outcome of any treatment you undertake. Chester is carved with artistic beauty and is a peaceful environment that can help you adapt to your new ways of life.

Mindfulness is a meditation technique that is particularly useful in treating addiction and its associated co-occurring disorders. Letting yourself be absorbed by the healing process and the things accompanying you throughout have been shown to help with restoring cognitive thinking processes and addiction-related damage and restore your physical and mental health. UKAT’s therapy centres in Chester ensure the best service to all participants.

It’s tough to talk about addiction, and many people’s self-defence systems kick in as soon as they start treatment. At our centres in Chester, our team can break down these barriers is aided by the fact that most of our members have undergone drug and alcohol treatment. Thus, they can get to the core of recovery of patients in Chester using their first-hand experience, therapeutic skills, and education.

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