Alcohol and drug rehab in Bridgwater, Somerset

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How do rehab centres help recovery in and around Bridgwater?

Bridgwater, a little town, is 37 miles south of Bristol and 10 miles from the River Parrett. Bridgwater was a bustling port until the river began to silt up. The town still has its historic quays, a canal connection to Taunton, and a reputation for industrial enterprise.

There is a need for alcohol and drug rehab centres close to Bridgwater due to the recent spike in drug addiction cases in Somerset. You, your family, and your community can all benefit from having rehab facilities in and around Bridgwater.

The best rehabilitation centres around Bridgwater

By starting your battle against drug addiction, you can help yourself, your family, and your community. In Bridgwater, there are a lot of alcohol and drug rehab centres that can help you on your path to sobriety. However, before choosing a rehabilitation clinic, there are a few things you should look into.

  • Medical care
  • Support services
  • Group therapy
  • The treatment centre must take into account the needs of the family
  • Adequately furnished centre
  • Sound aftercare plan

Private rehabilitation centres by UKAT in and around Bridgwater

In the entire United Kingdom, UKAT provides eight residential rehabilitation centres that are medically qualified, well-equipped, and technologically advanced. Each of the centres run by the UKAT offers excellent rehabilitation programmes. These are held to protect patients from addictive substance triggers.

At these facilities, you will get:

  • Private, shared, or opulent rooms
  • Extensive recreational spaces
  • Experienced staff with a focus on rehabilitation
  • A thorough aftercare plan involving need-based therapy

If you are in Bridgwater, here is a list of UKAT options near you:

Banbury Lodge

The Banbury Lodge facility is 109.2 miles away from Bridgwater. It takes around 2 hours and 25 minutes to drive to this private residential rehab centre from Bridgwater.

You will receive several facilities here, including:

  • Simple enrollment procedure
  • Free follow-up is available for 12 months.
  • Discussion groups for families
  • Comfortable En-suite lodging, a gym
  • Expert doctors and therapists
  • Provider recognised by AXA and Bupa
  • Individualised patient care

Primrose Lodge

Primrose Lodge is a rehab facility near Bridgwater. Primrose Lodge is only 136.3 miles from Bridgwater, and you can reach here in around 2 hours and 32 minutes. The services offered here consist of:

  • Private building with 19 rooms
  • Internal fitness facilities
  • Accessible, holistic care, including ART therapy and counselling on-site Chef to ensure proper nutrition and fitness
  • Various treatments are available, including gym, meditation, and family support programmes.
  • Free recovery support services

Recovery Lighthouse

Recovery Lighthouse is one of the nearest rehab centres in Bridgwater. It takes 3 hours and 34 minutes to visit this site using private transportation. Recovery Lighthouse is 154.2 miles away from Bridgwater. This establishment offers:

  • Free aftercare for one year
  • Family-centred interventions
  • Individualised attention
  • Opulent features
  • Luxurious amenities

Free support groups for rehab support in Bridgwater

Consider these options if you’re looking for free support groups in the Bridgwater region. The meetings below are Cocaine Anonymous, Narcotic Addicts Anonymous, and Alcoholics Anonymous:

Bridgwater Living Sober

Address: St John’s Church, Blake Place
Postcode: TA6 5AU
Distance: 4 miles
Time: 10.30 on Saturday for 1hr 30mins
Telephone number: 0800 9177 650

Bridgwater Big Book & Tradition

Address: St John’s Church, Blake Place
Postcode: TA6 5AU
Distance: 4 miles
Time: 19.30 on Tuesday for 1hr 30mins
Telephone number: 0800 9177 650

Highbridge Topic

Address: Southwell House, Bank St, off Market
St Car Park, Behind St John’s Ambulance HQ
Postcode: TA9 3HR
Distance: 8 miles
Time: 19.30 on Friday for 1hr 30mins
Telephone number: 0800 9177 650

12 Steps to Freedom

Address: Chamberlain Tea Room, North Street Church
33 North Street, Taunton
Postcode: TA1 1LW
Time: 19:30 to 21:00 on Tuesday

Taunton Thursday Recovery

Address: Ground Floor Tea Room, Riverside Church
Hamilton Road, Taunton, Somerset
Postcode: TA1 2EQ
Time: 19:30 to 21:00 on Thursday

Rise and Recover

Address: Chamberlain Tea Room, North Street Church
33 North Street, Taunton, Somerset
Postcode: TA1 1LW
Time: 11:00 to 12:30 on Saturday

Glastonbury Candlelit

Address: United Reformed Church, High St
Postcode: BA6 9DZ
Time: 19:30 on Monday
Telephone number: 0800 612 0225

What are the Drug Statistics in and around Bridgwater?

As the number of drug-related fatalities in England spikes to a 28-year high, Somerset has also seen an increase. According to data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS), 14 individuals died in 2020 due to drug poisoning, and another 12 deaths were linked to drug abuse. Eight more drug-related fatalities were reported overall in 2020 compared to 2019. The increasing mortality rate highlights the need for a private rehab clinic in and around Bridgwater.

Why should you consider an alcohol and drug rehab Centre near Bridgwater?

Bridgwater is a seaport on the Bristol Channel and the Sedgemoor neighbourhood. The town serves as the district’s administrative hub and is located east of the Quantock Hills, primarily on the right bank of the River Parrett.

What else could be the best place to begin detox than a serene, charming, lovely town to start your detox? Bridgwater’s connectedness, outdoor tranquillity, and riverside position make it a potential place to heal, recuperate, and detox. So contact us to start your cleansing and rehabilitation. Get help now!

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