Alcohol and drug rehab near Kingston Upon Hull, East Yorkshire

How are rehab centres in Kingston Upon Hull helping people?

Kingston upon Hull, a port city known for its attractive parks and green spaces, is not resistant to the menace of drug and alcohol addiction, as many people in the city struggle with it. However, several free and private rehab centres in and around Hull provide treatment and guidance to those seeking help in making a fresh start.

At UKAT private rehab facility, we understand how challenging addiction is, and we admire your courage in taking the first step toward recovery. Read on to know more about the nearest UKAT rehab centres and how you can benefit from our holistic treatment programmes.

What are the options for Rehab Centres in Hull, East Yorkshire?

Hull has several free and private rehab facilities that help and guide those in need. We suggest you weigh your options and consult your doctor to make an informed decision.

While free rehab centres provide good service, private rehab centres in Hull, East Yorkshire, provide holistic treatments, personalised care, and immediate admissions. Although they are slightly expensive, they offer top-class facilities.

UKAT rehab centres near Hull, East Yorkshire

UKAT aims to provide excellent treatment and care to those struggling with alcohol addiction, drug addiction, and behavioural addiction. Our holistic treatment programmes motivate people to make better choices to live healthy, happy, and productive lives.

If you are looking for private rehab facilities in Hull, here’s a list of the nearest rehab clinics:

Linwood House

Located in the quiet town of Barnsley, South Yorkshire, the Linwood House rehab facility is 68 miles and an hour’s drive from Hull.

The rehab is close to Leeds, Sheffield, and Manchester and easily accessible from the rest of the UK. At this CQC (Care Quality Commission)-registered rehab centre, we treat alcohol addiction, prescription drug dependency, and behavioural addictions. Our facilities include:

  • Ensuite bedrooms
  • Therapy rooms
  • Gyms
  • Communal dining area
  • One-to-one counselling
  • Stress-reduction techniques
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Free lifetime aftercare

Oasis Bradford

Located in Bradford, South Yorkshire, Oasis Bradford is about 70 miles from Hull. It takes a little over an hour to reach the rehab by private vehicle.

We cater to people with limited mobility and wheelchair users. Our medically managed detox programmes help you heal physically, mentally, and emotionally. Our facilities include:

  • 24X7 nursing staff
  • Ensuite bedrooms
  • Private spas
  • Group therapy
  • Family support programme
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • 1-year-free aftercare

Oasis Runcorn

Located about 123 miles from Hull, the Oasis Runcorn rehab centre sits in the historic port town of Runcorn. It takes approximately two hours to reach the rehab by private vehicle.

Our CQC-registered facility offers low-cost treatment. Our 12-Step-programme and the Oasis Strengths programme help you heal in the body, mind, and spirit. We provide the following services:

  • 22 bedrooms
  • 4,8,12 and 24-week treatment packages
  • Wide range of psychosocial activities
  • Sober living accommodation
  • Family support
  • 1-year-free aftercare

How do UKAT rehab facilities make a difference in Hull, East Yorkshire?

Various rehab facilities offer addiction treatment. However, UKAT private rehab clinics have a wide range of facilities that include:

  • Immediate admission
  • Safe atmosphere
  • Personalised treatment programme
  • A highly-trained team of doctors and therapists
  • Techniques for relapse prevention
  • Understanding and overcoming the root cause of addiction
  • Family support programme
  • Free aftercare on completion of your treatment programme

List of free addiction support groups in Hull, East Yorkshire

To help you begin your recovery journey, we bring you a list of free addiction treatment programmes and support groups from AA, NA and CA in and near Hull, East Yorkshire.

Hull Women

Kingston Chambers, 17 Princes Dock St
Time: 13:15 (Monday – Duration – 1 hr 30 mins)
19:30 (Tuesday – Duration – 1 hr)
13:15 (Thursday – Duration – 1 hr 30 mins)

Hull Afternoon

Salvation Army (Ice House), 80 Adelaide St
Time: 13:00 (Tuesday – Duration – 1 hr 30 mins)
13: 15 (Wednesday – Duration – 1 hr)

Hull Back to Basics

Victoria Dock Village Hall & Community Centre,
South Bridge Rd
Time: 19:00 (Wednesday -Duration – 1 hr)
19:30 (Sunday – Duration – 1 hr 30 mins)

Hull 12X12

Quaker Meeting House, Bean St
Time: 19:30 (Thursday – Duration – 1 hr 30 mins)

Hull Clean Bee’s

Holderness Road Methodist Church,
327 – 329 Holderness Road
East Riding of Yorkshire
Time: 13:30 – 15:00 (Sunday)

Living the Programme

Salvation Army, 86-92 Beverly Road,
Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire
Time: 19:30 – 21:00 (Monday)

Never Alone

The Priestman Room, Friends Meeting House,
2-10 Bean Street, Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire
Time: 19:00 – 20:30 (Wednesday)

Cocaine Anonymous

Kingston Chambers, Princes Dock St
Time: 18:00 (Tuesday)

Cocaine Anonymous Renew-Recovery Hub

Trafalgar House, 41-45 Beverly Rd,
Time: 10:30 (Saturday)

Cocaine Anonymous

Helpline: 0800 612 0225

What are the addiction statistics for Hull, East Yorkshire?

The number of deaths due to drugs and alcohol consumption rose during the pandemic, from 42 in 2019 to 58 deaths in Hull and East Yorkshire in 2020.

Drug-related deaths, too, have risen in East Yorkshire in the last year. The Office for National Statistics reported 30 deaths from drug poisoning in East Yorkshire in 2021.

Drugs and alcohol misuse has cost many people their lives. The crisis will continue to grow unless awareness about the ill effects of addiction gets due importance.

What makes rehab centres in Hull, East Yorkshire, the best option?

Kingston upon Hull is a popular cultural destination with museums and art galleries adding to its charm. Its beautiful parks and pleasant climate make Hull an ideal place for restoring your health and beginning life afresh.

The UKAT private rehab facility provides you with a calming atmosphere and personalised treatment programmes to help transform your life for the better. If you or your loved ones need help in overcoming addiction, contact us at the earliest, and Get Help Now!

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