Alcohol and drug rehab in Guisborough, North Yorkshire

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The best rehabs in Guisborough, North Yorkshire

The town of Guisborough has a lot of history since medieval times. However, recent years have seen a steady increase in drug and alcohol addiction cases in Guisborough, North Yorkshire.

Quite a few clinics and help centres around Guisborough offer different de-addiction treatment options to the town residents. Often, there is some reluctance by the youth to sign-up for rehabilitation. To best help with drug and alcohol addiction, the better solutions are rehab centres with up-to-date facilities and opting to reside on campus. Discover rehab facilities in and around Guisborough for drug and alcohol addiction.

The rehabilitation options available to people in Guisborough, North Yorkshire

When choosing a rehab programme, an in-patient programme is always better than an outpatient one. This is because in-patient programmes offer more connections with other patients and the rehab staff. Such programmes also offer premium aftercare packages and support. If you or your loved one wants to recover from addiction issues, you can opt for rehab centres established and run by UKAT. While selecting a rehab centre, be sure to look for the following facilities:

  • Access to nursing and health care
  • Proximity to your place of residence
  • Availability of specialists
  • Aftercare support
  • Dietary support
  • Scope of family involvement
  • Other holistic activities like yoga or meditation
  • Spacious and clean environment
  • Extra facilities like a gym or spa
  • Proximity to parks and open green spaces

UKAT rehabilitation and de-addiction centres in and around Guisborough, North Yorkshire

UKAT rehabilitation programmes are developed from first-hand experiences. These alcohol and drug rehab centres are open round-the-clock to provide treatment and guidance to recovering addicts. UKAT centres offer support to people from all walks of life. The staff at UKAT centres are fully dedicated to helping their clients integrate back into normal society.

Oasis Bradford

Oasis Bradford is a residential rehab centre in Yorkshire. This centre is located at about 80 miles from Guisborough (about one and a half hours drive). This alcohol and drug rehab centre is easily accessible to the residents of Guisborough.

You will have round-the-clock access to nursing staff during your treatment at this centre. They also offer a private spa bath. Detoxification is an essential part of the treatment process at Oasis Bradford.

Linwood House

Approximately 87 miles from Guisborough, this residential rehab centre in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, takes an hour and a half to reach. The ambience at Linwood House will refresh you and provide you with enough emotional support.

Linwood House holds numerous holistic workshops daily as part of its rehab programmes. Gym facilities are an added attraction to regain your fitness. Their spacious gardens are ideal for long walks that reduce stress and provide the necessary exercise.

Oasis Runcorn

This private rehab centre is located at a distance of 140 miles from Guisborough. This rehab centre in Runcorn offers views of the sea. The residents of Guisborough will have to drive for almost two hours and 30 minutes to reach this centre, but the facilities make it worth the long drive.

Oasis Runcorn provides you with easy access to the town as well as the coastline. You can choose between two treatment methods at the centre. It also offers secondary treatment to accelerate integration into the community. It encourages its clients to connect with the outside world while discovering their voices.

Free addiction support groups in/around Guisborough, North Yorkshire

Guisborough has access to several Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), and Cocaine Anonymous (CA) meetings. Here are some details to help you get started on your path to recovery. Guisborough locals can also access the 24-hour addiction helpline: 0808 163 9632.

AA Meeting Middlesbrough

Address: Hope North East, 112-114 Marton Rd., TS1 2DY
Timings: Wednesday. 19:00 to 20:00
Telephone: 01915214400 (24 hours)

Helmsley Living Sober

Address: Hall at side of Methodist Church, Ashdale Rd
Timings: Tuesday, 19:30 – 21:00
Postcode: YO62 5DD

Kirbymoorside By the Book

Address: Friends Meeting House, 79 West End
Timings: Saturday, 07:30 to 08:30
Postcode: YO62 6AD

Pickering Castle

Address: Friends Meeting House, 19 Castlegate
Timings: Monday, 19:30 to 21:00
Postcode: YO18 7AX

NA Meeting Middlesbrough

Address: South Bank Baptist Church Redcar Road, TS6 6RY
Tel: 02038115619


Address: The Rainbow Centre Parish House Castle Road Scarborough
Timings: Monday, 17:45
Postcode: YO11 1TH


Address: Rear Ground Floor Bowes Morrell House 111 Walmgate York
Timings: Monday, 19:00
Postcode: YO1 9UA


Address: St. Peter’s Church Cambridge Road Harrogate
Timings: Friday, 19:00
Postcode: HG1 1PB


Address: P.O. Box 1337. Enfield, EN1 9AS
Tel: 08006120225

CA Meeting North Yorkshire

Address: Westborough Methodist Church, Westborough
Timings: Sunday, 10:45
Postcode: YO11 1TS

CA Meeting York

Address: Changing Lives, 111 Walmgate
Timings: Sunday, 19:30
Postcode: YO1 9UA

CA Meeting Middlesbrough

Address: 114 Marton Rd
Timings: Monday, 20:00
Postcode: TS1 2DY

Drug and Alcohol-related deaths in Guisborough, North Yorkshire

According to official government numbers, there has been a 3.8 per cent rise in fatalities related to drugs across England and Wales in 2020 compared to 2019. According to records, there were 407 deaths due to alcohol and substance abuse in Yorkshire alone. Although the majority of fatalities were of men, the figures for women are slowly increasing, according to a Yorkshire Post report. Another report stated that drugs have also been why people resort to crimes, especially children under 18 years of age. Five per cent of the total crimes committed by those under 18 are drug-related issues. Twenty-seven convictions in 2020-21 were found to be due to drug-related crimes.

Why are centres in/around Guisborough, North Yorkshire, a good choice?

Guisborough is very famous for its natural beauty. The Guisborough Forest offers scenic spots and beautiful hiking routes. You can enjoy fishing at the Scaling Dam Reservoir. The Guisborough Priory has a slice of history coupled with scenic beauty.
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