Cannabis rehab

If you think you may be addicted to cannabis, it is essential to understand that the reasons behind your dependency may be the real problem. Fortunately, cannabis rehabilitation centres create a safe and ideal setting for you to clear your body of cannabis and work through the fundamental causes of your reliance on cannabis. This is done under the guidance of trained professionals who are devoted to helping you manage healthier coping mechanisms through cannabis rehabilitation treatment.

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  • How does UKAT provide treatment for cannabis?
  • Why should I choose UKAT for cannabis rehab?
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What is a cannabis rehab centre?

A cannabis rehab centre is a place where people can overcome their dependency on cannabis. Before admission, our team will assess you to decide what type of rehab treatment you need. Once there, you will get the opportunity to seek physical and mental healing in a calm and secure environment. For the first week, you will undergo a physical detox from cannabis, and professional healthcare workers will be able to offer you physical and mental support through this. In tandem with this, rehab for cannabis will provide numerous forms of talking and creative therapies to ensure you get the tools you need to recover permanently.

What is a cannabis rehab centre?

  • I use cannabis every day, whether it be consumed via smoking or eating
  • I constantly think about cannabis and obtaining my next high
  • I have tried to quit cannabis before, but I find it hard to stop
  • Since I have abused cannabis, I have neglected my hygiene and physical appearance
  • I tried to hide my cannabis use from my family or friends
  • I am no longer interested in the people or hobbies I once was before I used cannabis
  • My work and school life have been negatively impacted since I started using cannabis
  • I feel as though I am not “myself” if I am not using cannabis
  • I use cannabis to help me cope with unhelpful emotions

How does UKAT provide treatment for cannabis?

UKAT has eight CQC-approved clinics conveniently situated around the UK. As a result, we are able to provide a holistic course of treatment to help people overcome their need for marijuana. Our specialist clinics allow you to escape your current environment, thus helping you avoid any temptations or triggers. In addition, we give you the time and space to process your thoughts and feelings whilst you physically and mentally cleanse your system from marijuana.

Why should I choose UKAT for cannabis rehab?

If you are considering recovering with UKAT, we can assure you that you will be in a stable and caring environment primarily focused on helping you recover from cannabis abuse. Some of the benefits of seeking rehabilitation treatment with us are:

  • Complete confidentiality: patients can relax knowing that their situation will remain a private matter.
  • You will have access to medical support- this is highly beneficial for patients struggling with withdrawal symptoms from the detox.
  • You will be in a peaceful environment far from the stresses of the outside world.
  • A vast range of therapy treatments so that each patient can develop a cannabis addiction treatment programme most applicable to their needs.
  • You will be given wholesome and nutritious meals daily, cooked and prepared by professional chefs.
  • You will be given a comfortable bed where you seek appropriate rest.
  • You will be in a new environment with access to exercise facilities to help you gain strength and clarity throughout the process.
  • You will receive free aftercare (for up to a year) to help you recover once you leave rehab.

During and after your detox, you will receive numerous therapies and treatments that will help you understand why you began abusing cannabis and how you can address the underlying reasons that may be driving you towards addiction. Below is a list of some of the most successful therapies and treatments we offer:

Cannabis rehab can address the root cause

One-to-one therapy with a professional psychologist may help you understand the root cause of your cannabis abuse. It may transpire that you have become addicted to marijuana to cope with trauma. This trauma can be anything such as a painful breakup, feelings of depression or grief. Together with a therapist, you can understand yourself on a deeper level and find healthier coping mechanisms to handle unpleasant feelings.

We take cannabis recovery one step at a time

We know addiction can be heart-shattering, and it may feel difficult to break out of the downward spiral you may have found yourself in. However, the 12-step therapy can work as a rope which you can hold to pull yourself out from the depths of cannabis cravings; each step will focus on different aspects of overcoming substance dependence, and you can take your time to process them all without being overwhelmed.

You are not going through it alone

Group therapy allows you to meet others who have suffered from mental health issues and reliance on cannabis, so they understand how traumatic it can be. Knowing you aren’t going through it alone can offer you hope, and listening to others’ opinions may give you a fresh perspective.

It’s best to have an open mind

It’s key to note that each person has their own individual reasons that have caused them to depend on cannabis. Therefore, each person will have a specific approach to recovery. Our therapists will work with each patient to develop the best therapy programme for you. However, UKAT’s advice is to try everything with an open mind, allow yourself to relinquish any expectations or prior judgments, and try every treatment option presented to you. You may not enjoy them all, but there will be at least one that resonates with you, and this could be the very thing that propels you towards lifelong recovery.

If you are ready for cannabis rehab, reach out to us today

UKAT has been recognised for its exceptional level of care and our devotion to helping people overcome an unhealthy relationship with cannabis. We know addiction transpires from underlying problems, and we hope to help you identify them so you can fully heal. We also understand that returning home can often be the most challenging part, so cannabis rehab aims to equip you with the necessary coping mechanisms to prevent relapse. At our cannabis rehab centres, you will work through your newfound abstinence in a safe space and receive an array of treatments from our professional therapists. All these factors combined will help you break free of cannabis dependency and begin a new way of life.

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Frequently asked questions

When should I consider cannabis rehab?
You should seriously consider attending cannabis rehab when you feel like your cannabis use is getting out of hand and negatively impacting your life, such as destroying your work/school prospects and relationships with those you care about. Furthermore, if you feel powerless to quitting cannabis, it is a strong indication you need rehabilitation.
What happens when I leave my cannabis rehab clinic?
You will receive free aftercare for up to one-year post-rehabilitation. Furthermore, you will be put in contact with Marijuana Anonymous. This provides a non-judgemental atmosphere in which recovery cannabis rehab clients can discuss their recovery, share their experiences and ask for advice on how best to prevent relapse.
How long does cannabis rehab treatment last?
The type of cannabis addiction treatment and the length of each will be dependent on the individual. Our admissions team will go over this with you. In general, however, we advise clients to spend twenty-eight days in cannabis rehab to ensure they get the most comprehensive care possible.