Drug and alcohol rehab near Tonbridge, Kent

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How will the rehabilitation centres help the people in and around Tonbridge, Kent?

Tonbridge is a bustling market town with centuries-old history embedded within many structures. Along with the changing times, the town is also affected by drug and alcohol addiction problems. Policing keeps the problem in check to some extent, and treatments offer some relief. But for long-term de-addiction, the need is for rehabilitation facilities. Rehabilitation centres treat all addictions, including alcoholism, drug and eating disorders. Many organisations and private alcohol and drug rehab centres have been started in and around Tonbridge. Rehabilitation centres which provide the best care and rehabilitation for long-term recovery are needed today to access all sections of the community in and around Tonbridge.

How will the rehabilitation centres help the people in and around Tonbridge, Kent?

Rehabilitation centres for alcohol and drug abuse can help people recover from most kinds of physical, emotional and psychological issues caused by substance abuse. If you want to quit your addiction and are looking for a rehab centre for yourself or a loved one, it’s important to keep in mind the following considerations. They will help you find a rehab centre that suits your specific needs.

An ideal rehabilitation centre should have:

  • 24/7 medical aid
  • Distance from triggers
  • Holistic therapy options other than conventional treatment
  • A good aftercare plan
  • Expert medical staff
  • Consideration of family needs

Premium rehabilitation centres near Tonbridge

UKAT is a leading alcohol and drug rehabilitation provider in the United Kingdom, which now provides luxury rehabilitation centres all over the country. It has eight rehab facilities in different parts of the United Kingdom. UKAT aims to provide the best treatment for patients who want to improve and live healthier lives. Family members concerned and worried about a loved one can also contact UKAT to enrol them. UKAT offers rehabilitation programmes which are designed to suit individual patients. UKAT centres have inpatient facilities where admissions are swift, and the utmost care is given to help people recover from addiction.

If you’re looking for a substance abuse rehab centre near Tonbridge, here are some UKAT centres close to you:

Recovery Lighthouse

This centre is located 50 miles away from Tonbridge. It takes approximately an hour to drive to Primrose Recovery Lighthouse centre, which is situated in the coastal town of Worthing.

This centre provides a serene and relaxing environment by the sea and gives the residents the opportunity to revitalise with sea air. It has the following facilities/amenities:

  • Well-experienced staff
  • Seaside facility
  • Open 365 days
  • En-suite luxurious residences
  • Free lifetime aftercare

Sanctuary Lodge

Sanctuary Lodge is 75 miles away from Tonbridge (a one-hour 35-minute drive). Sanctuary Lodge is based in a picturesque English countryside location and offers a calming environment for its residents.

It has the following amenities:

  • 19 en-suite bedrooms
  • Wi-Fi, gym, TV and recreational activities
  • Group therapy
  • BUPA-recognised for all modern amenities

Liberty House

This rehab is located 84 miles from Tonbridge and is just a one-hour 34-minute drive away. Liberty House centre is situated just outside London and offers a peaceful, homely environment for the residents.

Liberty House offers:

  • Luxury service with utmost care
  • Expert medical help
  • 34 acres of private property
  • Spacious outdoors
  • Family therapy options

Free support groups and meetings in and around Tonbridge, Kent

If you need help finding free Alcoholics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, or Narcotics Anonymous meetings, the following list could be of help:

Tonbridge Sunday Sunrise Sunday

Auge UK Hut, 5 Bradford St
Time: 08.15 – Duration: 1 hour
Postcode: TN9 1DU

Tonbridge Morning Big Book Physical & Online Sunday

Age UK Hut, 5 Bradford St
Time: 09.30 – Duration: 1 hour
Postcode: TN9 1DU

Tonbridge Step Wednesday

Christ Church United Reformed Church, High St
Time: 19.00 – Duration: 1 hour
Postcode: TN9 1SG

Tonbridge As Bill Sees It Friday

Christ Church United Reformed Church
High St (Entrance at rear opp Sainsburys)
Time: 13.30 – Duration: 1 hour
Postcode: TN9 1SG

There Is Another Way

Sunday, 18:30 ~ 19:45
Postcode ME7 1XA
Kent Area
Web address:

Monday Maidstone Group

Monday, 19:30 ~ 21:00
Postcode ME14 5DX
Kent Area
Web address:

Saturday Maidstone Group

Saturday, 11:00 ~ 12:30
Postcode ME14 5DX
Kent Area
Web address:

New Beginnings In Northfleet

Northfleet Veterans Club
The Hill, Northfleet
Gravesend DA11 9EU
UK, Kent
Web address:

The Way Out

Cheriton Baptist Church
2 Quested Rd, Cheriton
Folkestone CT19 4BY
UK, Kent
Web address:

The Tradition 5 Meeting

Maidstone Unitarian Church, Market Buildings & Earl Street
Maidstone ME14 1PP
UK, Kent
Web address:

Margate CA – There is a Solution

St John’s Church Community Centre, Victoria Rd
Margate CT9 1LN
UK, Kent
Web address:

What are the drug and alcohol statistics near Tonbridge?

Drug addiction as a cause makes up 2-3% of all reported crimes in Tonbridge. This report for 2020 shows that there have been 121 reported cases of drug abuse, including prescription drugs, street drugs and narcotics. Tonbridge is safer compared to Kent, but the local community needs help to control alcohol and drug abuse, especially among the younger age group.

Why should you consider a rehab centre near Tunbridge, Kent, UK?

Tandridge is a well-developed market town situated in Kent County. Its history dates back centuries, and many places in the town have an old-world charm. Tonbridge is surrounded by the Medway river, Tunbridge Wells, Maidstone and London. If you think an active, busy market town like Tonbridge can help you on your recovery journey, Get Help Now!

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