Alcohol and drug rehab in Filton, Gloucestershire

The need for rehab in Filton, Gloucestershire

Are you or a member of your family struggling with alcohol or drug addiction? Fortunately, numerous trustworthy drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities in and near Filton, Gloucestershire, offer support to those battling addiction and set them on the road to recovery.
At UK Addiction Treatment Centres (UKAT), a well-known private addiction treatment centre, we offer a personalised treatment plan, calm recovery settings and assistance to help you make the necessary changes to regain your life balance.

Addiction Rehab Options in Filton, Gloucestershire?

Within and around the city of Filton, Gloucestershire, you may discover several private and public alcohol and drug rehab facilities. Choosing the ideal treatment for your specific needs might be challenging, given the variety of options accessible. There are a few essential things to look for that can guide your search for the best drug addiction treatment facilities.
People who qualify and can’t afford the expense of detox treatment can receive assistance from the free public, non-profit rehab facilities throughout the city. There are a few drawbacks connected with this choice, though. Public institutions frequently lack the particular resources, services, and amenities provided by private rehabs. Furthermore, qualifying for free services and gaining entrance may be difficult. It can take a while for you to be accepted into a free drug rehab facility.
In comparison, private rehab offers more individualised addiction treatment and attention. There are numerous private addiction treatment centres in and around Filton, Gloucestershire. Although you must pay for their service, the best part is that there will be less wait before receiving care and more flexible options tailored to your particular needs.

UKAT Rehab Facilities near Filton, Gloucestershire

You may find many top-notch private rehab facilities in Filton, Gloucestershire, to aid in your battle against addiction. The list of well-known rehab centres in the Filton area is provided below.

Banbury Lodge

Located in the ambient setting of Oxfordshire, Banbury Lodge is one of the closest available UKAT recovery centres. It is only 74 miles away, or around a 2-hour journey from Filton. This rehabilitation facility is perfect for long-term stays and private treatment because it offers leisure, relaxation, and recuperation activities. This rehab also has the following features:

  • 12 months of free aftercare treatment
  • Private health insurance policies
  • Special care for young adults
  • Supportive recovery environment
  • Spacious areas for recreational group activities

Primrose Lodge

Primrose Lodge is the ideal option for people looking for a cosy setting and top-notch care at an affordable price. It is situated in the peaceful village setting of Worplesdon, around 98 miles or roughly 2 hours of driving time from Filton. The following are the features offered by this rehabilitation centre:

  • Premium treatment care
  • Comprehensive screening process
  • Professional therapy and support sessions
  • 12 months of free aftercare treatment

Liberty House

Liberty House is located about 133 miles or roughly 3 hours from Filton in the serene and relaxed city of Luton. It provides round-the-clock assistance and a variety of activities designed to help individuals get back on track. The following services are provided by this CQC-registered Liberty House Clinic:

  • Holistic programme for the mind, body and spiritual wellbeing
  • One year of free aftercare treatment
  • Extended care and support by trained staff
  • How Do UKAT Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centres Make a Difference in Filton, Gloucestershire?

    There are several rehab facilities in and around Filton, Gloucestershire. Most offer holistic care and affordable services through government-funded institutions, National Health Service (NHS) and private charities. However, many facilities might not have the right amenities to help you recover from your addiction. Therefore, one must be cautious in deciding and choosing the rehab from where they would receive treatment.
    UKAT private rehabs in Filton offer several benefits over many other rehab centres. The following are just a few of the world-class amenities offered by UKAT:

    • Recreational activities
    • Spacious living area
    • 24/7 on-site professional help
    • Support from expert psychiatrists and addiction psychotherapists
    • Optimal recovery setting and environment
    • Immediate admission
    • Aftercare treatment
    • Medical detox services
    • Personalised treatment plan
    • Group sessions

    Free Addiction Support Groups in Filton, Gloucestershire

    Here’s a list of some AA, NA and CA sessions in and around Filton, Gloucestershire:

    Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in Filton

    Bristol Southmead Sobriety

    Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Wigton Cres
    Postcode: BS10 6DY
    Helpline: 01179265520 (24 hours)

    Bristol Gloucester Road Discussion

    Friends Meeting House, 300 Gloucester Rd, Horfield
    Postcode: BS7 8PD
    Helpline: 01179265520 (24 hours)


    Horfield Baptist Church, Brynland Ave
    Postcode: BS7 9DU

    National Helpline

    0800 9177 650

    Narcotics Anonymous (NA) in Filton

    Super Sunday

    Friend’s Meeting House
    Grey Friars
    GL1 1UA

    For The Newcomer

    The Octagon
    Farmhill Lane
    GL5 4BX

    Cheltenham Highbury Monday Night

    Highbury Congregational Church
    3 Priory Walk
    GL52 6DR

    Cocaine Anonymous (CA) in Filton

    Cocaine Anonymous

    27 Acre St
    Stroud GL5 1DR

    Hope Faith and Courage, Newcomers Share Meeting

    56 Westgate St
    Gloucester GL1 2NF


    Warwick Pl
    Cheltenham GL52 2NP

    What Do the Statistics Say about Drug Dependency and Alcohol Abuse in Filton, Gloucestershire?

    Alcohol or drug abuse is still a major issue in Gloucestershire. The county recorded 140 drug overdose fatalities between 2018 and 2020. The statistics included drug dependence cases, drug-related suicides, cases involving prescription, over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, and controlled as well as uncontrolled pharmaceutical substances.
    The Office for National Statistics (ONS) released statistics showing 8 alcohol-related fatalities in Gloucestershire in 2020. Sadly, due to financial strain and the lockdown, the numbers might have increased during the epidemic, forcing more susceptible individuals into substance misuse and drug dependency.
    Therefore, it becomes essential for people grappling with drug and alcohol abuse to be aware of the impact their addiction has on their health and society as a whole.
    If you’re having trouble quitting your substance abuse, get expert assistance or enrol in a rehab facility to receive the proper support and care to transition back to a healthy lifestyle.

    Why Choose Rehab Centres in Filton, Gloucestershire?

    The tranquil and revitalising neighbourhood of Filton is located on the northern outskirts of Bristol, Gloucestershire. This peaceful small town, well-known for its aerospace companies and landmark structures, provides an excellent environment for discovering oneself and recovering from addiction.
    We at UKAT are aware of the emotional and psychological issues that people with addiction deal with. Addressing and resolving these feelings is the main objective of the programmes offered by our UKAT treatment facility.
    If you or a loved one is struggling to recover from drug or alcohol addiction, seek holistic treatment and support. You might also research local UKAT rehabilitation facilities. If you require assistance, give us a call straight away. Get help now!

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