Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Milton Keynes

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Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire has seen an increase in the number of people consuming alcohol and drugs over the past few years. The number of deaths in the year 2020 in Milton Keynes owing to alcohol, drugs and narcotics was reported to be 22. Studies have also shown that at least half of the adult population of Milton Keynes consumes alcohol or some kind of drug on a daily basis. There are several rehabilitation care centres in and around Milton Keynes area, offering treatment, therapy, and support to everyone who needs them. Some of the UKAT rehab centres near Milton Keynes are discussed in this article.

What is offered at the rehab centres in Milton Keynes?

The rehabilitation centres in Milton Keynes offer world-class therapies for complete detoxification. What is special about these rehabilitation and detoxification programmes is that they are hassle-free and focused on your comfort. UKAT rehabilitation care centres provide free 12-month aftercare to ensure that you are fully healed and ready to take life on anew. The different types of programmes available at our centres are listed below:

  • One-on-one counselling
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy, either inpatient or outpatient
  • Treatment with medication
  • Group sessions

These therapies can be sought either privately or through insurance. Our services are curated by multidisciplinary specialists, including psychiatrists, neurosurgeons and psychiatric nurses. All it takes to avail these services is to know where they are located and what services they provide.

The nearest UKAT centres to Milton Keynes

Below are some of UKAT’s rehabilitation centres located near Milton Keynes:

Primrose Lodge

The Primrose Lodge Rehab centre is located in Surrey and hosted by UKAT. It is just an hour’s drive from Milton Keynes. This centre is well known for its charming ambience. The space is well furnished and offers an aura of positivity and newness. It helps people get comfortable with the changes they are seeking.

Banbury Lodge

The Banbury Lodge in Oxfordshire is similar to the Primrose Lodge and has compassionate specialists to take care of you. It is around an hour’s drive from Milton Keynes.

Liberty House

The Liberty House Clinic in Luton is just a forty-five-minute drive from Milton Keynes. This rehabilitation centre provides excellent rehabilitation and personalised detoxification services, considering the different goals of different individuals.

Free Addiction Support Groups in Milton Keynes

Apart from these rehabilitation centres, support groups and meetings take place regularly. Attending these can genuinely help you achieve your goals and turn a new leaf. Some of the meetings and sessions that are hosted in Milton Keynes are given below:

Milton Keynes Big Book Step

Unity Park Station, 401 Elder Gate, MK9 1LR
Contact Number: 01865242373
Time: Wednesday 20:00 pm

Milton Keynes Big Book

The Old Bus Station, 401 Elder Gate, MK9 1LR
Contact Number: 01865242373
Time: Friday 20:00 pm

Milton Keynes Heelands

Heelands Meeting Place, Glovers Lane, Heelands, MK13 7LW
Contact Number: 01865242373
Time: Tuesday 20:00 pm

Milton Keynes Big Book Study – There is a Solution

40 Lloyds, Coffee Hall, MK6 5EB
Contact Number: 01865242373
Time: Tuesday 18:30 pm

Is drug and alcohol abuse a problem in Milton Keynes?

Milton Keynes has been recording an increase in the number of people falling prey to alcohol and drugs. In 2020, 15 people were found to have died due to the overuse of drugs or alcohol, based on a survey conducted in England and Wales. Also, the number of adults in Milton Keynes who are dependent on alcohol or drugs for survival was between one and two in 2018, at least 20% more than the numbers observed in 2017.

Getting carried away with drugs, alcohol, and narcotics is a serious issue in Milton Keynes, especially in recent years. As stated above, the numbers are rising regarding adverse outcomes because of drugs and alcohol. The quality of life of an individual and their loved ones, especially romantic partners and kids, should also be considered. When you are dependent on drugs or alcohol, it becomes difficult to concentrate on yourself, your family, and what once mattered to you. In addition, it can create many insecure feelings about life and things around you, leading to undesirable physical outcomes. Also, this will significantly impact the ones that depend on you for your happiness.

Rehabilitation centres are established to help you get out of these feelings and start a new life. However, everything is reversible, and so are these habits. So, find a rehab centre near you and get the right program that matches your goals.

Why get drug and alcohol treatment near Milton Keynes?

Rehabilitation does not necessarily mean therapy offered within the four walls of rehabilitation centres or doctor’s rooms. Holistic rehabilitation cannot be restricted to the specific hours the treatment offers. The centre itself, the ambience around, the infrastructure of the centre and the drive to the centre all have equal contributions to the outcome of your rehabilitation programme. Milton Keynes is one of the oldest towns in the UK. It naturally makes the city home to a lot of greenery, parks and horticulture. The town is crowned as the greenest city/town in the UK with at least one park in a residential area of ten people.

The Willen Lake in Milton Keynes is a popular park that attracts visitors and local inhabitants due to its calm and lush greenery. On average, at least one million people visit this place annually to stroll around the park and go for water rides and boating. Apart from this historical park, there are various other gardens and lakes. It makes Milton Keynes ideal for taking a drive for rehabilitation and support group meetings. You can follow your scheduled programme and spend an hour or two in the park.

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