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The benefits of rehab centres and how they will benefit residents living in Ilminster

Rehabilitation centres in Ilminster, situated in the district of South Somerset, have been proven to be a boon not only to residents suffering from various addictions but also to their family members. Handling various withdrawal symptoms from both alcohol and drug addictions can be a task. However, Ilminster, South Somerset, has several free and private rehab clinics to help you on your de-addiction treatment journey. Your answer to private residential rehabs in or near Ilminster is answered with UKAT’s rehabilitation facilities. Private rehabilitation clinics provide benefits such as 24-hour treatment and on-call doctors, as well as excellent aftercare packages. If you are eager to know more, do read on to identify the rehabilitation centres within your county.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities in and around Ilminster

When choosing a centre for rehabilitation, you need to consider several factors, like distance from your home, facilities available, quality of staff, support, and aftercare services. Though outpatient services are also offered at rehabilitation facilities in Ilminster, there are several advantages in choosing an in-patient rehabilitation service.

Some of these advantages are the provision of 24-hour medical assistance, a round-the-clock available specialist to meet your every need, and quality bonding time with other members present.

All these advantages and benefits are offered at UKAT private residential rehab centres in Ilminster. At UKAT, we also include a one-year aftercare programme, along with complimentary 30 days of treatment if any relapses occur after 30 days of completing a 90-day inpatient treatment programme. When deciding on private rehab clinics in Ilminster, UKAT health facilities are a class apart for your healthcare needs.

UKAT drug and alcohol addiction facilities in and around Ilminster

As rehabilitation helps to overcome the withdrawal symptoms, private residential rehab in Ilminster like those provided by UKAT can help. The following UKAT centres are closest to Ilminster:

Primrose Lodge

At a distance of about 120 miles from Ilminster, it takes a little over 2 hours to reach Primrose Lodge. The centre boasts a fully-furnished, spacious area that offers treatment for diverse addictions.

Being a private property, Primrose Lodge provides privacy, security, and a beautiful environment to help you in your rehabilitation journey. In spite of the wonderful facilities, services, and accommodation, Primrose Lodge makes de-addiction treatment an affordable one.

Banbury Lodge

Situated in the scenic Oxfordshire countryside, Banbury Lodge is a homely yet professionally run rehabilitation clinic catering to individuals with varied drug addictions. It lies at a distance of about 128 miles and takes approximately two and a half hours to reach.

Banbury Lodge offers several treatment rooms to make sure that your stay is safe, secure, and comfortable.

Liberty House

Liberty House is about 190 miles, approximately a 3-hour drive, from Ilminster. Situated in Luton, Bedfordshire, Liberty House boasts 20 beds, spacious grounds, experienced staff, and a comprehensive drug rehab and alcohol rehabilitation programme to fulfil your requirements.

The picturesque location helps in achieving a calm and comfortable rehabilitation process. The detox treatment is medically supervised and structured to ensure that your recovery from your addictions is a smooth one.

Free drug rehab and alcohol rehabilitation support groups in and around Ilminster

Listed below are some support groups provided in and around the Ilminster area by AA, NA and CA:


Address: School Rm, Chard Methodist Church, Fore St
Time: 19.00 – duration 1hr
Postcode: TA20 1PT

Taunton Newcomers Hybrid Wednesday

Address: Albemarle Centre, Albemarle Rd
Time: 19.30 – duration 1hr 30 mins
Postcode: TA1 1BA

Taunton Friday

Address: The Albermale Centre, Albermale, Albermale Rd, TA1 1BA

Taunton Thursday Recovery

Address: TA1 2EQ, West Country Area
Time: Thursday-19:30-21:00

Rise and Recover

Address: Chamberlain Tea Room, North Street Church, Taunton,Somerset, TA1 1LW
Time: Saturday- 11.00-12.30

12 Steps to Freedom

Address: West Country Area, Taunton, TA1 ILW
Time: Tuesday- 17.30-21.00

Glastonbury Candlelit Newcomers

Address: United Reformed Church, High St, Glastonbury, BA6 9DZ, Somerset, West Country
Time: Monday-19:30-21:00

Cocaine Anonymous

Address: St James’s church, Preston Rd, Yeovil, BA20 2EZ, Somerset
Time: Friday- 19:30

What are the statistics of drug and alcohol-related deaths in and around Ilminster?

According to the Chard and Ilminster News, there has been a sharp increase in young individuals needing rehabilitation for substance abuse within Ilminster. In 2018-19, according to Public Health England (PHE), 68% of the total hospital admissions for substance abuse in Somerset County were in the age group of 15-24-year-olds.

More recently, in the year of the pandemic, PHE reported that out of 6985 alcohol-related deaths in the country, 71 were from Somerset. According to charities like Drinkaware and Alcohol Change UK, the pandemic has changed the drinking patterns of several individuals. Both alcohol addiction and drug addiction come with their share of withdrawal symptoms and healthcare concerns that need specialised care and support.

What makes Ilminster stand out when choosing a drug and rehabilitation facility?

Ilminster is situated 10 miles southeast of Taunton, in the district of South Somerset. The nearest railway stations are Taunton and Crewkerne. Though it is a small town, the warmth and closeness of the people contribute to the community spirit. It has a number of shops, museums, and beaches to satisfy your recreational needs while seeking rehabilitation. This makes Ilminster, South Somerset, the perfect gateway when seeking therapy, detoxification, and other health treatment needs.

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