Alcohol and drug addiction rehab facilities near Bearsden, Glasgow

The need for rehab in Bearsden

Are you or someone you love grappling with alcohol or substance abuse near Bearsden, Glasgow? Worry not, as you can easily overcome it by seeking professional help. At first glance, rehabilitation for addiction may seem like a difficult step, but it can help you pull through a challenging period in your life.

You can find various rehab centres near Bearsden that offer several expert-guided detoxification programmes. If you are looking for private residential rehabs near Bearsden that can support you if you struggle with alcohol or drug withdrawal symptoms and enable long-term healing, UKAT offers the most popular private residential rehab facilities near Bearsden, Glasgow.

What are the rehab options near Bearsden?

Choosing the correct rehabilitation programme matters as much as seeking rehabilitation for addiction treatment. With various options, you may be overwhelmed by the factors you need to consider before narrowing down on a rehab. Therefore, prioritising the quality of care and an easy de-addiction journey should be your priority.

Not everyone can afford private rehab. In such cases, you can enrol at NHS centres that provide free substance abuse recovery programmes to lawful UK residents. However, the admittance process is quite long. Additionally, the recuperation plans are not personalised for every individual. These could make you sense a disconnect during treatment due to its general nature.

Private rehabilitation centres near Bearsden may seem expensive but can be much more helpful in the long run. These centres provide personalised care and attention, which can tremendously improve your detoxification journey. Additionally, they give you an additional privacy shield which can help lead you to long-term sobriety and healing.
UKAT offers some of the best private rehab clinics near Bearsden, which have immediate admission.

UKAT rehab facilities near Bearsden

Listed below are the closest UKAT centres to Bearsden, Glasgow:

Oasis Bradford

Oasis Bradford is located in the heart of Yorkshire, about 210 miles from Bearsden. It takes around 4 hours to reach this rehab. It has 19 en-suite bedrooms for you to choose from.

Additionally, you can avail of 24×7 nursing staff, a private spa where you can unwind, and specialised dietary care by chefs.

Oasis Runcorn

Oasis Runcorn. This UKAT centre is situated at Bridge Street in Runcorn, Cheshire, about 230 miles from Bearsden. It takes approximately 4 hours to reach this facility from the town.

This tranquil rehab centre offers a stunning coastline view and is designed to provide holistic treatment with tailored residential treatment programmes. It has 22 bedrooms which can be private or shared. The two treatment plans offered here are the Strengths Model and 12-Step.

Linwood House

This newly-refurbished UKAT centre is located in Barnsley, 245 miles from Bearsden. It takes a little more than 4 hours to get here.

Linwood House offers behavioural therapy, family recovery, group therapy, one-to-one counselling, stress reduction, motivational interviewing, etc. You can choose a personal en-suite bedroom and indulge in peaceful therapy rooms or sitting rooms.

Why choose a UKAT rehab centre near Bearsden, Glasgow?

The experts at UKAT rehabilitation centres understand very well that personalised therapies are pertinent to quicker recovery. Some of UKAT’s facilities that have been well-received include:

  • 24×7 observation
  • Medical detox services
  • Coping skills classes
  • Individual and group counselling
  • Relapse prevention education

Depending on your needs, you may enrol for any of the following treatment plans in all of our CQC-certified UKAT rehab centres near Bearsden:

i) Residential Inpatient Treatment
ii) Partial Hospitalisation Programme
iii) In-depth Outpatient Programme

If you are looking to immerse yourself into your cleansing fully, we recommend residential inpatient treatment programmes as they can allow you to fully disconnect from the rest of the world so you can focus on recovering without being saturated with real life and responsibilities.

Join addiction support groups near you

If you wish to join any free addiction support groups near Bearsden, here are some options you can explore from NA, AA and CA:

Happy Monday’s

Maryhill Community Central Hall
292-396 Maryhill Road
Monday, 11:00 – 12:00pm

Forever Vigilant

St Peter’s Church Hall
Chancellor Street
G11 5PS
Monday, 5:00 – 6:30 pm

Miracles Happen

The Gallowgate
Lodging House Mission,
East Campbell Street
G1 5DT
Monday, 5:30 – 6:30 pm

Yoker Happy Hour

Yoker Parish Church, 2484 Dumbarton Rd
Postcode: G14 0PU
Tuesday, Time: 10.00 – duration 1hr

The Heart Of Scotstoun

The Heart of Scotstoun Community Centre, 64 Balmoral St
Postcode: G14 0BL
Wednesday, Time: 19.00 – duration 1hr 30mins

West End Newcomers

St Bride’s Episcopal Church, 68 Hyndland Rd
Postcode: G12 9UX
Wednesday, Time: 19.30 – duration 1hr

Bearsden Acceptance is the Answer

ST Andrews RC Church 29 Roman Road, Bearsden, Glasgow
Thursday @ 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Ruchill Kiss

59 Ruchill St, Unit 5 59 Ruchill St, Unit 5, Glasgow
Wednesday @ 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm

Burgher St Wednesdays

Church of the Nazarene Burgher St, Glasgow
Wednesday @ 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm

Join addiction support groups near you

Bearsden is a small town in Glasgow, Scotland. Scotland, unfortunately, has had a record of having a drug abuse problem that is three and a half times worse than that of England. Since 2017, Glasgow has had the largest number of drug-related deaths in Scotland.

In 2021, Glasgow recorded an astonishing 331 deaths from drug misuse. Although a suburb of Glasgow, Bearsden is equally as affected by substance abuse problems, requiring immediate attention.

Why are rehabs in Bearsden ideal?

Bearsden is an affluent suburban town in Glasgow. The community atmosphere here is very welcoming, complementing the vibrancy of this multicultural town. It has a serene natural environment but is relatively accessible due to its proximity to the railways. The beauty of Bearsden helps you concentrate on your de-addiction and empowers you to avoid triggers, leading you to long-term healing and sobriety. Call us today for a substance abuse-free tomorrow! Get help now!

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