Treatment Programmes



We understand that embarking on addiction recovery can be a daunting process, which is why we are committed to supporting clients every step along the way. But first, we need to establish which treatment programme will be most beneficial for each person’s specific needs.


We currently have three different treatment-length programmes available. Find out more about the treatment packages below:


7-Day treatment

Although this is not enough time to immerse in treatment and work through the recovery programme, this option is great for those looking for an initial detox and to safely begin the withdrawal process. Our 7-day treatment program is designed to create a solid foundation for lasting change, empowering clients to take control of their lives and make positive strides towards a healthier future.



14-Day treatment

This option provides a combination of both detox and counselling therapies. This route is ideal for anyone who has previously completed treatment but may have relapsed. Our extensive counselling service can help clients understand why they relapsed and equip them with the essential coping tools to avoid it happening in the future.


28-Day treatment

This treatment option is our most comprehensive and successful recovery programme. As with the above courses, this month-long programme provides a combination of a medically administered detox, thorough one-on-one counselling and several holistic therapies. This programme is most suitable for those suffering from ongoing addictions.