Alcohol and drug rehab in Grays

The need for rehab in Grays

Grays is the largest town in Essex, the eastern county in England. Drug addiction is a severe problem in Grays and nearby areas. Many adult men and women are also addicted to alcohol, failing to quit. If you are addicted to any harmful drug or alcohol, it will ruin your health, family life, and social status. Hence, you should join a rehab centre near Grays in Essex to receive proper treatment that can help you return to everyday life.

UK Addiction Treatment Centres (UKAT) runs several drug and alcohol rehab centres near Grays in Essex, which will provide you with the best support to restore your physical and mental health. You can find all the facilities offered at these centres for drug-addicted people.

How helpful are the rehab centres in Grays?

Drug and alcohol addictions cannot be treated without professional knowledge and expertise. The UKAT rehab centres near Grays in Essex have all the facilities required to treat drug abused patients. We have experienced doctors and medical staff attending to addicted patients 24×7. So, you can immediately report your physical or mental disturbances caused due to your addiction and expect relief from your problem.

Various facilities that are available in UKAT rehab centres near Grays in Essex –

  • All types of medical aids, like wheelchairs and oxygen masks available for patients
  • Spacious rooms with all necessary amenities for accommodating patients
  • Various therapies, including individual and group therapies, for providing relief to addicted people
  • Intensive programs for detoxification and curing of all types of addictions
  • Aftercare packages even after getting discharged from the rehab centres
  • UKAT rehab centres near Grays

    Multiple UKAT rehab centres run in Grays, which provide shelter and treatment to drug-abused men and women of this town. Doctors associated with these rehab centres carefully examine each patient’s condition and draw a treatment plan for each individual. The following are the prominent rehab centres in Grays that UKAT runs.

    Liberty House

    Liberty House is a famous private rehab centre close to Essex and linked by regular bus service. It is set up amidst the suburban area’s beautiful and serene environment, where all patients love to stay. The experienced staff of this rehab centre makes life more comfortable for all patients arriving here for in-patient or out-patient treatment. Trained counsellors are available for help 24×7 and help restore patients’ mental stability.

    Sanctuary Lodge

    Sanctuary Lodge is a UKAT rehab centre in the centre of Essex where addicted people from all over the country seek admission. The cost of in-patient treatment is £1500 – 3000 weekly, based on the treatment program adopted for a patient. The family members or close people of a patient are invited to participate in group therapies, to make a quick recovery for that addicted person.

    Primrose Lodge

    Primrose Lodge is a rehab centre where patients receive all types of detox programs and facilities for their best comfort. Each patient is provided with a personalised treatment plan to save their life from the curse of addiction in the shortest time. The trained staff offers support to restore the physical and mental strength of every patient arriving here.

    Reasons for getting admitted to the UKAT rehab centre in Grays

    The facilities offered at all the UKAT drug and alcohol rehab centres near Grays in Essex include the following –

  • Medical detoxification program prescribed by specialised doctors
    • 12-step model for recovery from addiction
    • Individual therapy for the privacy of a patient
    • Group therapies to boost their self-confidence
    • Overall care for each patient for 24 hours
    • Holistic therapies for physical and mental treatment
    • Trauma therapy to get over the emotional turmoil
    • Counselling to find out the actual cause behind addiction
    • Psychiatric evaluation of the patient’s mental state
    • Cognitive and behavioural therapy
    • Aftercare therapies for at least one year after discharge

    A patient may need to stay for only two weeks, or they may stay up to three months in a UKAT rehab centre near Grays in Essex. Some patients may also need an extended treatment plan for recovery from severe addiction and the damage done by drugs to their health. The therapies in these rehab centres are meant for a patient’s long and healthy life without further addiction-induced complications.

  • List of free addiction support centres in Essex

    You can find some addiction support centres in Essex where you will find free treatment programs to help all drug or alcohol-addicted patients.

    AA Meeting Essex

    Pilgrims Hatch Parish Hall

    corner Orchard Lane/Ongar Rd, CM15 9RD

    Open Road
    Mansard House, 107-109 New London Rd. CM2 0PP

    CA Meeting Essex

    Warley Hill

    Warley, CM14 5HF

    NA Meeting Essex

    Open Road

    13 Southview Road, Vange, Basildon, SS16 4ER

    St. John’s Hall

    St John’s Way, Corringham, SS17 7NA

    Statistics regarding drug addiction and rehab centres in Grays

    According to statistics from a recent survey, addiction to heroin and other drugs in Essex has increased up to 15% in the last ten years. The rate of admission of drug abused patients in rehab centres of Essex is 135 per 10,000 local people, which has decreased 7% from the earlier data obtained regarding admissions to rehab centres of this county.

    Among the total addicted patients in Essex, alcohol addiction has reduced by 19%, cocaine addiction has declined by 60%, and heroin addiction and other opioids have increased by 15%. Deaths from drug overdose have increased to 35 per 100,000 in Essex, double the number recorded in 2000.

    Why should you choose to stay at rehab centres in Grays?

    Grays is a large town in Essex, located to the north of River Thames. It is 20 miles from London and directly connected to the Port of London, as well as linked to M25 Motorway and A13 road. Thus, it is a flourishing area with plenty of offices, business centres, and retail stores. It has a population of more than 18,000, which is large enough for a suburban town. Thameside Theatre, The State Cinema, The Dell, Thurrock Yacht Club, Grays Beach, and Derby Road Bridge are the notable tourist sites in Grays. This area is well-connected by trains and buses to other places of the country.

    Therefore, you should contact a UKAT rehab centre near Grays in Essex to get rid of your addiction and lead a healthy life once more. Call us in the given phone number and receive medical assistance immediately for yourself or your loved ones, who is drug or alcohol-addicted!

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