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Rehab facilities near Haverhill, Suffolk

Worried about where to start an addiction recovery program for yourself or a loved one? Finding a good rehab program can wear you down. This article talks about the rehab services and types of addiction rehabilitation available in and around Haverhill, Suffolk. Rehab clinics offer affordable facilities and treatments for all kinds of addictions and mental health issues. Let us also see why one should go for a rehab programme and the advantages it offers.

What are the amenities available in private rehab centres such as UKAT?

The NHS works towards providing free and affordable facilities for the people of Haverhill and adjoining areas. However, the waiting period for admission is quite long. Many private centres are available, offering accommodation and the best of amenities with lesser waiting times.

Our Care Quality Commission (CQC) rated UKAT rehab centres provide the best amenities for our residents:

  • Shared and private en-suite bedrooms as per requirement
  • Personal and communal dining area
  • A private attendant for assistance in all activities
  • Yoga, meditation as well as group therapy areas for interesting therapies
  • Well-maintained gardens spread across acres of land for leisure strolls
  • An equipped gym with trainers

Private drug and alcohol rehab centres near Haverhill, Suffolk

Listed below are the closest UKAT facilities to the Haverhill, Suffolk area:

Sanctuary Lodge

A home away from home, Sanctuary Lodge is located in Halstead, Essex, and is a thirty minutes drive (about 15 miles) from Haverhill, Suffolk County. It is actively involved in rehabilitating individuals with alcohol and drug dependency, eating disorders, codependency, gambling addictions, etc.

The staff here believes that every individual is different and needs to adjust to the treatment methods for great results. It is rated by Care Quality Commission for its excellent amenities which include a kitchen with a chef, gym, gardens, private and shared bedrooms and a dining area.

Liberty House

Located in suburban Luton street in London, Liberty House is rated as outstanding by the Care Quality Commission for its addiction rehabilitation and services. It is a one-hour thirty-minute drive (49 miles) from Haverhill, Suffolk.

Interesting therapies like group therapy, sound therapy, gong therapy, meditation and art therapy are utilised here to get back into the game. Your family will also be able to recover with you through a family recovery programme.

Banbury Lodge

Banbury Lodge is located in the peaceful Yorkshire countryside and is a little over a two-hour drive (about 95 miles) from Haverhill, Suffolk. You can enjoy amenities like private bedrooms, a kitchen, on-site gym, gardens, dining area, and therapy areas during your stay.

Several addictions and mental health issues are managed here with expert staff. Unique talking therapy instils positive thoughts in you and your family to help you overcome overthinking and negativity in all activities.

Knowing the addiction experts in rehab facilities in Haverhill, Suffolk

Sound knowledge of who all make up your rehab team and how they guide you will enable you to help yourself better. Rehab centres (including all UKAT centres) essentially have a well-qualified rehabilitation team with expertise in addiction rehabilitation:

  • Addiction Psychotherapist: Uses cognitive behavioural therapy and other methods to help you overcome your addictions
  • Medical detox specialist: A rehab program is incomplete without a detox program. Detox personnel will work on you to complete your recovery process
  • Nursing care: Nurses trained in addiction rehabilitation provide you utmost care
  • Addiction specialists for round-the-clock assistance in your rehab program

What types of addictions are treated in the UKAT facilities near Haverhill?

A UKAT facility manages all kinds of addictions and mental health disorders:

  • Anxiety and behavioural issues
  • Gambling addictions
  • Sex addictions and co-dependency
  • Binge eating
  • Alcohol and drug addictions
  • Prescription drug addiction
  • Illicit drug addictions

Cgl Cambridge, through the NHS, provides services for individuals with addictions near Haverhill, Suffolk (about 15 miles away). Below are some details for the same:

Tel: 0300 555 0101
Brookfield’s Hospital Site, Mill House
351 Mill Road, Cambridge
Cambridgeshire, CB1 3DF

There is also a plethora of AA, NA and CA meeting available in and around the Haverhill, Suffolk area:

Haverhill Daily Reflections

Address: Flat 8 Strasbourg Sq (above Chippy’s Fish & Chip Shop), CB9 0HR
Start time: 19.00 – duration 1hr
Helpline: 01603621128 (24 hours)

Saffron Walden

Address: Friends Meeting House (Upstairs), High St, CB10 1AA
Start time: 19.30 – duration 1hr 30mins
Helpline: 01603621128 (24 hours)

Newmarket As Bill Sees It

Address: Newmarket District Scout Headquarters, Cardigan St, CB8 8HZ
Start time: 20.15 – duration 1hr
Disabled Access: Full wheelchair access.
Helpline: 01603621128 (24 hours)

Cambridge Sunday

Address: Edge Cafe, Mill Road, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB1 3DF

Sunday Night Experience

Address: Church Hall, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Fornham Road, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP32 6AB

Experience, Strength and Hope

Address: Quakers Meeting House, St Johns Street, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP33 1SJ

Cocaine Anonymous Bury St Edmunds

Address: Quakers Meeting House, St John’s St, Bury Saint Edmunds IP33 1SJ, Suffolk
Number: 0800 612 0225

The problem has been removed

Address: Abundant Life Church, Lakenheath Village Back St, Lakenheath, Brandon IP27 9HF, Suffolk
Number: 0800 612 0225

Cocaine Anonymous

Address: Christ Church, Grange Farm Ave, Felixstowe IP11 2XD, Suffolk
Number: 0800 612 0225

Addiction statistics in Haverhill, Suffolk

Drug and alcohol misuse deaths reached a record high during the years 2019 and 2020 in Suffolk. There were 46 drug-related poisoning deaths in Suffolk County. The majority of the cases were related to drug dependence and abuse. Most substance misuse service providers have called this a public health emergency and have highlighted the need for government funding.

Why should I choose an addiction rehab centre near Haverhill, Suffolk?

Haverhill is a market town in Suffolk County near Cambridge. Many important archaeological surveys in Suffolk have yielded good results, making Suffolk a historical hotspot. Haverhill is also famous for museums, castles, and county parks. It has been rated as the safest place in Suffolk in terms of friendly neighbourhoods and communities.

Government and private rehab centres offer affordable addiction services with lodging facilities for residents in and around Suffolk. You can enjoy the beautiful recovery journey in the beautiful town of Haverhill, Suffolk.

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