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Our Help Guides offer valuable information regarding the realities of addiction and how to address them. Here, you can learn ways to determine whether an addiction is present, the best ways to seek help for yourself or a loved one suffering, and how you can most effectively support those who might be experiencing issues with addiction.


Alcohol help guides


How to help an alcoholic

Helping someone with alcohol addiction is never easy. It’s a difficult topic to raise, you may not know what to say…


Living with an alcoholic

Alcoholism is an ever-growing problem that can affect not only the person with the addiction but those closest…


How to stop drinking alcohol

Learning how to stop drinking alcohol is one of the most important parts of the recovery process…


How to help an alcoholic parent

Watching a parent struggle with alcohol addiction can be heart-breaking and can have profound consequences…


How to help an alcoholic friend

It is devastating to watch someone you care about suffer with alcoholism. To see them deteriorate…


How to help an alcoholic partner

Watching your husband struggling with alcoholism is one of the most terrifying and heart-breaking experiences…


Help an alcoholic who relapsed

Recovering from alcohol can be such a difficult process and so even a minor relapse can feel like a major defeat…


Help an alcoholic daughter/son

Watching your daughter struggle with an alcohol use disorder can be heart-breaking. There may be times…


How to find the best alcohol rehab

Finding the best rehab centre for your addiction treatment can be one of the most important decisions of your life…


Addiction intervention


Completing a drug intervention

A drug intervention describes a group of people coming together to talk to a loved one about their drug…


Completing an alcohol intervention

It is frustrating to see a family member or friend struggling with alcoholism and knowing that there is very little you can do…


Support for children


Children helping an alcoholic parent

If you are living with a parent that is constantly drinking, needs alcohol to stay calm or becomes unpredictable when they drink…


Drug and alcohol abuse for children

Young people have the world at their feet, yet it is not always easy for them to make accurate decisions…


Medical advice


Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis is a common clinical condition in the UK. Whether you are dealing with a mental health condition or…


Antibiotics and alcohol

If you have ever been prescribed antibiotics, you may have noticed the warning labels about mixing alcohol with your treatment…


Other support and help guides


UKAT student guide

At UKAT we have produced a comprehensive student guide, readily available, that is tailored for the use of students…


Addiction awareness for businesses

Your employees come first. Sometimes tasks at work can be so demanding that they steal focus away from employees…


UKAT resource list

Here you will be able to find an extensive list of the various resources we have available for use here at UKAT…