Alcohol and drug rehab near Bruton, Somerset

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Alcohol and substance rehab centres in Bruton

With green pastures and calm surroundings, Bruton, Somerset, is an ideal location for residential rehab centres. With the help of local authorities and organisations, several rehab facilities have been set up in and around Bruton to curb the growing menace of alcohol and substance abuse.

People struggling with alcohol and drug addiction find it difficult to seek timely help and support. In fact, most people fail to enrol in rehab facilities and centres. To help youngsters on the path to de-addiction in the most relaxing surroundings, rehab centres in and around Bruton are necessary for the community.

Different rehab facilities to consider in Bruton

Alcohol abuse and drug addiction issues are on the rise. With more and more youngsters getting addicted to illegal substances, de-addiction becomes even more challenging. With the rising number of people struggling with alcohol and substance abuse in and around Bruton, it has become imperative to have several private residential rehabs in Bruton and the surrounding areas. If you are seeking rehab centres in and around Bruton, here are some amenities to look out for:

  • Private or shared rooms with en-suite bathrooms
  • Large open spaces for exercise and workouts
  • Shared common areas to help socialise
  • 24×7 professional support and medical staff
  • Opportunity to pursue a hobby or activity to help in your recovery

Alcohol and drug residential rehab near Bruton

If you are looking for the most suitable private residential rehab centres in Bruton, finding one that suits your requirements is vital. Most people who struggle with alcohol and substance abuse seek peace and tranquillity. Finding a serene and peaceful environment can accelerate their de-addiction journey. Bruton, Somerset, is close to some of the best UKAT rehab centres:

Primrose Lodge

Primrose Lodge, located around 91 miles from Bruton, is a great place to recover. This rehab facility is situated in the heart of Surrey, a little under a two-hour drive from Bruton.

If spending time away from the bustling city brings you a sense of tranquillity, you are sure to relax in a homely atmosphere at Primrose Lodge.
This luxurious private residential rehab facility near Bruton offers 19 spacious rooms with en-suite bathrooms, an on-site gym, open spaces for walking and experienced chefs who prepare nutritious meals. Primrose Lodge provides a safe setting for a complete detox.

Recovery Lighthouse

Located in the coastal town of Worthing, West Sussex, Recovery Lighthouse offers luxurious residential rehab facilities. This UKAT centre is 123 miles from Bruton and takes about 2.5 hours to reach.

This spacious and luxurious rehab facility comprises 13 bedrooms, spaces for yoga and meditation, customised fitness guidance and gives you the opportunity for healing beach walks.

Banbury Lodge

Located 127 miles from the town of Bruton, Banbury Lodge is one of the most tranquil grounds where you can experience a comfortable and peaceful recovery.

It takes over two hours to reach Banbury Lodge rehab centre from Bruton by road. This private residential rehab near Bruton houses 22 en-suite bedrooms, an on-site gym, and ample social spaces for group activities. The highly-skilled team at Banbury Lodge is committed to their purpose and does everything possible to help you in your de-addiction journey.

Liberty House

Located 135 miles from Bruton, Liberty House clinic lies just outside London on a charming street in Luton. This UKAT centre is just a three-hour drive from Bruton.

So, if you need a homely feel and luxurious amenities near Bruton, the Liberty House is a great fit. This rehab centre offers 21 bedrooms, spacious and comfortable common areas for socialising and a fully-trained staff who are always available to support and guide you in your recovery journey.

Free de-addiction support groups in Bruton

Here are some AA, NA, and CA sessions available around Bruton:

Address: Bruton Community Hall, Silver St
Time: Thursday 11.00 – Duration: 1hr
Postcode: BA10 0EB

Address: Methodist Church Hall, High Street
Time: Friday 19.00 – Duration: 1hr
Postcode: BA9 9JF

Address: Shepton Mallet, Peter Street Rooms, Peter St
Time: Friday 19:30 – Duration: 1hr 30 mins
Postcode: BA4 5BL

Address: Baytree Café 3 Church Lane Glastonbury
Time: Wednesday 19.30, Friday 19.30
Postcode: BA6 9DR

Address: Vicarage Street Methodist Church Hall Vicarage Street Yeovil
Time: Wednesday 19.15
Postcode: BA20 1JB

Address: Beckington Baptist Church Frome Road Beckington
Time: Sunday 19.30
Postcode: BA11 6TD

Address: Preston Road, Yeovil, BA20 2EZ
Time: Friday 19.30

Bath Newcomers

Address: Fountain Builgins, Bath, BA1 5DU
Time: Friday 19.00

Glastonbury Candle Lit Newcomers

Address: High St, Glastonbury, BA6 9DZ
Time: Monday 19.30

Substance and alcohol abuse numbers in and around Bruton

Alcohol abuse and addiction are prevalent in Somerset, including towns like Bruton. According to statistics, alcohol-related mortality in Somerset in 2018 was estimated to be 47.4 per 1,00,000 residents. This figure was slightly higher than the national average of 46.5. Based on the number of dependent drinkers, nearly 87% were not accessing specialist care. Substance abuse is prevalent in parts of Somerset. It has been estimated that 55% of people addicted to opium or crack were not seeking specialist de-addiction treatment from specialists.

Why choose an alcohol and drug residential rehab in Bruton?

When the Bruton railway station was built, it brought forth rocks from the Middle Jurassic age. Famous for its scenic beauty and geologic importance, Bruton offers several unique sites of natural wonders. Home to many mediaeval churches, the town of Bruton has a naturally calming atmosphere, ideal for your recovery journey.

If re-connecting with nature and embarking on a healing journey is on your list, Bruton in Somerset is definitely worth it. Begin your de-addiction journey in a picturesque and tranquil town today!

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