Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Attleborough, Norfolk

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Do you, a friend or a family member intend to visit a rehab facility to recover from addiction? You may think there is not much help and support available in Attleborough, Norfolk. Although it is a small market town by the major trunk road, A11, between Thetford and Norwich, you can find many alcohol and rehab centres near Attleborough, Norfolk that will suit your need if you are looking for a rehabilitation programme.

Private rehab centre options in Attleborough, Norfolk?

Attleborough is a small civil parish in Norfolk. However, you will be surprised to find some of the best rehab centres in the area. Therefore, it is wise to learn and understand the pros and cons of the available options- free-support groups and private rehabs in Attleborough, Norfolk.

Free rehab addiction treatment centres are good. They are present all over the country and offer proper care. However, you may have to wait for a considerable time to get admission. Plus, you may also feel the lack of personalised care.

Contrarily, private rehab facilities in Attleborough, Norfolk, offer immediate admission and personalised treatment plans. You might find them a bit costlier than the free support groups. Overall, private facilities are worth the same.

UKAT Rehabilitation Centres Near Attleborough, Norfolk

UKAT rehab facilities in Attleborough, Norfolk, in the Breckland district, East England, are the centre of excellence for drug and alcohol treatment in the area. We are located strategically amidst natural surroundings, away from the bluster. We take pride in being able to help people get well with our holistic addiction and detox treatment programs.

Let’s look at the list of rehabs in Attleborough, Norfolk. We are here to help you get the help they need:

Sanctuary lodge

Sanctuary Lodge is a private residential rehab centre located 52 mi from Attleborough, Norfolk. The rehabilitation centre offers two treatment programmes that allow tailored treatment plans according to the client’s needs.

It is a Care Quality Commission (CQC)- an approved facility that offers the following:

  • 19 en-suite bedroom
  • Picturesque and well-maintained gardens
  • Five well-equipped shared rooms
  • Best chefs to prepare nutritious and tasty meals
  • In-house gym

Liberty House

Liberty House is a CQC-registered rehab and detox centre. It is located in a peaceful and beautiful suburb in Luton, around 84 mi from Attleborough, Norfolk.

The services offered here are medically-monitored, and the programme is designed to meet the needs of the body, mind and spiritual aspects of the client. Additionally, you can avail of the following:

  • 21 beds to choose from
  • Comfortable and safe common areas
  • Appropriate care and support 24/7
  • Well-trained staff
  • World-class chef to meet your dietary requirements

Banbury Lodge

Located in the peaceful surroundings of the gorgeous Oxfordshire, the Banbury Lodge is a CQC-registered facility. It is around 130 mi from Attleborough, Norfolk. The Banbury Lodge features:

  • 22 private beds with en-suite
  • Well-equipped gym
  • Private insurance accepted
  • Two shared rooms
  • Well-trained nursing staff
  • Common areas for group activities

What do we offer at rehab centres in Attleborough, Norfolk?

At UKAT, we understand and know about the different types of addictions a person can go through. Be it substance abuse like drugs and alcohol or a behavioural one, such as gaming or eating disorders, UKAT offers the perfect treatment plans for a range of them.

Moreover, we believe that receiving the right treatment on time can make a lot of difference in your road to recovery from substance abuse. Therefore, private in-patient rehab clinics are so popular.

We are open around the clock to help you break out of the cycle of addiction. Here are some of the perks of choosing a private residential rehab facility like UKAT:

  • Quick consultation
  • Same-day admissions
  • Specific patient-based treatments
  • Inpatient/Outpatient facility
  • Private/NHS treatment
  • A vast range of treatments
  • Access to therapy groups and medication-assisted treatment
  • Excellent service quality and high treatment standards
  • Evidence-based practices
  • ‘Feel at home’ facilities
  • 24×7 facility
  • Family-oriented services
  • Extensive after-care plans

What types of addictions are treated in the UKAT facilities in Attleborough, Norfolk?

At UKAT rehab centres in Attleborough, Norfolk, we offer treatment for the following substance and behavioural addictions:

  • Alcohol addiction: Different types of alcohol
  • Drug addictions: Cocaine addiction and crack cocaine addiction, ecstasy (MDMA) addiction, prescription drug addiction, cannabis addiction, heroin addiction and amphetamine addiction
  • Behavioural addictions: Gaming addiction, eating disorders, porn addiction, sex, gambling addiction, food addiction and shopping addiction

Free addiction support groups in Attleborough, Norfolk

If you wish to attend a local and free support group, there are many regular Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) sessions available at various venues in Attleborough:

Wymondham Big Book Steps & Traditions

Address: Fairland Hall, United Reformed Church, NR18 0AW


Address: Fairland Hall, United Reformed Church, Fairland Hill, NR18 0AW

Watton Newcomers

Address: Methodist Church, 57 High St, Watton, IP25 6AB

For more information on the Alcohol Anonymous support groups in Attleborough, visit their website here. There is also the option of using their helpline (0800 9177 650)


Address: Chapelfield Methodist Church, Chapelfield Road Norwich, NR2 1SD


Address: Norwich Central Baptist Church, Duke Street Norwich, NR3 3AP

Cocaine Anonymous

Address: Newcomers Meeting, King St Great Yarmouth , NR30 2HL UK

Cocaine Anonymous

Address: 28 Bridge St King’s Lynn , PE30 5HZ UK

For more information on the Cocaine Anonymous support groups in Attleborough, visit their website here.

Drug and alcohol abuse statistics in Attleborough, Norfolk

Alcohol-related deaths in Norwich (one of the districts of Norfolk) have hit a decade high. In Norfolk, nearly 60 alcohol-related hospital admissions are being reported per day. According to Public Health England (PHE) data, around 76 alcohol-related deaths happened in the city in 2017-18. This figure is higher than that in 2011 when only 48 deaths were reported. Over 434 people died from alcohol-related situations in 2017-18 across the country.

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), Norwich is the fourth-worst city in terms of drug-misuse-related deaths in the country. As per UKAT’s analysis, East England has witnessed a 20% rise in drug-related mortalities in the last five to seven years. Between 2016 and 2018, deaths related to drug poisoning all over the east reached 1,059. It was more than the figures for 2015-17, i.e., 958. Considering the overall Norfolk, drug-related deaths increased by 54% in the last five to seven years.

Why get drug and alcohol treatment in Attleborough, Norfolk?

Attleborough is a small yet attractive place in Norfolk shire county. The geography, climate and the serene surroundings of this market town make it one of the best places to heal, with greenery and calmness everywhere.

Find out more about rehab centre in Attleborough, Norfolk, East England and how UKAT can help you – contact us today.

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