Alcohol and drug rehab in Birchwood

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The need for rehab centres in Birchwood

Several state and municipal bodies have registered an increase in the number of people reporting alcohol and substance abuse in Birchwood and nearby areas of Warrington. While public rehab facilities around Birchwood are affordable, it takes a long while to get yourself admitted.

Private rehab facilities ensure you have a peaceful recovery and tailor-made addiction treatments to suit your needs. Despite the growing number of people struggling with alcohol addiction and drug addiction, those seeking professional help for addiction or signing up for rehab facilities are significantly fewer in and around Birchwood.

Drug and alcohol rehab in Birchwood

Birchwood and the surrounding areas have a lot to offer in terms of rehab centres and support groups. Several residential alcohol rehab and drug rehab facilities near Birchwood offer a calm and peaceful setting with luxurious yet affordable stay options and trained staff to support your recovery journey. The primary goal of most rehab centres is to enable you to overcome your addiction, strengthen yourself mentally, and build a positive aura to live happy, fruitful lives.
The right rehabilitation makes a world of difference. If you are looking for luxurious and comfortable alcohol rehab facilities in Birchwood, it is essential to consider several factors. Some facilities and features to look for in a rehabilitation centre are:

  • 24×7 support
  • Experienced staff
  • Post-treatment care
  • Skilled medical and emergency support
  • Evidence-based treatments
  • Easy accessibility

Private alcohol and drug rehab facilities near Birchwood

Addiction can be challenging and traumatic, and the recovery journey can leave you isolated and depressed. UKAT offers luxurious rehab facilities in the UK, catering to people from all walks of life. All our rehab facilities have 24×7 specialist addiction professionals who ensure the highest amount of care for each individual. Our rehab centres also provide family programmes dedicated to helping family members.

Birchwood is conveniently located close to major cities like Manchester, Liverpool, and Leeds. If you are living in Birchwood, the following UKAT centres are easily accessible to you:

Oasis Runcorn

Equipped with 22 rooms, Oasis Runcorn is located in the most beautiful seaside town of Runcorn, less than 20 miles from Birchwood. Oasis Runcorn offers all treatment programmes and rehab services at competitive prices in an incredible location that gives you the best of town facilities.

Suffering alone is isolating for most people experiencing addiction trouble. At Oasis Runcorn, we create a sense of community, giving you the healthiest environment for recovery.

Oasis Bradford

Our Oasis Bradford UKAT centre is located about 48 miles from Birchwood, in the heart of Yorkshire, and is one of our highest-rated centres in the recent CQC report. The centre is equipped to help people with a multitude of behavioural and substance addictions.

Here, you detox in the comfort of 22 en-suite rooms, nutritious meals, and a private spa. More than ten different treatment options are offered to help you overcome your addiction.

Linwood House

Linwood House is located in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, approximately 57 miles from Birchwood. This newly-refurbished UKAT rehab centre has a luxurious and stately feel. Several addictions are treated at this tranquil rehab facility.

Linwood House has private en-suite bedrooms, peaceful therapy rooms, spacious communal areas, and an on-site gym, among other exquisite features. Love nature? This centre has spacious green gardens for walking and quiet meditation.

Free addiction support groups in Birchwood

Here are some Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and Cocaine Anonymous sessions available in and around Birchwood:

Alcoholics Anonymous

Address: Oakwood Family Centre, 62-64 Whitethroat Walk, WA3 6PQ, Birchwood, Cheshire England

Warrington Living Sober

Day: Saturday
Address: St Elphins Community Centre, St Katherines Way, WA1 2EG
Time: 11.00 – Duration 1hr 30mins

Warrington Pathways

Day: Wednesday
Address: Pathways, Corner of Museum & Bold St., WA1 1JB
Time: 12.15 – Duration 1hr 30mins


Day: Sunday
Address: Making Space 46 Allen Street Warrington, WA2 7JB
Time: 18:00 pm


Day: Monday
Address: Fairfield and Howley Neighbourhood Project Fairfield Street Warrington, WA1 3AJ
Time: 19:15 pm


Day: Wednesday
Address: Marking Space 44 Allen Street Warrington, WA2 7JB
Time: 19:30 pm


Day: Thursday
Address: Greenwood Community Centre Greenwood Crescent Orford Warrington, WA2 0DU
Time: 19:00 pm

Big Book Study & Speaker Meeting

Address: Whitby Rd, Ellesmere Port, CH65 0AT

Drug and alcohol abuse statistics in and around Birchwood

According to a report by the Warrington police drugs unit, ecstasy is becoming more common, all credit to cocaine being more readily accessible and affordable than ever. Drug-related mental and behavioural disorders have also increased in the last decade. In 2019-20, over 4000 alcohol-related admissions were reported in Warrington.

Why choose rehab centres in Birchwood?

Birchwood is a small town located in Warrington, Cheshire. The town’s eastern part is lined by birch forests and Risley moss, a site of scientific interest. Most of Birchwood town is built on the ROF Risley Royal Ordnance Factory. Riding through Risley in 1724, famous writer and poet Daniel Defoe described the dangerous mossland of Risley, that most travellers avoided, in the following words – “The surface, at a distance, looks black and dirty, and will bear neither horse nor man….. What nature meant by such a useless production ’tis hard to imagine, but the land is entirely to waste”.

Birchwood is now a habitable and friendly town. If you are looking to detox in a serene centre but not too far from the bustling cities, Birchwood is the ideal place to heal and recover. Think no more. Take charge of your life and get in touch with us.

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