Students partaking in addiction awareness programme

Addiction Awareness Education Programme

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Helping Prevent Addiction

UKAT now partners with schools, colleges and universities across the country to help engage with and educate students on the dangers of addiction.

Our free seminars take place in class and are interactive, powerful and educational. We’re working with education providers in this way to help prevent our younger generations from developing addictive behaviours in the future.

Our addiction awareness seminars are;

  • Free!
  • Delivered by a Certified Addiction Therapist (Enhanced DBS Checked)
  • Tailored to meet any particular concerns or objectives the education provider has
  • Hosted in class or outside depending on the number of children participating, we will ensure social distancing is maintained at all times
  • Informative yet interactive and engaging…your students will listen and participate from start to finish

Be Proactive in Tackling Drug and Alcohol Awareness

The UKAT addiction awareness education programme will help your school to demonstrate its proactive efforts to stakeholders, the local community and parents alike in preventing any issues with drugs and alcohol from even starting.

If your school, college or university already believes there to be a problem developing with substance misuse, we can work together in tackling this with education, encouragement and support.

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    Students partaking in addiction awareness programme




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