Alcohol and drug rehab in Crewe, Cheshire

How are Rehab Centres in Crewe Helping People?

Crewe in Cheshire county has been listed as one of the best places to live in the UK in 2016 by Property Week. In addition, many organisations have established rehab centres in Crewe to help the local community and anyone seeking help with recovery.

Despite the numerous rehab facilities available in and around Crewe, most young people are still very reluctant to seek help for drug or substance abuse. New rehab centres must be set up with emphasis on counselling about drug and alcohol addiction in the younger age group, along with the help and support needed to treat addiction.

The Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres Available at Crewe

Substance abuse can be due to the consumption of street drugs, narcotics, alcohol or misuse of prescription medications. People dealing with addiction may feel debilitating effects on all aspects of life. Drug and alcohol rehab centres can help such people heal and take control of their lives with the right kind of support and care.
Choosing a rehab facility best suited for you can be a complex decision. But it would be best if you looked for the following amenities when deciding on a rehab:

  • Well-made private/ shared rooms
  • Good aftercare plans
  • 24×7 medical and support staff
  • Recreational activities and facilities like gym
  • Open spaces for relaxation

Private Alcohol and Drug Rehab Facilities Near Crewe

Deciding for the right rehab for yourself or a loved one is essential. A rehab with medical help and psychological and mental counselling can be the best place to heal. Hence, eight UKAT facilities have been set up across the UK to provide the ideal healing atmosphere for addicted individuals.
Crewe, in Cheshire county, is near the following UKAT centres, making them easily accessible to the people residing in and around Crewe.

Oasis Runcorn

This facility is located at Runcorn, 35 miles away from Crewe and is easily accessible within 47 minutes by car. Oasis Runcorn is a well-equipped rehab centre with 22 furnished bedrooms (private and shared). It is a CQC-rated rehab with spacious outdoors and a coastal area for daily walks. At Oasis Runcorn, emphasis is given to complete recovery and healing from addiction via two types of programmes –The 12-step programme and The strength model. This UKAT Centre aims to make your transition to everyday life as smooth as possible by providing free lifelong support.

Oasis Bradford

Oasis Bradford has recently received good reviews in their CQC evaluation. Located in Yorkshire, 77 miles away, it is an hour and a half drive from Crewe.
This UKAT centre aims to be essential to your recovery journey by offering top-of-the-class healthcare, support and amenities. Oasis Bradford has 19 en-suite rooms, an on-site private Spa, nutritional meals prepared by professional cooks, group walks, and a wide range of holistic therapies. Oasis Recovery Bradford also specialises in cognitive behaviour treatment, meditation, art and music therapy for addiction recovery.

Linwood House

Located in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, Linwood House is UKAT’s premium residential rehab facility. This picturesque rehab is 73 miles from Crewe, and it may take a little less than 2 hours to reach here by car. The entire faculty is well gated with spacious gardens ideal for calming your mind in luxurious surroundings. Here, the UKAT treats different addictions based on a customised treatment plan keeping in mind the needs of every individual. You can undergo a complete medical detox safely at this CQC-rated rehab. Linwood house also offers private rooms for accommodation with en-suite bathrooms, spacious sitting rooms, an on-site gymnasium and a large community room for socialising and group therapies.

Free Addiction Support Groups in Crewe, Cheshire

There are several free group sessions available for AA(Alcoholics Anonymous), NA(Narcotics Anonymous) and CA(Cocaine Anonymous) in and around Crewe.

Crewe Maybury Centre

1st Floor, Maybury Centre, Bright St, off West St
Wednesday, Time: 20.00
Postcode: CW1 3HE

Crewe Maybury Centre

1st Floor, Maybury Centre, Bright St, off West St
Sunday, Time: 20.00
Postcode: CW1 3HE


All Saints Church Hall, 79 Stewart St
Friday, Time: 20.00
Postcode: CW2 8LX


All Saints Church Hall, 79 Stewart St
Sunday, Time: 20.00
Postcode: CW2 8LX

Share Meeting

Christchurch, Cornwall Street, Newtown, Chester
Tuesday, 19:30 ~ 20:30
Postcode CH1 3JF

Together We Can

Christchurch Mission House, Church Street, Chester, Cheshire
Friday, 19:30 ~ 20:30
Postcode CH1 3JD

Basic Text Group

Main Room, Making Space, 46 Allen Street, Warrington, Cheshire
Sunday, 19:30 ~ 21:00
Postcode WA2 7JB

Cocaine Anonymous

Trinity Methodist Church, Westwood house, 7-9 Wagg St
Sunday, 19:00
Congleton CW12 4BA

Macclesfield Cocaine Anonymous

Elim Christian Life Centre, Parsonage St
Monday, 19:00
Macclesfield SK11 7GY

A Quiet Place

The Old Council House, Church Rd
Monday, 19:30
Northwich CW9 5PD

There is a solution

Making Space, 46 Allen St
Tuesday, 19:15
Warrington WA2 7JB

What are the Drug Abuse Numbers in and Around Crewe?

Per January 2022 report published on the Cheshire police website, police raids have led to the imprisonment of several drug dealers in Crewe. The latest statistics show that Drugs crime makes up 1.2% of all crimes reported in Crewe. Also, the total number of drug crimes is 306, which has decreased by 19.9% compared year-over-year from July 2021 – June 2022.

Why should you choose an Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centre near Crewe?

Crewe is a historical railway town situated in Cheshire county in Northwest UK. It has long been a manufacturing centre for the UK railways. You can still see the Railway maintenance yard in the town. Crewe was also home to The Rolls Royce company and Bentley Motors for several years. So if recovering in a lively historical city can motivate you to recover, Crewe in Cheshire can be a great place to start. So start rebuilding your life and Get Help Now!

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