Alcohol and drug rehab in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire

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Alcohol and drug rehab centres in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire

Drug abuse is a significant problem in Cheshunt. According to some reports, there have been many drug-related crimes in East Cheshunt. The west Cheshunt area reported 84 drug-related crimes in 2021, showing that drug abuse is a significant issue. UKAT Centres at Cheshunt in Hertfordshire offer world-class drug rehab centres that inspire you to walk on a straight path.

The centre’s location near London city makes it one of the most reachable and preferable places for London-based people to seek rehab facilities. UKAT offers you different rehab treatment options, like in-patient and out-patient services and private / NHS treatment in Cheshunt to help you get rid of substance dependency away from the triggers.

Drug treatment and rehabilitation facilities in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire

At our UKAT centres, our individual-centric treatment helps in getting into the depth of our client’s issues that they might struggle with. We target physical and emotional aspects of addiction and clear your path towards a sober and healthy life. Our centres cover different addiction treatments such as alcohol and drug addiction and behavioural disorders like eating and other compulsive ailments. As per your preference and economic condition, you can choose any kind of rehab facility for your recovery.

UKAT’s alcohol and drug rehab facilities near Cheshunt, Hertfordshire

Listed below are the closest UKAT facilities to the Cheshunt area:

Liberty House

Liberty House clinic is a 22 bedded, fully refurbished facility in the suburban area of London. It is only 15 miles away from Cheshunt and can be reached in nearly an hour.

This UKAT facility is rated outstanding in the care quality commission (CQC) report and promises a comprehensive packaged rehab for both physical and mental detox. With hassle-free admission and comfortable surroundings, this facility provides the highest quality treatment for your de-addiction journey.

Sanctuary Lodge

Located in the beautiful market town of Halstead, Essex, Sanctuary Lodge is close to London, with a distance of 49 miles, a one-hour drive. It is 24 double-bedded luxurious centre with TV and Wi-Fi facilities.

It also has an in-house large kitchen, pantry and chef to take care of all your nutritional needs. Local parks, large green spaces and beautiful countryside views make it one of the most favourable places for overall healing.

Primrose Lodge

Primrose Lodge is a plush private rehab facility with great and comfortable surroundings is just 61 miles from Cheshunt. This full-fledged residential centre includes an in-house kitchen, free Wi-Fi services and

24 hours security to make your stay comfortable and conducive to healing. The centre also has a family recovery programme centred around the drug user’s family members to provide counselling and support during their kin’s recovery.

Facilities offered at UKAT centres near Cheshunt

At UKAT, we design our drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres in such a way that they facilitate your healing journey with little difficulty and more enthusiasm. The environment, the medical professionals, and the people you meet here are empathetic and support you in every step so that you can be the best version of yourself when you come out. All our UKAT centres are well furnished and have all the highest standard facilities, which include:

  • Luxurious private and shared rooms facilities for a pleasant stay
  • Widespread green surroundings, parks, and countryside views to take walks in nature
  • In-house kitchen, pantries and chefs for food requirements
  • Well-equipped gymnasium facilities to achieve optimum physical health
  • 24-hour medical facilities to help you in case of any medical emergency
  • 12-step approach for treating various addictions
  • Alternative therapies like yoga, mindfulness, CBT and art therapy

Free addiction support groups in Cheshunt

If you are looking for free addiction treatment in Cheshunt, there are a few services you may join to start your recovery journey, including;

Change Grow Live

Timings: 09:00 – 17:00 on Monday and Saturday,
and 09:00 – 19:00 from Tuesday to Friday
Contact number: 0800 652 3169

Listed below are some AA, NA and CA meetings that can be found near the Cheshunt area:

Waltham Abbey

Day: Wednesday
Address: Lea Valley Church, Monkwood Ave
Time: 18.00 – duration 1hr
Distance: 2 miles
Postcode: EN9 1NA

Enfield Highway Stepping Into Recovery

Day: Thursday
Address: Enfield Highway Community Centre, 117 Hertford Rd
Time: 12.45 – duration 1hr
Distance: 3 miles
Postcode: EN3 5JF

The Priory Newcomers Meeting Steps 1, 2 and 3

Type Physical
Day: Sunday
Time: 11:30 ~ 13:00
Postcode N14 6RA
London – North East Area

High Barnet Meditation Meeting

Type Physical
Day: Sunday
Time: 17:30 ~ 18:30
Postcode EN5 4BW
London – North East Area

Christ Church Methodist

Address: High St Waltham Cross EN8 7ED
Time: 18:30

Coombes Community Centre

Address: Burns Rd, Royston SG8 5PT
Time: 19:30

What are the drugs and alcohol-related numbers in Cheshunt?

The number of drug peddlers and people using drugs is increasing in Cheshunt. Police have raided many places and arrested many people related to drug crimes in this area. This is quite saddening that it might be the tip of the iceberg, and the burden could be more than what is reported in the media.

Why should you choose an alcohol and drug rehab centre near Cheshunt, Hertfordshire?

Cheshunt is a beautiful riverside town in the London metropolitan area. This area is also well connected to other major cities. An interesting fact about this place is that Princess Elizabeth and Queen Elizabeth I lived at Cheshunt for quite some time. Cheshunt. Thus, this should be your choice if you wish to heal yourself without staying too far from the city.

Our brand guarantees 90 days of promise, so if you experience relapse within 30 days of our treatment, we provide you with additional treatment for the next 30 days, completely free.

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