Alcohol and drug rehab in Chippenham, Wiltshire

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How are rehab centres in Chippenham, Wiltshire, helping people?

Individuals struggling with drug and alcohol dependencies may have difficulties with sobriety. Fortunately, Chippenham, Wiltshire, offers many Government and private addiction treatment centres and drug rehab facilities.

Rehab gives individuals long-term abstinence and recovery skills, including an aftercare programme. These programmes assist people in overcoming post-treatment problems, including relapse. After undergoing treatment for substance abuse, people are advised to attend support group meetings or visit local counsellors to maintain their path to recovery. This phase is essential for many, enabling a successful finish of rehabilitation programmes to lead to a prosperous future.

Choosing a private rehab may help you concentrate on your health objectives, ease some of the struggles and discomfort you might feel at the beginning of your recovery, and get sober in a relaxing, stress-free environment.

What do we offer at our UKAT rehabs in Chippenham, North-West Wiltshire?

The client’s comfort and relaxation are top priorities for UKAT detox and rehab in Chippenham, Wiltshire. The setting is pleasant and welcoming and blends contemporary and vintage classic themes. Customers have access to nearby markets and beaches.

We employ medicine, counselling, and integrative therapies to provide individuals with the best chance of successfully recovering from addiction. We help our clients seeking treatment at UKAT detox from substance abuse, including alcohol, cannabis, cocaine, heroin, prescription drug addiction, and behavioural addiction.
A private UKAT rehab clinic in Chippenham, Wiltshire, offers the following advantages:

  • Opulent single or shared spaces
  • Professional support personnel available 24/7
  • Free aftercare
  • Recreational opportunities on-site, including a gym
  • Public gardens
  • Large communal areas
  • Relapse avoidance
  • Research-based treatment
  • Customised therapy sessions
  • Insurance coverage
  • Long-term support

We strive to provide a comprehensive experience of physical regeneration via a schedule of several activities and drug and alcohol rehabilitation and detoxification therapies. We also provide CBT therapies, enjoyable workouts, and healthy community engagements.

UKAT rehab facilities near Chippenham, Wiltshire

Listed below are the closest UKAT facilities to the Chippenham area:

Banbury Lodge

Banbury Lodge, situated in the breathtaking Oxfordshire countryside, can be reached by car or train quickly and easily from all major cities. Located about 70 miles from Chippenham, it is less than a two-hour drive via the A430.

Our approach combines a detox program that emphasises and develops self-awareness with a focused, monitored, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy.

Our goal at Banbury Lodge is to eliminate the stigma associated with addiction. Additionally, we provide customised detox and rehab programmes. The highly skilled team has years of experience treating addiction and uses the most modern and efficient techniques. Each patient at the institution has a customised treatment plan, making sober life there special.

Primrose Lodge

Primrose Lodge is about 80 miles from Chippenham, Wiltshire and about one hour and fifty minutes via M4. Primrose Lodge is designed as a second residence for our clients, providing a safe, friendly, and warm setting for treatment.

Our Guilford, Surrey centre is far from city bustle yet close to London and local transportation.

The centre primarily helps people battling alcohol, drugs, and gambling addictions. Additionally, it provides therapy for co-occurring disorders and process addictions (including food, internet, and sexual addiction).
In addition to receiving one-on-one therapy, clients can select various treatment groups to help meet their specific therapeutic goals. These groups concentrate on emotional intelligence, therapy, yogic breathing, codependency, and client issues and achievements. In addition to a mental evaluation and medication review, family programs are also available.

Liberty House

Located about 100 miles from Chippenham, it takes about two hours and fifteen minutes to reach Liberty House via M4. The UKAT Centre is a fully furnished detox and rehabilitation facility on a beautiful, peaceful residential street in the heart of Luton.

Our facility near London sits in a large yard and has 21 beds. The staff members are appropriately certified and on duty every day of the year. Medically monitored detox is a therapy option and a complete healing procedure that takes care of the patient’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

Each client’s journey with addiction is unique and dependent on their situation. Thus, a cutting-edge therapeutic approach is required. The full-time chef meticulously prepares meals while one can avail of group therapy sessions, individualised counselling services, and other services as per their requirement.

Addiction support groups in Chippenham, Wiltshire

Listed below are some AA, NA and CA support groups located in and around the Chippenham area:

Chippenham Fellowship

Address: Salvation Army Hall, Foghamshire
Postcode: SN15 1HB
Time: Saturday, 13.30 – duration 1hr
Phone: 01380729064 (24 hours)

Chippenham Step Physical & Online

Address: St Andrews Church Hall, Market Place
Postcode: SN15 3HT
Time: Sunday, 18.00 – duration 1hr
Phone: 01380729064 (24 hours)


Address: St Bartholomew’s Church Rooms, 3 Church St
Postcode: SN13 0BY
Time: Saturday, 19.45 – duration 1hr 15mins
Phone: 01380729064 (24 hours)

Experience, Strength & Hope

Postcode: BA5 1LJ
Address: Bath, West Country Area
Time: Tuesday 19:00

Just For Today

Postcode: BA1 5DU
Address: Bath, West Country Area
Time: Thursday 18:15

Step/Share Meeting

Postcode: BA1 5DU
Address: Swindon, West Country Area
Time: Saturday 18:30

Worn out party people

Address: Old Town Hall, Church St, Bradford-on-Avon
Postcode: BA15 1LS
Time: Wednesday 18:30

Swindon Newcomers

Address: St Johns Church, 131 Whitbourne Ave, Swindon
Postcode: SN3 2LH
Time: Sunday 19:00

Newcomers Meeting

Address: St Aldhelm’s Chapel, Edgeware Rd, Swindon
Postcode: SN1 1QS
Time: Friday 18:00

What are the drug and alcohol abuse numbers in and around Chippenham, North-West Wiltshire?

Wiltshire is home to some of the country’s most vulnerable youngsters from drug abuse. Chippenham was Wiltshire’s most problematic town for drugs during August 2021, when it recorded 12 offences at a ratio of 0.34 per thousand population, with a total of 60 drug-related crimes in 2021.

According to statistics provided by the Department of Education, over the last four years, authorities in the region have reported roughly 1,500 concerns about youngsters who were misusing alcohol or drugs.

During evaluations of children in need in Wiltshire between 2017-2018 and 2020-21, there were 493 issues about child-related alcohol usage and 926 instances connected to drug addiction.

Why should you choose an alcohol and drug rehab centre near Chippenham Wiltshire?

Chippenham is a perfect centre for leisure and pursuit of rural Wiltshire, Bath, and the Cotswolds. It is conveniently located on the River Avon’s bank and is readily accessible by train and road. It is just a ten-minute train ride to the internationally renowned and historically significant city of Bath from Chippenham, located only four miles south of the M4 motorway. Chippenham is also on the mainline rail route from London Paddington station to the West Country.

Chippenham is blessed with an abundance of parks, including Monkton, John Coles, and Stanley park, play areas, and open spaces that are all well kept.

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