Physical Health Recovery from Addiction

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Your overall health and well-being are important to us here at UKAT. If it weren’t, we would not go to the great lengths we do to ensure our clients have every opportunity to get well. Our commitment to your health begins the moment you contact us for help with a substance abuse problem, behavioural compulsion, eating disorder, or mental illness. Throughout treatment, we will monitor your health and teach you how to improve and maintain it once you leave our facility. You will not find that kind of commitment at some of the other treatment facilities.

When it comes to physical health issues relating to your recovery, we consider both the short and long terms. Short-term health is addressed from the moment you begin treatment and it continues right through to the completion of your programme. Long-term health is addressed by equipping you to maintain a healthy lifestyle once you leave treatment. Keep reading to get a detailed explanation of both.

Short-Term Health Monitoring During Treatment

Every client who enrols in one of our treatment programmes is dealing with health issues to one extent or another. In some cases, those health issues are minor in comparison to the problem being treated; in other cases, they can be serious. UKAT has a full staff of GPs and consultants who are always at the ready to address any health concerns that might arise during treatment.

A good example to illustrate this is the 7-to-10-day detox treatment drug addicts have to go through. Different kinds of drugs have different effects on the body. Similarly, different drugs create different types of withdrawal symptoms that could be potentially harmful if not addressed. This is why those of us in the recovery community recommend drug addicts never attempt detox by themselves. Detox is considered a medical emergency that can result in serious injury or death if attempted outside the supervision of medical professionals.

In light of that, the detox treatments offered at our clinics are medically supervised at all times. Trained professionals are continually on hand to monitor patient health and, in the event of any kind of problem, intervene with appropriate care. We believe this is the only proper way to provide detox treatment.

Beyond the limited scope of detox there may be other health concerns that arise during treatment. Once again, our staff of GPs and consultants are always on hand should such an issue arise. If you were to seek treatment at one of our facilities, you could rest assured that you will always be provided with proper medical attention throughout your stay.

Maintaining Health after Treatment

We believe that it’s not enough to monitor the health of patients during treatment and then forget about them once they leave. In fact, doing so increases the chances of relapse. Our goal is to achieve permanent recovery; we have no intention of watching clients walk out the door without being properly equipped to maintain long-term health.

That being the case, we address long-term health in a number of ways:

  • Diet and Nutrition – Proper nutrition is part of the treatment programmes we offer. Our kitchens prepare healthy, delicious and nutritionally balanced meals that aid in physical and mental recovery. But we go above and beyond by also teaching clients the basic principles of diet and nutrition. Our goal is to teach them how to plan menus and prepare healthy meals so they continue to eat right for the rest of their lives.
  • Scheduled Exercise – When appropriate, we include scheduled exercise in our treatment programmes. We believe that regular exercise is an important part of total recovery and, like diet and nutrition, something our clients can carry with them for the rest of their lives. We teach the benefits of good exercise, how to create an exercise plan, and how to follow through on exercise daily.
  • Making Decisions – There are certain decisions people make that naturally lead to bad health. Part of the life skills training we offer in our treatment programmes teaches clients how to make good decisions that will result in good health. We might address things such as getting enough sleep with an alcoholic struggling with insomnia or talk about avoiding alcohol consumption with somebody recovering from an eating disorder.

The idea here is to help our clients begin thinking in healthier ways. We want to encourage them to see the world differently than they have seen it in the past, in a way that helps them understand adverse impacts of past behaviours. We do this in the hopes of encouraging them to adopt a healthy lifestyle that will not only lead to a happier and more productive life but also significantly reduces the chances of returning to the behaviours of the past.

The Power of a Healthy Mindset

A focus on short-term health during treatment is nothing new in the addiction recovery and mental illness arena. Medical science has long known the importance of monitoring health during treatment programmes. But the concept of establishing healthy habits for the future is relatively new to recovery treatment. As such, not every rehab clinic does what we do. This is yet another reason we believe UKAT is your best choice for treatment.

Studies have shown that a healthy mindset goes a long way toward preventing the kinds of thoughts and actions that lead to substance abuse, addiction, compulsive behaviour and mental illness. A healthy mindset is not a 100% guarantee that someone will not have these kinds of problems at any point in their life, but it does greatly reduce the risks. Knowing that is what motivates us to pay so much attention to the healthy mindset.

We want to help you overcome your problems and go on to a healthy, happy and productive life. When you contact us, we will provide an individualised assessment of your situation to help you understand what you are dealing with and what kinds of treatments are most likely to be effective. If you’re in need of any kind of addiction recovery or mental health treatment, we urge you to contact us right away.

Our brand promise

If you successfully complete our 90-day inpatient treatment programme but experience a relapse within 30 days of leaving, we will welcome you back for complimentary 30 days of treatment.*

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Our brand promise

If you successfully complete our 90-day inpatient treatment programme but experience a relapse within 30 days of leaving, we will welcome you back for complimentary 30 days of treatment.*

* Click here to learn more or contact UKAT directly for rehab availability.

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