Alcohol and drug rehab near Basildon, Essex

Comfortable rehab centres in Basildon, Essex

Are you or your loved one facing substance abuse? Seeking help via rehabilitation is the best way to overcome it. Although it is relatively small, there is no scarcity of rehab clinics in Basildon, Essex, if you are seeking rehabilitation from alcohol or drug addictions.

UKAT believes that having support and personalised care during this rehabilitation journey is vital to ensure that your detoxification is successful. The rehab centres near Basildon, Essex, provide you with the solace you require while you heal physically and emotionally. Find some of the best free and private rehab facilities in this article.

What choices are available in Basildon, Essex, for rehab centres?

Free and private rehab clinics are available in Basildon, Essex. Though both have benefits in their own accord, making your choice is vital.
Free support groups like alcoholic anonymous, cocaine anonymous, and narcotics anonymous are widely available. However, their lack of personalisation may make your rehabilitation journey more challenging.

On the contrary, private rehabs in Basildon, Essex, offer personalised tailor-made support services to enhance your rehabilitation experience. Although on the costlier side, the benefits provided by private rehab clinics in Basildon, Essex, definitely outweigh the cost.

UKAT rehab centres near Basildon, Essex

UKAT’s private residential rehab facilities, closest to Basildon, Essex, are as follows:

Sanctuary Lodge

Sanctuary Lodge in Halstead, Essex, is a state-of-the-art rehabilitation facility located only 36.5 miles from Basildon, approximately 50 minutes by road.

This centre provides a safe and comfortable stay with 24 luxury double bedrooms, a full-time chef, an on-site gymnasium, and various treatment and relaxation rooms. Sanctuary Lodge provides you with the best possible treatment with exceptional gardens and recreational spaces outside.

Liberty House

Liberty House in Luton is a homely UKAT rehab centre 59.4 miles from Basildon. The journey will take approximately one hour and six minutes to reach.

With 21 bedrooms, relaxing common spaces, experienced chefs, and 24/7 support, your rehabilitation journey will be easier at this centre. With systematic guidance, advice, and therapy, Liberty House offers varied programmes for detoxification and rehabilitation.

Primrose Lodge

Primrose Lodge is a full-service clinic located at Guildford, Surrey, 68.3 miles from Basildon. The drive to Primrose Lodge from Basildon will take roughly one hour and 15 minutes.

Ideally situated, Primrose Lodge has 19 secure and comfortable bedrooms, full in-house catering, laundry and cleaning services, and free wifi. In addition, the expansive and extensive gardens lend a calm and serene atmosphere for your recovery.

Benefits of UKAT rehab facilities in Basildon, Essex

As stated above, choosing between free and private rehab facilities in Basildon, Essex, may be an overwhelming task. However, private residential rehab facilities in Basildon, Essex, like the ones provided by UKAT, can ensure that your rehabilitation treatment is tailor-made, personalised and positive. The benefits of choosing a UKAT facility are as follows:

  • Seamless admission procedures
  • A constructive and safe atmosphere
  • Round-the-clock medical services
  • Personalised treatment programmes
  • Experienced specialists and counsellors

UKAT’S brand promise is a unique after-care package that includes 30 days of complementary care if you relapse a month after undergoing treatment and completing the 90-day inpatient treatment plan.

List of free addiction support groups in Basildon, Essex

If you wish to attend a free addiction programme in Basildon, Essex, the following options from AA, NA and CA can prove beneficial:

Basildon Old Timers Pass It On

Mistley Community Hall,
Church Road,
Postcode: SS16 4AE
Monday at 20.00 – duration 1hr 30mins
Helpline: 01245256147 (24 hours)

Basildon Vange Lunchtime

Trinity Methodist Church,
481 Clayhill Road,
Postcode: SS16 4NN
Wednesday at 13.00 – duration 1hr 30mins
Helpline: 01245256147 (24 hours)

Basildon Step

United Reformed Church,
Honeypot Lane
Postcode: SS14 2JZ
Thursday at 20.00 – duration 1hr 30mins
Helpline: 01245256147 (24 hours)

Vange Experience

Open Road Visions Ltd,
13, Southview Road,
Postcode: SS16 4ER
Sunday at 11:30-13:00

Basildon Monday

Salvation Army Basildon,
Cherrydown West,
Postcode: SS16 5AP
Monday at 20:00- 21:30

Living Clean Step Meeting

Main Hall,
Salvation Army Basildon,
Cherrydown West,
Postcode: SS16 5AP
Friday at 19:15-20:30

Hope, Faith and Courage

Langham Hall,
Langham Cres,
Postcode: CM12 9RD
Sunday at 18:00

12 Steps to Freedom

St Mary at Latton Church,
The Gowers,
Postcode: CM20 2JP
Monday at 19:30

Freedom and Faith

St Matthews Christian Spiritualist Church,
18 Clarence Road,
Postcode: SS1 1AN
Tuesday at 19:30

Drug and alcohol abuse statistics from Basildon, Essex

According to the Office for National Statistics, there were 8,974 alcohol-related deaths in 2020 in eastern England, up from 7,565 deaths in 2019.

There were 166 drug-related deaths, 27.4 deaths per million people. These statistics indicate the need for rehabilitation facilities.

Why choose rehab centres in Basildon, Essex?

Basildon, located in the county of Essex, lies 32 miles east of Central London. Known for its great housing opportunities, extensive city connections, and local amenities, Basildon is an excellent place to choose as your rehabilitation destination. This small town is well connected and convenient to reach. Known for its nature reserves and parks, Basildon is a great place to choose for your detoxification hub.

At UKAT, we know the challenges you face when rehabilitating from substance abuse. Therefore, our team of experts have incorporated personalised tailoring programmes to ensure that we are here for you during this time. Get help now! Give us a call and enrol at any of our UKAT centres to avail yourself of the service you deserve!

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