Alcohol and drug rehab in Hinckley, Leicestershire

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How are rehab centres in Hinckley, Leicestershire helping people?

The beautiful surroundings and roadways of Hinckley, Leicestershire, make it an excellent setting for a rehab facility. Many organisations have constructed rehab clinics in Hinckley to assist residents and individuals in the vicinity who need de-addiction treatment.

Providing high-end, effective detox and recovery programmes, UKAT centres are premier luxury rehabilitation institutions in the UK. As you go through alcohol or drug withdrawal symptoms, our therapists and health professionals will provide you medication and emotional support — our numerous clients profit from our empathetic environment, free of commitments and temptations.

Since remaining sober and resisting temptation may be difficult, choosing a suitable de-addiction facility in or around Hinckley, Leicestershire, is imperative. In addition to helping people whose nearest and dearest are suffering, UKAT’s mission is to offer hope and find answers for those affected by this often neglected affliction.

What do we offer at our UKAT rehabs in Hinckley, Leicestershire?

The UKAT Treatment centres offer cosy lodgings, lovely grounds, and a very homely atmosphere. Clients can access therapeutic pursuits, including off-site swimming, yoga, hiking, and music therapy. The UKAT Health programme offers knowledgeable professionals and comprehensive activities that cater to the entire family.

People from all over the UK can access a customisable outpatient and inpatient programme through the UKAT centres.

UKAT rehab facilities provide you with the finest care possible, which includes:

  • Facilities with CQC accreditation and high-quality care
  • Continually available assistance
  • Gorgeous gardens
  • Large-scale public areas
  • Enduring care
  • Free follow-up
  • Financing provided by reliable health insurance
  • Cheap shared accommodations and opulent private suites are also options
  • Recreational activities

UKAT Rehab Facilities Near Hinckley, Leicestershire

Listed below are the closest UKAT centres to the Hinckley area:

Liberty House

Liberty House UKAT centre is approximately 68 miles from Hinckley and about one hour thirty minutes drive. Liberty House Clinic is a fully equipped detox and rehabilitation centre located in the centre of Luton on a gorgeous and tranquil residential street.

Our facility, located close to London, has 21 beds, has a huge garden, and has fully qualified personnel on site 24 hours a day. The treatment services offered include a medically supervised detox and a thorough healing process that addresses the welfare of the psyche, body, and emotions.

Banbury Lodge

Banbury Lodge UKAt centre is about 40 miles and one hour’s drive from Hinckley via M40. In addition to two shared bedrooms, Banbury Lodge features 22 individual ensuite bedrooms. For your constant comfort, every bedroom is carefully designed with the highest quality.

The clinicians and staff members are primarily concerned about your well-being and want you to feel comfortable at the clinic.

The Banbury Lodge module contains advice on how to adopt healthy habits that will promote your goals, wellness, and life satisfaction — creating healthy sleep, eating well, self-care, and social habits. Your treatment plan will include daily sessions with a personal trainer to create a customised workout regimen, gymnasium, private chef, and yoga.

Linwood House

Linwood House UKAT centre is 90.3 miles from Hinckley and about one hour forty-two minute distance via M1. Our Barnsley-based, 36-bed inpatient treatment facility has accessibility to the M62 and commuter rails.

We provide an economical, high-value option for treating drug and alcohol addiction.

In addition to a specialised addiction team and ensuite rooms, the calm setting offers the tranquilly required for sustained sobriety. Customers will also value the abundance of nature, open spaces, and tranquil atmosphere this particular site offers.

Free addiction support groups in Hinckley, Leicestershire

Here are several AA, NA, and CA meetings in the Hinckley area for people exploring free counselling:

Hinckley Big Book

Lime Hall, Trinity Centre,
Holy Trinity Church,
1 Cleveland Rd
Postcode: LE10 0AJ
Time: Friday 20.30

Hinckley Step

St Mary’s Church, Coffee Bar,
Church Walk, off Station Rd
Postcode: LE10 1DW
Time: Sunday 20.00


Hatters Space,
Upper Abbey St
Postcode: CV11 5DN
Time: Thursday 19.30

Leicester Los Angels Recovery

Village Hall 12
Lindridge Ln,
Postcode: LE9 9GN
Time: Monday 19.30


Bishop Street Methodist Church
10a Bishop Street
Leicester LE1 6AF
Time: Sunday 4:00 pm


Lewis Room Bishop
St Methodist Church
Bishop Street Town Centre
Leicester LE1 6AF
Time: Monday 7:15 pm


Upstairs room
Bishop St Methodist Church
10a Bishop Street
Leicester LE1 6AF
Time: Tuesday 12:00 pm

Bishop Street Methodist Church

10a Bishop St Leicester LE1 6AF
Time: Sunday 18:30

Stairway Project

68 Humberstone Gate
Leicester LE1 3PL
Time: Monday 19:00

Stairway Project

68 Humberstone Gate
Leicester LE1 3PL
Time: Thursday 19:30

What are the drug and alcohol abuse numbers in and around Hinckley, Leicestershire?

Drug abuse is a significant cause of early mortality and is entirely avoidable. In Leicestershire, between 2015 and 2017, there were over four times as many fatalities from drug abuse among men as among females, highlighting the need for a unified approach to evaluating drug-related mortality in the county.

With 1,360 offences in 2021, sexual and violent offences rank as the most frequent crimes in Hinckley, with a crime rate of 27, 1.65 points more than the crime rate of 2020, which was 26. It is 6% greater than the statistics of 1,278 offences reported in 2020. Possession of weapons was the least frequent crime in Hinckley in 2021, when 19 offences were reported, up 11% from the previous year’s total of 17.

Data from the neighbourhood treatment centre (see: Substance Misuse Strategy 2020-2023) show that:

  • 64% of those receiving therapy say they are jobless or chronically ill
  • 16% of those receiving therapy say they have a housing issue
  • Among adults receiving therapy, 50% say they need mental health care, but at least 13% are not getting it
  • Out of the young people in treatment, 32% express a need for mental health therapy, and of those, 24% do not get it
  • Only 0.3% of adults and adolescents in treatment report having undergone a smoking cessation intervention, even though 49% smoke. Compared to the overall Leicestershire population (12%), smoking is substantially more common among individuals seeking help for drug abuse

Why should you choose an alcohol and drug rehab centre near Hinckley, Leicestershire?

Private treatment in Hinckley in Leicestershire is an excellent choice if you need a location to relax while overcoming addiction. Famous cities such as Leicester, Coventry, and Meriden are close by, and nearby recreational places include Hinckley & District Museum, Hollycroft Park, Twycross Zoo, Hinckley Leisure centre, Grange farm, Burbage Common, and Woods Country park.

A private luxury residential rehabilitation facility emphasises personalised care and support in healing and natural surroundings. Clients at UKAT rehabilitation facilities in Hinckley, Leicestershire, benefit from a beautiful, homey, and healing setting.

Do not feel awkward or reluctant while asking for assistance. We are committed to helping you stop using substances. Get Help Now!

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