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How are rehab centres near Bootle helpful?

When you are suffering from addiction, rehabilitation is your only answer. Drug rehab centres help you regain control over your life and assist you in reintegrating into society. Bootle, situated in Merseyside, has a variety of rehab centres to suit your detoxification needs. Rehab centres in Bootle provide outpatient and residential services to help you treat your alcohol withdrawal symptoms. In addition, private residential rehabs in or near Bootle offered by UKAT are an excellent option to help you overcome substance abuse. Read on to identify rehab centres near Bootle that are easily accessible.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities near Bootle

Specific parameters like distance of the rehab centre from your home, quality and expertise of staff, services offered, and aftercare services will factor in choosing a rehab facility near Bootle. Unlike outpatient rehab services, where you meet for only a few hours, residential rehab near Bootle offers other advantages.

Private residential rehab near Bootle, offered by UKAT, is a class apart. With services ranging from addiction education, trauma therapy, creative therapies, and individual and family therapies, among others, UKAT facilities fulfil your checklist and more when choosing a private rehab clinic in Bootle.

Private drug and alcohol rehab facilities near Bootle

As detoxification and addiction treatment plays a vital role in your rehabilitation journey, private residential rehab near Bootle, like those provided by UKAT, can be beneficial. UKAT centres that are in nearest proximity to Bootle are as follows:

Oasis Runcorn

Situated 21.5 miles from Bootle, Oasis Runcorn takes approximately 34 minutes to reach by road. Nestled among nature, this centre tailors your treatment options to suit your rehabilitation needs.

The medically-monitored detoxification programme, the 12-step programme, and the Oasis Strengths model programme form the foundation of the treatment regimen. With facilities like music and dance workshops, swimming, and access to a local gym, Oasis Runcorn helps in comprehensive treatment during your rehab treatment. With a structured regimen of guidance and therapy, this UKAT centre is perfect for you to fight your addictions.

Oasis Bradford

Oasis Bradford is 71.5 miles from Bootle, which takes approximately 1 hour and 42 minutes to reach. This facility has 17 beds and a detox unit that provides complete medical assessment.

Individually-tailored recovery plans based on your medical assessment and detox make Oasis Bradford unique. Along with a safe and supportive environment, this UKAT centre offers an eclectic mix of therapeutic interventions to ensure you live a life free from substance and behavioural harm. In addition, Oasis Bradford provides high-quality residential recovery services to help you in your rehabilitation journey.

Linwood House

Located in the quiet town of Barnsley in South Yorkshire, Linwood House is located 80.4 miles from Bootle. This UKAT centre takes approximately two hours to reach. Linwood House is easily accessible and aims to support you and help you get alcohol and substance-free.

Safety and security are paramount at Linwood House. This centre aims to provide group therapy, support, camaraderie, and a commitment to meeting your treatment plan goals. With quality service, regular supervision, and support, this UKAT centre is a good choice for rehabilitation needs.

Free support groups near Bootle

Listed below are some AA, NA and CA support groups available in and around the Bootle area:

Bootle the Brunny Centre

Address: Brunswick Youth & Community Centre, 104 Marsh Ln, Bootle
Postcode: L20 4JQ
Time: Monday at 19:00 – duration 1hr 30mins

Liverpool Kirkdale

Address: St Lawrence Church, Westminster Close, Kirkdale
Postcode: L4 1XB
Time: Thursday at 18:30 – duration 1hr 30mins


Address: Bowersdale Resource Centre, Cresent Rd, Seaforth
Postcode: L21 4LJ
Time: Friday at 20:00 – duration 1hr 30mins


Address: Stoneycroft United Reformed Church, 95 Green Lane, Old Swan, Liverpool
Postcode: L13 7EB
Time: Friday at 19.30

St. Helens

Address: St. Marks Church, 160 North Road, St. Helens
Postcode: WA10 2TZ
Time: Saturday at 18.00


Address: The Peake Centre 12-14 Wilson Road, Huyton, Liverpool
Postcode: L36 6FH
Time: Tuesday at 19.30

Cocaine Anonymous St. Helens

Address: Willowbrook Hospice Living Well Building, Borough Rd, Saint Helens, Merseyside
Postcode: WA10 3RN
Time: Monday at 19:00

Back to Basics

Address: Baltimore Buildings, 17 Rodney St, Liverpool, Merseyside
Postcode: L1 9EF
Time: Wednesday at 18:00

Cocaine Anonymous

Address: Baltimore Buildings, 17 Rodney St, Liverpool, Merseyside
Postcode: L1 9EF
Time: Thursday at 19:30

Alcohol and drug addiction statistics in and around Bootle

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), drug-related deaths have increased across the boroughs in Merseyside, where Bootle is located. There has been a slight drop in drug-related deaths from 196 in 2020 to 192 in 2021. However, the death rate in 2021 was 27.1% higher than in 2019. The death rate in Merseyside from drug-related causes has increased 74% in the last decade. The increase in the death rate highlights the importance of rehab centres in Bootle for those struggling with alcohol and substance abuse issues.

Why should you choose Bootle for your recovery journey?

Bootle, situated in the Metropolitan Borough of Sefton, Merseyside, is known for its peace. With its proximity to the sea, the tranquillity you will feel here is like no other. Known for its numerous docks, Bootle gives you the countryside’s quietness and proximity to cities. The calmness of this seaside town will help you in your rehabilitation journey.

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